MCQs of Head & Neck Anatomy


Important MCQs of Anatomy of Head and Neck.


  1. Histopathological examination of slide showing lymphoid tissue with stratified squamous epithelium, slide will show which of the following organs?
    A) Spleen
    B) Stomach
    C) Lymph Node
    D) Palatine Tonsils
    E) Deudenum
    Ans: D.
  2. : Following are the tributaries of internal jugular vein except?
    A) Common facial vein
    B) Inferior Petrosal Sinus
    C) Inferior thyroid Vein
    D) Superior Thyroid Vein
    E) Veins from Pharyngeal Plexus
    Ans: C.
  3. : Regarding Middle meningeal artery all of following are correct except?
    A) can be fairly loctaed outside the skull with reference to pterion
    B) Enters the middle cranial fossa through foramen Lacerum
    C) Is commonly involved in extradural hemorhage
    D) Produce groove on the interior of cranium
    E) Supplies most of supra tentorial dura matter
    Ans:  B
  4. The Parotid Duct opens at the level of?
    A) Mandibular second Molar Tooth
    B) Mandibular Second Premolar Tooth
    C) Upper Second Incisor Tooth
    D) Upper Second Molar Tooth |
    E) Upper Second Premolar Tooth
    Ans: D

5: A 23 years old male represented with swelling of Parotid region. He has contracted Mumps five weeks back but swellind did not resolve. He was suffering from much pain in parotid region and ear, which increased while chewing. The nerve most likely to be mediating the pain is?
A) Anterior Superior Alveolar
B) Middle Superior Alveolar
C) Infra Orbital
D) Glossopharyngeal
E) Auriculotemporal
Ans: E.

6: A 65 years oldwomen presented with a nodule in the tongue for the last 6 months. On examination it was found to be 1 cm in size, situated on the anterior 2/3rd of the left side of tongue, it was provisionally diagnosed as a malignency, which group of lymph node will be involved first?
A) Left inferior deep cervicle
B) Right inferior deep cervicle
C) Left superior deep cervicle
D) Right superior deep cervicle
E) Submental
Ans: A

7: Carcinoma of left anterior 2/3rd of tonque, which lymph nodes will be involved first?
A) Submental
B) Left deep cervical
C) Right deep cervical
D) Right superficial cervical
E) Left superficial cervical
Ans: B

8: A patient complaints of dryness of eyes, there was decreased secretion of lacrimal glands, the most likely ganglion involved is?
A) Otic ganglion
B) Ciliary ganglion
C) Pterygopalatine ganglion
D) Submandibular ganglion
E) Superior cervicle ganglion
Ans: C.

9: A 25 years old man reports to ENT OPD with hoarsness of voice. Indirect laryngeoscopy revealed that he is unable to widen his rima glottidis. The muscle most likely to be paralyzed is?
A) Vocalis
B) Thyroarytenoid
C) Posterior cricoarytenoid
D) Oblique Arytenoid
E) Cricothyroid

Ans: C

10: A 30 years old surgeon operated upon a middle aged lady for enlarged thyroid and ligated superior and inferior arteries as closed to the poles as possible. After two weeks the lady presented with hoarsness of voice. Most likely cause could be injury to?
A) Vagus Nerve
B) Sore throat
C) Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve
D) Laryngeal Oedema
E) External Laryngeal Nerve
Ans: C.

11: Which of the following effects mediated by beta receptors?
A) Bronchodilation
B) Salivation
C) Miosis
D) Mydrasis
E) Vasoconstriction
Ans: A.

12: A surgeon is doing surgery of submandibular gland which of the following nerve is likely to be damaged during surgery?
A) Vagus Nerve
B) Marginal Mandibular branch of facial
C) hypoglossal Nerve
D) Glossopharyngeal Nerve
E) Descending branch of Facial nerve
Ans: B

13: Which of the following is not correct about Stensons Duct?
A) It arises from Deep lobe of parotid gland
B) It runs over Masseter Muscle
C) Opens opposite to second Molar Tooth
D) It pierces Buccinator Muscle
E) It arises from Superior lobe of Parotid gland

Ans: A

14: A new house officer has needle in pterygoipalatine ganglion the patient has experienced dry mouth. What else will happen in this patient?
A) Dry submental Gland
B) Dry submkandibular Gland
C) Dry sublingual Gland
D) Xerophthalmia due to dry eyes
E) Dry parotid gland

Ans: D

15: Elastic cartilage of larynx include?
A) Epiglotis
B) Corniculate
C) Cunieform
D) Cricoid
E) A, B and C

Ans: E

16: Regarding crocoid cartilage what is correct?
A) Entrance of superior thyroid artery into thyroid gland
B) Isthmus of thyroid gland
C) Junction of esophagus with pharynx
D) is at the level of C8 vertebrae
E) Common carotid artery is bifurcated over here

Ans: C


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