1. A student took impression 5 times with addition silicon but every time the margins of impression were improper.
a) Improper impression technique
b) Inadequate pressure applied
c) Marginal undercut in oral cavity
d) Water present in the marginal area

2) Amalgam mixed look dry and crumbled and seems already set
a) More murcurey alloy ratio
b) Overtriturated
c) Undertriturated
3) After amalgam filling probe sticks when moved from center of filling to periphery of tooth
a) Undercut
b) Flash
c) Marginal undermine
4) Drug of choice for TGN
a) Carbamazepine
5) Nifidepine associated gingival hypetrophy can be corrected by
a) Diltiazem
b) Felodipine
c) Verapamil
6) Least likely side effect of BSSO
a) Relapse
b) Tmpds
c) Facial nerve injury
d) IAN injury
e) Malocclusion
7) Distraction osteogenesis procedure initial latency period
a) 2-3 days
b) 5-7 days
c) 1-2 months
d) 10 days
8) Non reticular lichen planus malignant potential
a) <1%
b) <2%
c) <5%
d) <10%
e) <20%
9) Histopathology picture of odontogenic keratocyst
10) Radiographic picture of ameloblastoma ( soap bubble appearance)
11) Radiographic picture of cementoblastoma

12) Marginal mandibular branch of facial nerve supply
a) Buccinators
b) Depressor anguli oris
c) Levator palpberal superioris
13) Foramen ovale marked on base of skull
14) Value of SNA( 82 +_ 2)
15) Lefort 1 fracture picture
16) Kennedy class 3 picture
17) GV black class IV picture
18) Class 2 div 1 picture
19) Cast partial denture revolve around (fulcrum line)
20) Sublingual keratosis picture
21) Realtion of complete denture to cranium
a) Horizontal
b) Vertical
c) Anterior to posterior
d) None of above
22) In down syndrome case of severe periodontitis
a) Neutropenia
b) Impaired neutrophil function
c) Impaired neutrophil chemotaxis
d) Impaired tooth brushing

Shared by: Dr. Bilal Javed


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