Important Biochemistry points for FCPS Part 1


Important Biochemistry points..

1)Highest cholesterol content=LDL.

2)richest in triglycerides=chylomicron.

3)Highest protein content=HDL.

4)Fat soluble vitamins= ADEK.vit a,d,e,k.

5)Vit B2 deficiency=2cs(Cheilosis,Corneal vascularization..

6)Vit B3 deficeincy=3ds(dirrhea,dementia,dermatitis)..

7)Antioxidants ACE=vit a,c,e.

8)Vit k(antiKagulant)=gamma carboxylation of factors(27910).

9)essential fatty acids=linolic acid & linolinec acid.


(a)kawashiorkor::protein malnutrition result from protein deficient MEAL(M=malnutrition,E=edema,A=anemia,L=liver fatty). (b)Marasmus:::M=muscle wasting.

11)amino acids necessary for PURINE synthesis GAG(glycine,aspartate,glutamine).

12)Bloting proceedures:::southern blot=DNA,NORTHERN blot=RNA,western blot=protein.

12)protein energy=4.1Kcal.

13)fat energy=9.1kcal.

14)highest energy compund=ATP.

15)renal failure z most common cause of vit D deficiency.

16)isoniazide therapy z most common cause of pyridoxine(vit b6) deficiency.

17)vit c z cofactor in conversion of dopamin to norepinephrine.

18)the most common source of vit K z colonic bacteria.

19)vit b12 deficiency=homocysteinuria. 20)hypervitaminosis A=scaly dermatitis.

21)thiamine level z best monitered by=transketolase level in RBC.

22)increase carbohydrates=increase demand of thiamine.coz thiamine z important in ATP senthesis.

23)biotin(vit b7) z used as coenzyme in fatty acid synthesis. 24)vit b6 inovle in transamination of ALT & AST.

25)vit C(ascorbic acid) is involved in collagen synthesis.vit c deficiency result in defective collagen.

26)zinc deficiency leads to delayed wound healing.

By Dr Sadia Amin



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