How to make your study more Easy and Enjoyable?


“Study” this word is not liked by many Students, but there are many ways that can make your study more easy and enjoyable. As mentioned in previous article first of all make an Environment which suits you the most. Try to avoid distraction during studies. Keep every necessary things with you during studies, like Pens, Pencils, Notes, Highlighters etc. Because if you will stand and go for Notes or Pen, it will break your tempo and it can be the source of distraction as well. So try to have complete stuff with you on your Study Zone.

If you are facing difficulty in your studies, try to get benefit of Modern Technologies, like try to check the topics on internet. There are so many stuff available on internet like Power Points, Video lectures, Images and much more. So use the modern technologies and make full use of it.


Try to use Flashcards of different Subjects, which are available in the market. You can also make Flash cards by yourselves. Try to condense the topic in few lines. Also make different designs of flashcards and try to review Flashcards by time to time. It will make your study more enjoyable.

There may be many things which will be very difficult to memorize. One of the way to make it easy, is to make Mnemonics. In Mnemonics you can arrange the stuff in Alphabets or you can also make Phrases of the topics. Mnemonics are easier and enjoyable way to learn the difficult Topics.

Try to make drawings and diagrams of the concepts. By making diagrams difficult Topics can be made easier. It is easier to memorize the diagrams made by you than to memorize long hectic topics. It will be retained in your Brain for longer period of time.

Try to use the stuff which attracts you the most. Like Note Pads of high quality and Pens which write more smoothly. Try to use Highlighters, it will make your study more enjoyable. It will be more enjoyable and desirable to write on note pad which is of high quality than the one which is of low quality. Also use Books which are original and more colorful than the books which are black n white. More colorful/original Book attracts the most than that of black n white. So use all those stuff which you think attract the most and which you think will be more interesting to do.

You can also make you studies more enjoyable by rewarding your own selves. Buy some snacks and put on the side, try to learn the topics and make a target, when you get to the target, reward yourself with the Snacks. It will make your study enjoyable. Meanwhile try to Motivate yourself. It is “you” who can make yourself more motivated. Through motivation you can learn difficult things more easily.

In the end try to have discussions on the Topics which you have done. Through Group Discussions you can learn many things and you can get the better idea of your study. So try to discuss the topics with your Friends to make your study more easy and retain able.

Best of luck 🙂


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