Medicine and Allied FCPS Part 1 Paper 14 August 2015

  1. 14 year old with chronic diarrhea Since 6 month, Bleeding time were given, no family history of bleeding.. Cause of abnormal bleeding profile was due to
    Vit K deficiency(Answer)
    Liver failure
  2. Posterior ventricular division of RCA have branches
    2 in number ( I marked)
    3 in number
  3. Crown Lump length at 17-20 weeks of gestation?
    1-3 cm
    4-8 cm
    15-19 cm (I marked)
    20-23 cm

4:  Which of the following numbers of Bronchopulmonary segments are present in upper, Middle, and Lower lobe of right lung?
3+2+5 ( Answer)

5: Purkinje Cells are typically present in
Cerebellar Cortex (I marked)
Cereberal Cortex

6: The process by which glycogen is formed is called
Glycogenesis (Answer)

7: Cause of Jaundice in patient with increase direct bilirubin?
Hepatitis (Answer)
Criglar Najjar

8: Which of the following present as whole in Shock?
CNS ischemic Response(I marked)
Adreno sympathetic

9: Amino acid deficiency that leads to cell injury
a: tyrosine.
B. Adenine
C. Glycine

10: Numerous apical mitochondria
A. Hepatocytes
B. Squamous cells
C. Skeletal cells
D. Ciliated cells(Answer)
E. Steroid secretIII ng cells

11: Most of the Optic tract nerve terminate in
Lateral geniculate(Answer)
Medial geniculate
Visual cortex

12: Symphysis pubis
A: Sec catilagenous joint(Answer)
B. Primary cartilagenous joint
C. Syndesmosis

13: Regarding Inguinal Canal, Which one is correct
Superiorly by conjoined tendon(Answer)
Extend from the anterior superior iliac spine to pubic tubercle

14:Another question of Symphysis pubis… answer was symphysis.

15: Strep pneumonia
Common cause of meningitis(Answer)
Gram positive Cocci clumps

16: Male Patient RTA, multiple fractures. Came to emergency with hypotension, initial step in management
Volume replacement
Others option were wrong( airway was not in option)

17: Patient has severe pain in chin in dermatomoal distribution region with eruptions not responding to treatment.
Trigeminal neuralgia
B. Herpes zoster(Answer)

18: Regarding S2 Sound
S2 has lower frequency(Answer)
B. Physiological Splitting occasionally occur in normally health persons

19: S2 sound splitting occur if
If Pulmonary valve close early
if aortic valves close early(Answer)
delayed aortic valves closure
delayed Mitral valve closure

20: One question was about Gap junctions

21: Aid Patient
Low CD4 count

22: Patient has aids. He doesn’t want his wife to know and requests u not to tell her. What will u do
Tell to her wife about his disease (Answer)
B. Advise contraception

23: Doctor patient relation regarding question. Aisa question tha k which will have adverse effect on doctor patient relation… (don’t rem the exact words)
the hurrying attitude of doctor and angry Behavior (Answer).something like that.
B. Use of jargon

mutattion of KALIGI gene on Y chromosome(something like that)
lesion of arcuate nucleus(Answer)

25: eversion of foot by… peroneus longus

26: Inversion and eversion at..
subtalar joint(Answer)
b. ankle joint

27: Injury of ulnar nerve at elbow….

  1. claw hand(Answer)
  2. Atrophy of Hypothenar muscles

28: Loss of sensation on lateral side of palm.. Median nerve?

29: Dermatome of lateral side of elbow…
a: c7
b. t1. don’t rem other options

30: During dissection of ovary which artery is damaged?

  1. Internal iliac
  2. External iliac
  3. Uterine

31: Diagstric muscle central tendon is attached to?
a: styloid process
b. hyoid bone

32: Damage to cervical sympathtic ganglion .
a mydriasis
b ptosis(Answer)

33: Lambda light chain protein accumulation
a. amyloidosis(Answer) ?
b. alport syndrome.. 4got other options

34: CSF goes to subarachnoid space via
medial aperture in 4th ventricle(Answer)
lower apertures in lateral ventricles
Cisterna magna

35: Loss of pain and temp sense but intact touch.
a: tabes dorsalis
b. syringomyelia(Answer)

36: Screening test for sle.. ana

37: peri articular erosions on xray
a: RA(Answer)
b. osteoarthritis
c. sle



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