How to Remember study stuff more quickly for FCPS Part 1


Everybody wants to memorize the study stuff more quickly and in a more easy way. Many people come with different ideas. One of the oldest idea is to repeat the stuff most often. There are many precise ways other than repetition, some will be disused here.

There are usually Three kinds of students. 1) The students which memorize/learn things more easily through listening the lectures or study stuff, 2) The students which memorize through watching the lectures and 3) Which memorize through writing the topics.


First of all you should categorize yourself in these three classes. If you are good at learning the stuff by listening then you should go for Audio lectures or you should record your own voice while reading your books, so that u can play those records time to time in order to memorize the lectures. If you are more interested in watching the lectures then there are many video lectures available in the market, one of the best is by Dr Najeeb. Third category is of students who memorize the lectures by writing it repeatedly. Advantage of writing the lectures/Topics are that it is more beneficial for students who memorize things through watching lectures. So you people should go with the method which suits you more.

You people should select the environment which suits you the most, as there are some students which do their study in a separate room/place so there is no distraction. Some students do study in much more crowded area, like in public places. So you should select the environment in which you can learn more easily. Also when you start your study you should take some sort of brain simulator. Here i will suggest you people to take Green Tea, as Green Tea has so many beneficial effects. Green Tea improves the memory because it act as a natural catalyst to increase the synapses between neurons so that we can memorize the stuff more easily. Also there are many toxic chemicals which damage the brain, Green Tea has many compounds which block these toxins so it can protect our brain from the damage.

You should make Notes of your lectures. Write down the important points. You should high lite the important points with colors so that it can be more pleasing at learning. Organize your topics in a precise way, like if you are learning classification of something, make it in a pattern of arrows. You should make tables of different topics. So in short try to organize your study stuff.

Try to Test your own knowledge by randomly. Try to write down the stuff which you have learned. In this way you can judge your knowledge as well as you will repeat the lecture/Topic. One other good way is try to teach the lectures to someone else, in this way there will be repeat as well as more strong connections will be developed between neurons. I am sure it will retain in your Brain for much longer time.

Try to Repeat things. Repetition is an old method but very effective one. So never forget to repeat the lectures. Try to repeat the topics on the seventh day of a week, which you did in previous six days of a week. I am sure it will help a lot.

In last i will mention, not to forget to take short Breaks. These short breaks are very beneficial, because it will enhance the ability of your brain to memorize the stuff.

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