JCAT (Joint Centralized Admission Test) complete information


By Dr Ahmad Gulzar

JCAT ( Joint Centralized Admission Test).
It is a test that is now essential requirement for admission in MDS, MS and MD programs of KEMU, UHS, FJMU and PGMI. It was introduced first time in May 2016. It is valid for one year.

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JCAT consists of two parts.
1. Written.
2. VPCE (Video Projected Clinical Exam)
1. Written has 100 MCQs and 3 hours. 50 questions are from basic medical science. They are just like FCPS- 1 questions. A person who has prepared for part will find a great ease in this section. Now the rest 50 are from clinical science. These will be from operative, surgery, ortho, prostho etc. These are just like old MDS pattern Questions. Each Question carries 2 marks and for incorrect answer, 0.5 deduction.
One must score 50 % to pass it. If one pass it, There will be next exam ,VPCE.
2. Video Projected Clinical Exam has 25 slides they show in Multimedia Projector. 2 to 3 Question are asked on each slide and answers are to be written on answer sheet. Each slide has 3 minutes. Slides are mainly from Clinical sciences. ( One was from Oral Pathology in last exam) . Again same marking criteria,2 for correct, 0.5 deduction for incorrect.
One Must score 50 % in each exam and combined should be 60 %. For example, I scored 108 in Written and had to score 42 in VPCE to make it 150 that is 60 % of the total. (200+50). (Allhmdulilah i passed it)
Books for basics are same as for part 1. For Clinical , Dentogist Clinical is a good book. VPCE slides were almost all from internet when I searched after exam. I will repost them.
In Last JCAT, 194 appeared. 16 passed written at first. Then 12 could get through the exam. Out of those 12, 10 people also had passed FCPS-1 Passed. So one can assess the difficulty index.


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