Interview Experience of FCPS Part 2 Training/Attachment by Dr M. Talha Khan

Before telling my experience i want to say something. I was so much worried when i was applying for part 2 training because i dint have any source through which i could be selected and there was no induction in my own college. So how can i be selected for FCPS Part 2 Attachment.I also heard that candidates have to wait for almost 1 or 2 years for selection.

So all these mess were going through my mind. I told one of my Teacher about this situation and he said to me as ALLAH ALMIGHTY made you able to clear FCPS Part 1 HE will definitely give you attachment as well.
So always trust ALLAH, HE always decides better for his creatures.
By the grace of ALLAH ALMIGHTY i cleared part 1 in 1st attempt and got induction in 1st attempt.
NOW starting with interview experience.
There are two types of colleges,
1. who take written test before interview.
2. who take only interview.
Starting with 1st one who take written test for induction. In these colleges u should try to apply in all subjects for induction (except if u want to go only for 1 field). If you get 1st or 2nd position in written test then there are very bright chances to get selected.
Written test consist of  MCQs. In FMH 75 MCQs were there to be solved and 1 or 2 questions were like” why u want to choose this field ” and research related.


The advantage of applying for more than 1 subject is that if you are not able to pass written test of single subject, then u have the chance to pass 2nd one. Always try to get 1st or 2nd position in written test so that your chances of selections can be increased.
Now coming to 2nd type of colleges. Who take only interviews. In these colleges if they call all candidates for interview like Demont College, then u should apply only in 1 subject because if you apply for more than single subject they will take it in a negative way. Professors think that the candidate has not serious about that subject. So they do not consider you a good candidate. But if college has policy to call only short listed candidates then u can apply for all subjects like in CMH, because you don’t know in which subject you will be short listed. If you get a call for 2 subjects then u can cancel one subject in interview and can give interview of the desired subject.
 Now come to the point of interview.
1. In interviews with prior written test, they will not ask questions about subject because they have already judged you in written test. Your academic experience also counts.
2. But in interviews with no prior written test, they ask questions about subject, usually three to four questions.
Now we will come to the main theme of interview.
1. You should b well dressed.
2. Confidence is the key to success.
3. Always trust ALLAH and enter the room with full confidence. 
4. The first question of interview will be “give your introduction”. So tell them about your Bio-data, your college of graduation, your Housejob hospital and part 1 passing Year/Month.
5. Next question will be “why you want to choose this field” . This is very important question. Try to praise that subject as much as you can.
6. They can also ask the question that why don’t you apply in your own college?
7. Question about colleges in which you applied. 
8. In some colleges they ask about research work and also they ask about different computer programs that you can manage.
Now its the turn of “selection of subject” for Post graduation. Always select that subject which differentiates you from other candidates. Your academic experience should be very good about that subject.
In last, never give up. if you do not have any source (sifarish)  don’t worry ALLAH ALMIGHTY is always there for you.


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