Last 20 days Preparation for FCPS Part 1


FCPS Part 1 is much complicated type of exam for which you have less time but lots of studies. You have to compact your study in short period of time, so it usually needs an organized time table and studies. You have 3 to 4 months to complete your final preparation for the exam.

Initially there are many methods that can be followed, like some people do their theory from reference Books and after going through the theory they switch to MCQs. Some people give half time to theory and half time to MCQs, i mean if they are studying for 10 hours daily, they spend 5 hours doing theory and 5 hours in MCQs. One more category of students are the students who do MCQs of each chapter after doing the theory of that chapter from the reference Books. All these methods can be followed, but try to follow the method which is feasible to you and which suits you better.

In last 20 days you have to follow a different method in order to perform well in exam. You have to complete your course before the last 20 days of your exam. Last 20 days are very much important as these last 20 days can decide the result of your exam. A person can recall things which are 20 days older so that is the main reason of importance of last 20 days.

You have to divide last 20 days in two parts, that are the first 15 days and the last 5 days. In first 15 days, you should do as much MCQs as you can, because it will make your tempo to solve MCQs and it will be easier for you to solve MCQs in exam. Also there can be many repeats of MCQs in exam, so that will be a bonus for you to have the repeats of those MCQs. Along with MCQs you should do High yield points/Random Pearls in first 15 days. In this way first 15 days should be for MCQs and High yield Points/Random Pearls.

Last 5 days should be given to Anatomy. Anatomy is much more complicated subject and difficult to recall, so it should be revised in last 5 days. One more reason of giving much importance to Anatomy is that almost half of the Paper A comes from Anatomy. So you should give respect to Anatomy and try to revise it in last 5 days 🙂 .

It was the method to be followed in last 20 days of preparation. One more thing i wana suggest is, through out the period of your preparation you should do that much MCQs which you people can revise 3 times. So do that numbers of MCQs that you can easily revise for 3 times. This “rule of 3” is also applicable to theory as well. So try to revise theory and MCQs for 3 times.

Best of Luck 🙂

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