Gynae and obs paper B june 2014


1.Regarding Cloaca give rise to allantois with jaundice ..born 4 weeks back..normal birth history…bile stains on diaper..Diagnosis?? Biliary Atresia

3.Drugs can be given in lactation…lexatives

4.Amount of oxytoxin causing water retention in kidney..??

5.breast ca history involving upper outer quadrant of the breast

6.metals that do not allow radiation to pass…a.Iron b.copper c.lead

7..most common natural source by which people are exposed to heavy amount of radiation..a. Cosmic rays b.Occupational hazards

8.muscles cut in episiotomy…bulbospongiosis

9.true about lignocaine…Toxicity can be managed by hydrocortisone

10.false about ischiorectal fossa….A. pudendal canal lies in its lower medial wall B. continue into urogenital diaphgram

11.micturation reflex..Self regenerative

13.calculate odds ratio from given data and ans was 9

14.infection between the lower layer of urogenital diaphgram and perineal membrane will involve…Superficial transverse peroneal muscles

15.structure damaged in parotid gland surgery

16.lymph drainage of cervix…internal iliac lymph nodes

17..very broad richly vascular lamina propria with st sq epithelium..Vagina

18.patient with epicanthal folds..protruded tongue..umblical hernia..dx was trisomy 21

19..diagnosis of thalassemia in fetus…Chorionic villous sampling

20.labour is initiated by ..A. fetal thyroid gland..B.Fetal parathyroid gland…C.Gonads D.Maternal pituatory

21. Factors having positive impact on positive predictive value of a test A; true positive B; true negative C; incidence

22.True about safe motherhood It’s a component of public health

23.Thalasemia occurrence in Pakistan ratio 15 percent 5 percent

24. In which percent oxytocin will retain water in kidneys Some values were given and we had to select the least percent of oxytocin 25.old woman with multiple fractures..hypertensive and is on dialysis ..reason of fracture a.Parathyroid gland (Ans) B.cortisol C.vit D deficiency D.calcitonin 26.least half life of which harmone?? A.Gonaditrophin releasing harmones B.Aldosterone C.thyroxine 27.proprioception by….Dorsal column 28.Adrenal cortex develops from mesoderm 28.Follicles with zona pallucida and fluid filled spaces..secondary follicles 29.FRC is Rv plus ERV 30.ureter is not constricted in region where it lies on psoas muscle 31.prevention of uterine proplapse…Cardinal ligament 32.DPG is increased in a.increase in temp (ans) b.blood with prolonged hypoxic state 33.regarding pars distalis …A.hormones are stored in ( some name was given don’t remember exactly) 34.six year old child with history of sore throat and hemolytic anemia..positive sheep blood agar..enzyme responsible……..Streptolysin 35intravascular hemolysis decreased hepatoglobin 36.female with discoid rash…hemolytic anemia….specific investigation to be done?? Anti Dsdna 37.Adult polycystic kidney disease …Autosomal dominant 38.suspected pre malignant lesion of cervix…most cheap test to be done…pap smear 39.colon carcinoma first metastasize to…A.bone B.lymph node C.liver 40.Disorderly reversible growth with inc nuclear ratio..Dysplasia 41.hormones given in metastaic tumor of ca breast causing tumor regression mechanism involve…Apoptosis 42.least teratogenic drug..A.fluoxitine B.DES C. lysergic acid diethylamide 43.Afp tumor marker for hepatic Carcinoma 44.VMA excreted in urine in pheochromocytoma 45.heparin…Propogation 46.A lady presented with per vaginal bleeding,history of bleeding disorder and having a dead fetus ..first step of management A.blood Transfusion B. Evacuation of uterus C.platelet transfusion d.iv heparin 47.lady presented with yellowish vaginal discharge..cause?? Trichomonas 48.streptococus pneumonia ..cogulase positive breast development alveoli and lobules growth by which hormone…A,Estrogen B.Progesterone 50.woman with microcytic hypochromic anemia ..investigation of choice…..Ferritin and TIBC 51.Side effect IUCD ….Purulent discharge 52.HSV2 cause….A.Endocervical Ca….B. Endometrial Ca 53.Endometrium showing increased vascularity saw tooth appearance of glands and vacuolations… Secretory phase 54.Itch sensation…C fibres 55.pap smear comes in which category of prevention?? Secondary prevention 56.true about lignocaine….overdose is managed by iv hydrocortisone 57.false about anal canal…Superfical and deep part of external anal spinchter makes anal column 58.Spinal anesthesia given to a lady in labour..pain not relieved and need more anaesthesia during delivery…site of nerve block..??? 59.spincter urethera is supplied by pudendal nerve 60.disc prolapse at L5 and S1 cause all except A.absent knee jerk b. Loss of sensation on back of thigh and dorsum of foot c.gastronemius mucle and Sartorius atrophy having abnormal leakage if urine..on examination urethral opening above the ventral shaft of penis..diagnosis………….Epispadisis 62.needle inserted into scrotum do not pierce tunica albugenia 63.after cholecystectomy drain should b place in right subhepatic space 64.Regarding breast all are true excep..start to develop before puberty 65.true regarding semen …bulk is formed by seminal fluid 66.Artey damaged in removing ovary from ovarian fossa….Internal iliac artery 67.Sacroiliac joint…plain synovial joint 68.female with hysterectomy history now presented with pain abdomen and retention of urine…structure damaged?? Ureter 69.Bladder base is formed by superior surface 70.subarachnoid space ends at s2 s3 71.mode of action of local anesthetic….blocking sodium channels 72.pressure of oxygen at sea level…100 percent?? 73.lady diagnosed as hyperthyroid case..treatment in pregnancy is propyl thiouracil 74.Female diabetic in pregnancy should b given …insulin treatment 75.the substance involved in transfer of 1 carbon fragment to other is??? Biotin?? 76.something about non essential amino acid 78.regarding supra renal gland true option…related to lateral border of the kidney 79.hormone involved in the uncoupling oxidative phosphorylation ..thyroxine 80.a pharmacist checking the efficacy of drugs…selected a group and then randomly selects people…method involved…Probablity sampling 81.factors least involved in the doubling stage of carcinomas Oxygen availblality ?? 82.more in mother milk as compare to cow milk…Lactose 83.percentages given..should be plotted on??? Pie chart 84.bupivican?? 85.regarding atmospheric concentration of nitrous oxide in OT room 86.patient presented with abdominal pain..ultrasound showed some fluid filled spaces in pancrease ..the investigation of choice is a.ALT b.Serum lipase 87.patient exposed to des in utero has increased risk of clear cell carcinoma 88.Ascorbic acid involved in collagen synthesis 89.patient with HBS Ag positive…Anti HBS ab neg….IGM positive…Acute hepatitis


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