If you have gray-white to milky opalescence of the cheeks inside oral cavity which appear filmy or wrinkled and cannot be rubbed off, then it might be Leukoedema.

What is Leukoedema? 

This is a fairly common entity, seen as a generalized opacification or gray-white to milky opalescence of the buccal mucosa bilaterally.

leukoedm 1
Leukoedema of the left buccal mucosa

leukoedm 2

What are the Clinical Features of Leukoedema: 

It may appear filmy or wrinkled and cannot be rubbed off. The color becomes less evident or disappears entirely when the mucosa is stretched. It is usually noted as an incidental finding on exam and is

What are the Etiological Factors of Leukoedema? 

The etiology is not clearly established, however, there may
be a hereditary component.

What are the Histopathological Features? 

Histologically, the tissue exhibits intracellular edema in the spinous cell layer of the epithelium.

What should be the treatment of Leukoedema? 

This is a benign condition, and no treatment is required.

In a Nut Shell: 

Diagnostic tests: Stretching of the tissue with resulting diminished white color is diagnostic; no further testing is required.
Biopsy: No.
Treatment: None.
Follow-up: None.


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