Gynae Obs Paper of June 10th, 2015

72 wll u check fetal infection in amniotic fluid
a enzymes
b glucose
c gram stain
d, IL-6

2, chlorpromazin side effects???

3. sigmoid colon.. s5 mesocolon tenia coli d.At pelvic brim 4. histology of vagina, histo of appendix Histology of ureter were asked 5. mural thrombi arises from??? a.heart 6. chi squre?? a.2×2 table b.proportions 7. most common causes of death in primigrvida .. a.sepsis, b. embolism, c.hemorrhage 8. most common cause of fatty change of liver in our country? a.hep b and c.. b.alcohol c.malnutrition 9.fusiform dilation of stomach at which week..?? a 4thweek b end of week 4 10. 45 yr female weight gain t3 t4 tsh normal values Hypothyroid overeating 11, myasthenia gravis …hypersensivity type?? a.1 b.2 c.4 12. hippocratic oath describes clearly?? a.sexual boundaries b advertisement c confidentiality d doctors wright 13. at day 7th which structure is formed a. blastocyst b blastocoele 14. liquid paraffin causes deficiecny of a. vit a b folate c vit c 15. severe diarrhea .. metabolic acidosis 16. tmj dislocation..muscle comprised Lat pterigoid 17. deep parotid fascia forms which ligament??? Stylomendibular ligament 18. 2nd brachial arch derivatives stylohyoid ligament 19. kidney ant relations 20. pre invasive ca cervix well differentiated Ca situ lesion 21. one was…adverse reactions of drug r prevented by more with therapeutic doses. less with small doses less with divided doses effects at site if action 22. 60 yr male having pneumonia..causative organism Strp pneumonae 23. mandible in centre joint name symphysis menti 24.4mcqs were on iron deficiency 25.hb dissociation curve moves right except hypoxia,, b.if temp increases, c,if co2 is increasing d.dec BPG 26. pivot joint example?? a.median atlanto axial b.atlantoaxial 27. conducting system located in/on?? a epicardium b endocardium 28. embryo of heart endocardial fusions lead to rt and lf atrioventricular tubes,, septum primum septum secundum fuses and separtes atrial cavities 29. csf prsent in space subarachnaoid 30. coccygeal ligament extension of? Dura matter pia matter arrachnoid matter 31. pregnancy and cirrhosis similiar features.. a spider navi and hyperpigmentation, b spider navi and palmer erythema 32. g6pd ..cells Bitten blister cells 33. post strep gloumerlonephritis subepithelial deposits. linear deposits subenothelial 34. chlorpromazine sideeffects. a.anxiety b,hallucination, c.dysttonia 35. memory… a.temporal lobe. b.frontal 36. atypical mycobacteria cause coz of resistance to tb drugs.. causes lung lesion only 37. carina at bifurcation of main bronchus 38.surfactant action was asked Dec compliance work Q was abt beta thalesemia 40. facial hair growth of female .. A,hiruitism.. b.musculizaton.. c.virilization 41. scnario of ectopic preg 42. male with infertility.. a.turner. b.klinefilter. c.edward. d.down 43. age of gestation a.1st day of last menses b.last missed menses c.fertilization d.last day of lmp 44. ist pubertal change. a.thelarche b.menarche c.puberache 45. prolactin controlled by a.prolactin inhibitory factor b.inhibin 46. regarding hymen.. a.stratified epithelium.. b.muscular struture.. c.glandular structure 47. why ovaries cannot ascend in abdomen?? a.large pelvis, b.ingunal liagment c.narrow ring d.uterus support 48. stylohyoid derives from 2nd pharageal arch 49. pt take 140meq salt 100 ml water..changes Osmolarity increses 50. dysplasia.. a mitotic figures b loss of cell polarity 51. recuurent abortions.. lupus anticoagulant 52. autonomic drug acting by adenyl cyclas a. clonidine, b.norepinephrine (non of above no more options available) 53. chronic active hepatitis ki morphology Hepatocytes necrosis throughout lobule liver achitecture preserved 54. liver parenchymal injury.. no option of alt.. A,ast b. alp 55. fats absorbed from intestine a mixed micelles b triglycerids c diacylglcerol d chylomicrons 56. transpyloric plane.. a.upper border of l1 b,middle of l1, c.lower border of l2 d.lower border of L 1 57. biguanides sideeffect blotting feeling 58. asthmatic with hypertension..drug ? a.verapamil 59. control of rubella a.Avoid contact to person having rubella. b.anti rubella 60. hay fever from a. virus b.bacteria c.parasite 61. cell membrane pe two mcqs thay. 62. autosomal dominant ki history pe tha 63. permanent labile cells pe tha Options not available


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