Mistakes by Dentistry Students during Graduation of BDS


Dental School involves a lot of hard work, determination and it is full of Challenges from day one till the end of session. You don’t want to fall behind at any point during period of graduation. Just remember you can’t have a million dollar dream with minimum effort.

Students make many mistakes some of which I want to Highlight, starting from first year (euphoric time), which soon get over with burden of Anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and much more. Student thinks it’s hard to continue initially because of incredibly disorganized and messy schedule. Eventually end up with huge stress. Doing same mistakes and randomly organized schedule won’t give you different results. First try to make a good schedule, sticky notes of important chapters, make your own notes on difficult topic. Believe in yourself, don’t let insecurity stop you trying new things, Just remember initially it’s hard to sort out things but eventually you can do it. Success comes in cans, not cant’s. Many Students bunk lectures or Practical classes to revise test or for stage preparation. Don’t bunk your class or wards for test preparation. Take it as a challenge that you can manage it and it’s not a big deal. Set your priorities straight on what you really want, trust your abilities and try to manage stuff rather than escaping from the situation. Say it to yourself I will create a new future by creating a new me. When I am faced with the choice of bunking for other so called important reasons, I will always choose to go for the difficult task!

Every lecture and Practical, exercise pre clinical class is important. Students love to skip test because of bad preparation or what teacher will think about me that I am so dull, stop thinking like that and don’t miss class or tests. Have courage to face it, not a big deal, there is lot more to come, just hope for the best and try to consider it and work on your weak points.

Stop comparing yourself with MBBS students. That’s worst mistake. Common statement “ agar main mbbs me hota” “ is se behter me mbbs ker leta” “ Museebat ley li BDS main Admission hua” Stop complaining; you are standing here because it was meant for you, ALLAH has chosen you. Love what you are doing; you are much better than anyone else. Think about it and you’d be surprised how many people don’t get such position.

Students think that they are bad at clinical work because my friends are doing it well and my friends were saying you are not perfect that way, don’t judge yourself through someone else’s eyes because initially it’s hard to proceed perfectly. Mistakes are so common initially. Before going to clinical department just say once, I will try my best not to make any mistakes but if it happens then I know that not everyone is perfect and I will be doing my best. Say it twice or thrice and it will boost up your confidence.

Most of students In pre clinical years bunk their exercise classes of prosthodontics mostly, because they hate to do all that die stuff, waxing carving etc, or trying being smart, jam their die in wrong positions, fix clasps in wrong direction or use difficult dewaxing procedure. For that I would say get permission first, look for supervisor they are here not to scare but to guide you. To fulfill quota requirements students never bother to take proper history, There are chances, If the teeth are periodontically compromised enough to come out in an impression, Check for periodontically involved tooth first, plan it and refer it for extraction, eventually most of students end up with a mobile tooth within impression material and this is true.

In clinics most common error seem to be doing teeth on contra lateral arch, students mix 3rd arch with the 4th arch. Try to memorize things initially then practice on patient. Double check it, there is no harm in it. Once you are in clinic don’t bother yourself about lectures and test you have tomorrow.

Because of pre occupied mind students frequently extract wrong tooth. After Extraction of wrong tooth, keep yourself calm focus on your work. Gather your courage and yes you can do it, unfortunately there is no such rule in Pakistan to offer free restoration of missing wrong tooth or free implants if your patients demand, so it’s better to focus on your work rather than going to wrong side. Never forget to count tooth.

Sometimes students starts with RCT of wrong tooth and your friend or teacher came over to check you “oh you are doing it on the wrong side” this will definitely shake your confidence in front of patient. Again Double check it. Act smart, you should know what you are doing, enjoy you work & try to be confident. Show it to your patient that you know what you are doing and doing it really well, even you don’t know it. Best way to gain self confidence is to do what you are afraid to do Other point, some time students do anything to complete requirements for admission, like started preparing on tooth in clinic years which doesn’t require restoration, don’t do like that, respect your patient. It’s not typodont. It’s a real patient!!

I would like to Say these years make up your personality, self confidence is really important, don’t miscalculate your self-worth, put your insecurities in trash, try to learn from your mistakes and don’t be distracted by criticism , work on your weakness and most of all always smile in the most difficult of times, be confident and optimistic in darkest of times and learn from the worst time.

Best of Luck. Dr Maryam Malik


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