MCQs of Perineum & External Genitalia


MCQs of Anatomy of Perineum & External Genitalia.

  1. The boundaries of the perineum include all the following except:
    Ischiopubic rami
    Ischial tuberosity
    Tip of the coccyx
    Sacrotuberal ligament
    Sacrospinal ligament
    Ans: E
  2. A condensation of fibrous tissue in the female located at the center of the posterior border of the perineal membrane is the:
    Posterior labial commissure
    Perineal body
    Anococcygeal ligament
    Pubovesical ligament
    Ans: C
  3. The artery which supplies blood to the major erectile body in both the male and female is the:
    Artery of the bulb
    Dorsal artery of the penis/clitoris
    Deep artery of the penis/clitoris
    Posterior labial/scrotal artery
    Superficial external pudendal artery
    Ans: C
  4. The vestibular bulbs/bulb of the corpus spongiosum are firmly attached to the:
    Perineal membrane
    Superior pubic rami
    Ischiopubic rami
    Pubic symphysis
    Ischial tuberosities
    Ans: A
  5. The part of the male reproductive tract which carries only semen within the prostate gland is the:
    Prostatic urethra
    Membranous urethra
    Seminal vesicle
    Ductus deferens
    Ejaculatory duct
    Ans: E
  6. Which of the following developmental processes is least likely to be involved in the differentiation of male external genitalia from the indifferent state?
    Descent of the gonads into the labio-scrotal folds
    Fusion of the urogenital folds
    Elongation of the phallus
    Formation of new erectile bodies
    Ans: D
  7. An intrahepatic blockage of the portal venous outflow may cause intestinal blood to drain via portal-systemic anastomoses into the:
    Superior gluteal vein
    Middle rectal vein
    Splenic vein
    Renal vein
    Inferior phrenic vein
    Ans: B
  8. What part of the ischioanal (ischiorectal) fossa extends deep to the sacrotuberal ligament?
    Anterior recess
    Genital hiatus
    Posterior recess
    Pudendal canal
    Ans: C
  9. The perineum is bounded by all of the following skeletal elements except:
    ischiopubic ramus
    spine of ischium
    symphysis pubis
    Ans: C
  10. A 6 mo. old male was brought to the pediatric clinic by his parents because of leakage of urine from the ventral surface of his penis. This congenital condition, hypospadias, is due to incomplete ventral closure of a component of the penis. Which of the below structures would be partially open for urine to take such a course?
    Shaft of corpus cavernosum
    Membranous urethra
    Shaft of corpus spongiosum
    Ans: D
  11. During childbirth a bilateral pudendal nerve block may be performed to provide anesthesia to the majority of the perineum and the lower one fourth of the vagina. To do this an anesthetic agent is injected near the pudendal nerve as it passes from the pelvic cavity to the perineum. The physician inserts a finger into the vagina and presses laterally to palpate what landmark?
    Arcus tendineus levator ani
    Ischial spine
    Lateral fornix
    Obturator foramen
    Ans: C
  12. During a vaginal delivery, a surgeon performed median episiotomy in which he cut too far (i.e., through the perineal body into the structure immediately posterior). Which perineal structure did he cut?
    Bulbospongiosis muscle
    External anal sphincter muscle
    Ischiocavernosis muscle
    Sacrospinous ligament
    Sphincter urethrae
    Ans: B
  13. During a prostatectomy, the surgeon attempts to protect the prostatic plexus of nerves which contains nerve fibers that innervate penile tissue to cause erection. From which nerves do these fibers originate?
    Deep perineal
    Dorsal nerve of the penis
    Pelvic splanchnics
    Ans: D
  14. If the venous drainage of the anal canal above the pectinate line is impaired in a patient with portal hypertension, there may be an increase in blood flow downward to the systemic venous system via anastomoses with the inferior rectal vein, which is a tributary of the:
    External iliac
    Inferior gluteal
    Inferior mesenteric
    Internal iliac
    Internal pudendal
    Ans: E
  15. A patient complains of a boil located on her labia majora. Lymphatic spread of the infection would most likely enlarge which nodes?
    Lumbar nodes
    Sacral nodes
    External iliac nodes
    Superficial inguinal nodes
    Internal iliac nodes
    Ans: D
  16. In order to perform an episiotomy prior to childbirth, the perineum must be anesthetized. By inserting a finger in the vagina and pressing laterally, what palpable bony landmark can be used as the posterior limit of the pudendal canal?
    Ischial tuberosity
    Ischiopubic ramus
    Obturator groove
    Ischial spine
    Ans: E


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