How to clear FCPS Part One in Radiology


How to Pass FCPS Part One in Radiology

Summary : Below is the rough estimate of Paper A (general)(100 Questions) and Paper B (radio specific) (100 Questions)

Paper A: mostly mix and repeated questions/ topics from mcq books and first Aid helps a lot … mainly contain questions from physio (30) , patho (30) and gross anatomy (30) … others embryo(2) neuro (2) pharma (2) Community (2) histo (1) biochem (1)

Paper B: Gross Anatomy say Paper B main 50 -60 questions … Embryo 5 , Neuro 5 , Physio/ patho 10 – 15 baki mix mcq 5 (community, pharma)

This is the rough idea … Subjects should be given importance according to number of Mcqs they are having …

General Schedule:

1st Month anatomy only

Gross Anatomy: 26 days

UPPER LIMB (4days)


THORAX & BACK (3days)



HEAD & NECK(5days)


Histology+ Joints + Cartilages: 2 days

Embryology: 2 days

2nd Month all other subjects

Physiology: 10 days

General Pathology: 6 days

FIRST AID: 14 days

3rd Month start mcqs from this month and revisions

Most imp FIRST AID revision and

1. CHANDKIAN 2 TIMES AT LEAST (do medicine, surgery, radiology, miscellaneous, community portions only)

2. ASIM & SHOAIB / AZEEM SHEIKH ( if you can then good or do anatomy portions ONLY)


4. ANATOMY 2 REVISIONS from snell review plus netter atlas


you can squeeze or expand schedule according to number of days you have for part one … but always make schedule … it will motivate you… EMERGENCY SIGN IS IN LAST 15 DAYS START CHANDKIAN LEAVE EVERYTHING ELSE … IF ANYTHING LEFT… COVER AFTER COMPLETING CHANDKIAN. CHANDKIAN AND FIRST AID YOUR KEY TO PAPER A. last day before exam revise embryo and your revision notes…

BOOKS and HOW to USE Them:


GROSS ANATOMY : if you have time and want to be dead sure (repeater) go for Last Anatomy + Netter Atlas…Snell review for revision only… ( first read from last along with netter atlas, second from snell review, write anything different or imp from last over snell review, revisions from snell review and netter)

if you have less time( 2-3 months) go for Snell Review + Netter Atlas (most people follow that) ( first read from Netter Atlas, read snell review, then go for review read from atlas, cover some topics from last, revisions from snell review and netter)

1. Snell Review (must have for revision, it has all the most imp points of anatomy, your best bet, MUST HAVE 3 reads min)

2. Netter Atlas ( your saviour, it will help make you an intelligent guess when you are stuck in an mcq, MUST HAVE 2 reads min)

3. Last Anatomy ( your reference book and when you are confused your most authentic book, Mcqs come from it word to word, if you want to dead sure pass part 1, use last anatomy MUST HAVE 2 reads enough for full concept/ can be used for reference/ MUST HAVE for certain topics, discussed later)

4. Big Snell ( good book if you cannot grasp the lines/concepts of Snell Review, or if you are a person who does not like short books (but please don’t be that person), but personally I would recommend LAST Anatomy instead of Big Snell, because Last is the reference book for part one anatomy answers what I have learnt so far, if you have time to read a big book go for last)( there are differences in between last and snell and believe me they love to test these differences) ( Big Snell has one point better than last, its Big snell’s clinical boxes and radiological anatomy, I will recommend doing it)

5. Kaplan’s Anatomy (upper limb and lower limb sections are good other sections if you are very free, then do it. Otherwise its ok. Best Recommended for Neuroanatomy, discussed below )( MUST HAVE for neuroanatomy)

6. Student’s greys ( helps you in pelvis and perineum and head and neck because of its simple and beautiful diagrams, recommended for that regions only for diagrams, download from net, not must.)

Some topics of anatomy that should be covered from Last Anatomy:

Head n neck & CNS

deep cervical fascia

summaries of triangles of neck

thyroid gland

Ventricles of brain

Veins / venous system of brain

Arterial supply of brain

Types of fibers in brain

corpus callosum

Internal Capsule

trigeminal ganglion

filum terminale


Peritoneal folds of ant. Abdominal wall

L1 ( Tranpyloric plane)

stomach bed

Relations of liver

main and accessory pancreatic ducts from pancreas

blood supply of kidneys

Relations of right and left kidney

Relations of right and left ureter

Lumbar triangle of petit




heart borders and

venous supply venous drainage of thoracic wall and arterial supply … remember the differences

Surface markings of pleura

lobar and segmental bronchi

triangle of auscultation

upper and lower limbs

Clavipectoral Fascia

Breast Lymphatic

Drainage of Upper and lower limb …(esp remember drainage of infraclavicular, trochlear and poploteal lymph nodes)

Summary of upper limb innervation and

injuries Adductor canal Popliteal fossa

General Anatomy

Joints and cartilages (Also use wikipedia )

EMBRYOLOGY: general embryology from 1. high yield. Plus all Embryology from 2. FIRST AID (most Imp) I studied it like that.


1. Kaplan’s Neuroanatomy (best 2 reads MUST) some topics deficient should be covered from

2. LAST only … (discussed above) like Ventricles of Brain (V imp)


Low yield subject. Should not be your priority. But every correct question counts.

Do epithelium and glands.

And do histology mcqs from Murad. More than enough for histo.


GIT and Reproductive System are Important in Physiology Paper B. but you have to cover all physiology for paper A.

Why you should use BRS:

if you have a good memory/ good understanding of physio / you don’t want to give much time to physio… go for BRS … its best ,,, I used it … and revised it…

(MUST 1 READ, it will be wonderful if you could revise, atleast revise GIT and Reproduction)

Why you should use Kaplan Notes + Videos:

if you think you suck at physio/ cannot remember its concepts / hate it completely … go for Kaplan … first watch video then do notes … it will make physio interesting to you and you will enjoy it…

(MUST 1 READ, it will be wonderful if you could revise, atleast revise GIT and Reproduction)

So you can choose any one book depending only on you, both of them are standard books, choose wisely … the differences in the book will be minimised by Chandkian… so don’t worry about them.


BRS/ Kaplan/goljan same choice is yours.

All are best … I used BRS … wonderful book… loved it … remembered it … not even revised it …

( but if you have time revise) General Pathology: from BRS (upto nutrition chapter)/ Kaplan / Goljan Special Pathology: from First Aid … (if you can then do BLOOD from BRS/Kaplan/goljan)



don’t forget mcqs of BRS and snell review.

Chandkian : Key to Paper A… A must have… Don’t cram chandkian … use it as pearl book and most important topics for fcps book … do mcq … don’t look at answer … give your answer … if you are unsure read that topic from your book/Wikipedia/net then come back write one or two key points that you gained during your read… see the answer justify your answer with some words if you think you will forget it by writing over that mcq…justification of answer help you remember the mcq and also this method not only covers mcq but covers the topic as well … so you are covering important fcps topics … this method is slow but has greater yield… and memory … two reads will be enough… in second read also mark correct options … so that you have page memory of mcqs and their correct answers… in third review if possible just read your justifications only …

MS Murad : not recommended … only histo and embryo portions recommended… Do it if you have a lot of time … it is very unique book … most of your answers will be wrong … don’t worry it happens with all…

ASIM & SHOAIB/ azeem sheikh: sorry did not read it … if you have time … only do Anatomy portions recommended by others

FCPS Secrets by Dr. Rabia I have heard praise of that book but did not read it myself …


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