How to clear FCPS Part 1 by Dr SamiULLAH Memon 18 November 2015


Asslam Alaikum Frndz
Here em sharing my experience of part1

I started my study 6 months before my attempt, start was much slower and I used u give 2-4 hours on study for daily basis for 1st two months, and then extended it to 6 hours in a day for 2 later months. The rest of time I used to spend with family, friends, playing ckt etc etc. But every day I used to start my studies after Fajar Namaz b/c this is best time when your mind is fully active and u can retain almost each and everything, and at night I used sleep at 11.00 P.M. In my last 2 months before my exam I extended my time of study to 8-10 hours, in just last weak of exam my study time was 13-14 hours. I think stress free study of even 4 hours is much better then stressful study of 8 hours.
The Books I followed


Anatomy——>Big Snell for just Head n neck portion, Snell review for Thorax region, nd B.D for general Anatomy,,, never touch other portions nor Neuroanatomy.
Physio——-> BRS
Patho——> Inaam Danish(1st seven chapters)
Pharma—–> Kaplan(Selected chapters)
Nd yup the whole 1st Aid for biochemistry, embryo, micro, genetics, histo,,, nd just left Nuero portion tongue emoticon kyun k neuro mere pale kabhi pari he nhe tongue emoticon
For Dental Side
D.M——> E.C comb
O.patho——> Just charts of 1st 20 chapters from cawson
O.Biology——> Terse
Never seen other things in dental like tooth morphology etc.
Mcq’s Books
Rabia Ali
Chandkian Pool
Asim shoaib medicine nd surgery
Vj Partab Clinical
Dentogist Basic
And off course the most most most important book That is provided by Dr Jahangir Khan.
Though the paper of 18th November was bit difficult one but it was all about ur clear concepts, rattafication I don’t think worked in that paper.
Try to make ur concepts nd reasoning for each mcq until u got that nd clear it from each point this will make ur concept more clear.
Ups nd downs r the parts of study, so don’t worry for that.
In last I will must advise u guyz, Namaz five tymz along with little bit of recitation of Holy Quran will be much helpful for u people then anyone can expect, b/c part 1 is totally dependent on ur luck, so ur luck need to blessed. Never hurt anybody in ur Lyf. Always b helpful nd soft.
Stay Blessed
Dr, Samiullah Memon
BDS LUMHS Jamshoro


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