Important Points for Community Medicine (Paper Nov 2013)

  • .Definition of social medicine.

.What is effectiveness?

    • .Complex diseases can be best explained by : multifactorial causation   b.the web causation   c.the wheel of causation
    • .Difference between cumulative incidence and incidence density?
    • .After dog bite,a man was given anti rabies serum.which type of prevention is it? primary  b.secondary  c.tertiary  d.primordial.
    • .A screening test should be: a.more sensitive more specific  c.less sensitive d.all
    • .In a sampling technique we chose a sample by taking one member from every fourth house.which type of sampling is it? simple random b.systemic random c.systematic sampling
    • .Lead time bias is defined as?
    • .In a hospital in America 50 % white americans ,30% African americans ,20 % indian americans came in year way to represent this type of data is ….? A.pie chart bar diagram  c.scatter diagram.
    • .if the two variables have a perfect negative linear relationship,in this case all points in the scatter diagram fall exactly on a straight line and that slopes downward from left to right then the value of : r2 will be -1  b.value of r will be 1  c.value pf both  r and rwill be 1  d.value of  rwill be 1.
    • .A manager of an NGO asked an officer to do a research and asked to draw a chart showing a the schedule in which each task will be completed.which chart he will use:  pie chart   b.frequency polygon curve  c. gantt chart .

  • .The main ecological problem of Pakistan is : a.deforestation wind erosion  c.water erosion  d.desertification.
  • .In hospital waste management,sharps are placed in : a yellow plastic bag yellow containers plastic bags container
  • .If the saccharine is added to milk ,this is called :  adulteration b. sophistication  c.watering  d.chemical preservatives.
  • . In welcome classification ,following is taken into account : a.weight for age protein energy malnutrition  c.weight for height  d.height for age.
  • .which of the following is not a side effect of oral contraceptive pills : a.uterine cancer atherosclerosis  c.ovarian cancer
  • .For a baby of 3 years ,you will consider his breathing as fast when his respiratory rate will be : a.30/ min 40/min  c.50/min  d.60/min
  • .A 2 years old baby is unable to breast feed.his rate of respiration is 40/mint.he was brought to you at will treat him as : a.common cold pneumonia  c.tuberculosis  d.severe pneumonia
  • .Anti rabies vaccine is given around the umbilicus in anterior abdominal wall : a.subcutaneously intra-dermally  c.sub-dermally  d.intra-muscular.
  • Optimum temperature for storage of polio vaccine is? -10  b.0  c.10  d.4o c

.In a BHU vaccine is stored for the period of …?


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