How to prepare for NBDE Part 1


As you may know, the NBDE is comprised of the following sections:

Human Anatomy and Histology
Biochemistry and Physiology
Microbiolgy and Pathology
Dental Anatomy and Occlusion


The following materials as my guide as well as a few other resources from the stack of text books that have been helpful throughout the past year and a half.

1. Dental Decks Part 1
2. First Aid for the NBDE Part 1
3. Kaplan NBDE Part 1 Lecture Notes

Plan of attack:
Use the materials above simultaneously and study each section and continuously test on each section completed.

First thing: Take a practice test to see where I am at this point. This is simply to answer the question: If I were to take the exam today how would I score?
I will then cover Dental Anatomy and Occlusion because I think that’s relatively easy and I should be able to cover it fairly quickly.
I will then attack Microbiology and Physiology because those are most fresh and hence should also go by fairly quickly.
Then I’ll move on to Anatomy and Histology, then Biochemistry an Physiology where I’ll spend the bulk of my time.
These will be done while continuously taking section tests to see my mastery of each section. when I have completed reviewing and/ or studying each section then I will begin taking full tests until test day (which I have yet to set)


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