How the Result of FCPS Part 1 is Made another Hypothesis


How the Result of FCPS Part 1 is Made by Dr Muhammad Sher Khoh Qaisrani.
29 November 2015.
To be honest…
I have been checking and confirming all my MCQs, questions & answers after exams by discussions with my friends throughout my career even in my school life. Some of them don’t like to discuss after exams whiles others do take interest. And i reach the conclusion of my result via this before it is announced. It has never been more than a mere difference of +/- 5 marks. Therefore, I am almost pretty sure about my marks range before result is announced. I have already posted 200 MCQs of 18 Nov, 2015 as an example.


And I qualify this paper and key as +/-10 marks.
Last time I took FCPS paper and I had 65 correct in paper I and 66 in paper II and the result of FCPS was accordingly. I had 63 and 64 respectively with an aggregate of 63.5.
Now, I have always tried to ask controller examination CPSP, other officials about the system of marking. Not a single person has ever disclosed this information.
From my previous paper, I have inferred that all questions carry equal marks; because if some questions carry “5-8” marks then only 5 questions will make it 25-40 marks respectively whereas questions carrying “0.25-0.5” marks 10 questions combined will make “2.5-5” marks respectively. That’s completely a non-sense.
Now logic behind Paper I and II is that… Paper I is a almost a common paper for all the specialties, means to say, it is made easier so that EVERY person from different specialties could be able to attempt it. Paper II is specific for YOUR specialty. No one else can attempt that easily except you. Therefore, it looks like Paper II is the difficult paper compared to Paper I. Nothing else.
The passing result is ACTUALLY the aggregate; equal to or more than 75% to be precise (NOT 70%-80% of the percentile system). Proof: If it was so, it makes a hell lot of confusions… WHY Online result comes before the conventional result? Is Topper Result made the universal for both type of papers (Conventional or Online) or Every paper on different day has different topper? Does 5-8 marks or 0.25-0.5 marks in paper have same distribution in the next day paper? Does they make everyday paper topper and percentile for everyone? Does CPSP indulge themselves in so much complexity for making papers? etc. etc.
It is very simple if you have more or equal to 75% in combined (aggregate), CPSP sends you the “Congratulations letter” not marks. And if you have scores less than that even 0.5% or 1 mark is less. You are declared failed and your marks are sent on email. No grace marks policy is there in CPSP. I am going to upload a picture of an unfortunate guy “Rock Roll” from last year December 2014 paper. Have a look.
Last but not least, our minds are psychologically “waiting” for results. And this “waiting time” brings “confusions, irresistible rumors and believes” along with it. So, be patient and have Trust in God’s Will. Pray for yourself and others. Ask your parents to pray for you. Insha Allah your struggle and prayers will bring the result in your favor. Ameen.


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