31. Liquid monomer–》MMA have cross linking agent, Activator, inhibitor
32. Boiling point of MMA 》》》100.3°C
33. Benzoyl peroxide(initiator ) decomposes above 65°C
34. Plasticizer in heat cure resin 》 Alkyl sulfonate
35. Processing shrinkage of heat cure resin 》》 0•5%
36. Volume shrinkage of heat cure MMA 》》 21%
37. Gaseous porosity at monomer central thick portion of denture (posterior lingual surface of denture and palatal slope of upper denture) temperature above the boiling point of monomer
38. Granular porosity at thin portion of denture (evaporation of monomer during mixing)
39. Insufficient Pressure Porosity all over denture (contraction porosity )
40. Inlay casting wax main ingredient 》 Paraffin wax
41. Wax with lowest melting point 》 paraffin wax
42. Ingredient added to inlay wax to improve its smoothness 》gum dammar
43. Increase Resistance of Inlay wax to cracking 》 gum dammar
44. Residual monomer is 4.5 % for self cure
45. Residual monomer is 2.2% for heat cure
46. Polymer / Monomer ratio by weight 2.5:1
47. Polymer / Monomer ratio by volume 3:1
48. Best curing of MMA is carried out by Pressure curing
49. Propane greatest heat content
50. Acetylene greatest flame temperature
51. Light wavelength for visible light cure resin 400nm with shrinkage towards light source
52. Cold molding performed with gold
53. Metal which are drawn readily into sheets are Meleable
54. Hg content of amalgam If decrease then strength increase
55. Silver increases expansion & strength
56. Silver decreases flow & setting time
57. Zinc in amalgam makes it plastic & have scavenging effects
58. Gamma is the strongest phase( SiT) i.e silver tin
59. Gamma 2 is the weakest phase (TiM) I.e tin & mercury
60. Decrease tarnish and decrease corrosion resistance would increase creep