Important Mcqs of Cardiovascular for FCPS Part 1 system with answers


Important Mcqs of Cardiovascular system with answer…

TOPIC:cvs with answer
1.which drug/ subtance cause acanthosis nigricans?
vitamin b3
2.bioavailability % of digoxin? And half life?
75% and 40 hours
3.antidote for digoxin?
lidocain…mg…anti.DG fab fragment
4.which anti arrythemic drug is used for post MI arrythmias? lidocain
5.anti dote fr b blocker??
6.magnesium is used for ……which drug toxicity ?
7.which drug cause Monday disease?

8.two difference between nitrates/ b blockers
nitrates decrease end diastolic volume and thy increase contarclity opposite done by b blockers
9.which drug causes cyanide toxicity?
10.which anti arrythemic cause corneal and skin deposits??
1.most common childhood vasculitis?
henoch schölen purpura
2. Wagner’s granulomatsis involved which 2 systems mainly ??
respiratory tract and renal
3.which vaculitis is related with hepatitis b?
polyarteriotis nodosa

4.elderly lady come with complain of unilateral headache with hx of loss of vision and joints involemnt? Disease + RX ?
gaint cell arteritis and steroids
5.pulseless disease?
takasayu arteritis
6.tree bark appearance of arota caused by?
sphylitic heart disease
7.findings of ECG of acute pericatditis?
It relevied by which posture ?
widespread st segment and /or PR depression and aggrevates by inspiration and relieved by sitting up or leaning forward
8.cardiac myxomas mostly occur where?
atrium (LA)
9.ascoff bodies present in?
rheumatic fever
10. at 2 weeks histological findings in MI
granulation tissue
11.which necrosis seen in MI .
12.desselers syndrome occurs at what period of post MI
after months or afrer 2 weeks
13.inferior wall Mi involve which lead tell at least 2.
2 ,3 and avf
14. Bacterial endocarditins involve which valve mostly?
mitral valve
15 atherosclerosis is common in which artery?tell more to less
Abdominal arots>coronary artery>popiliteal>carotid
1.a.PR interval has duration of ?
< 200msec
B.qrs complex time?
< 120msec
2.u wave caused by?
3.pleatue is absent in?
sa node potential
4.intensity of right heart sound increased on ??? Inspirstion/expiration?
5.mostly occurring valve lesion?
Mitral valve prolapse
6.PDA best heard at?
Left infraclavicular area
7.s1 loudest at ?
mitral area
8.s4 caused by ???
High atrial.pressure .
9.y descent on ECG due to?bloood flow to RA TO rV

10 .atrial.kick caused by?
11.av shunt inc/ dec tpr ?
12.normal EF?
13.highest o2 cosumption in which phase of cardiac cycle?
isovoulmetic contractions
14.resistance inversely propotional to?
1/4 redius of vessel
15 .paradoxical splitting seen in?
aortic stenosis

Anatomy :
1.Mi most common in which artery??
2.Heart right border formed by? right atrium
3 Lbb supplied by? RCA AND LCA
4.Rbb supplied by? LCA
5. Sa node location n blood supply:RCA
1.Allontions give rise to ??URachus medan umblical ligament
2.Which vessels in fetus has maximum.02 saturation and amount of saturation?? 80% umblical vein
3.fossa ovails arise from?formen ovale
4 Which subtance keeps PDA open? prostaglandin



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