Guideline for FCPS Part 1 Prep (for Married candidates)



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…if i can do it in first attempt(medicine) after 5 years of graduation,within 3 months of prep and with a baby+household chores….you all can definitely do it !!
Please please please dont giveup,give it a try ..atleast once.
I followed these points,might help any one of you….
Once you have madeup your mind and made up a time frame of preparation, books and studies should be your Prority AFTER ,AND I STRESS AGAIN, AFTER YOUR BABY.

1.first and foremost…PRAY! Pray like anything, pray as if this is the only way to get through….,pray because theirs no better companion other than Allah Almighty himself,pray and ask for His help.

2.second is STUDY! Study all the time…study while sitting,study standing, study walking study talking, study waking study sleeping! Study like a mad person….take my word….as theres no shortcut ….and with all this mad studying you’ll see that you will still get max only 6 to 8 hours average study per day(as you will be taking care of your baby and doing household work along side),so dont get depressed keep studying

3.dont and dont and please dont get messed up in new editions, real ,fake mcq books ,fb group discussions ,useless fights on single mcqs just try to avoid all this and keep your views and path straight dont get detrack. book to success is first aid, if you studying brs physio study same topic from first aid and add extra points in it,similarly brs patho along with first aid and add extra points in first aid…than you’ll see there will be no need to revise brs again(and there wont b anytime to revise them as well) so make first aid your main book and revise it 3 times FA is deficient in anatomy so snell’s review minimum 2 times is a must.

Give minimum time to minor subjects,
P.S: keep in mind Pharma for med canditates is NOT a minor subject.

5.Go to your mothers home or any place where someone can take care of your baby and you can study in peace in last 20-25 days and then DONT STUDY IN PEACE AT ALL…STUDY AS IF YOUR TAIL IS ON FIRE…forget about your health,just eat in time and study 18 hrs a day in last 15 days…at max what health problems you can get GI upsets headacahes migraines fevers sore throats…get medicines for that and keep studying…

6.if confused ask someone,find someone who is preparing with you for the same attempt as yours..coz seniors how much competent they are usually forget fcps preparations,but not all of them,be mature enough, use your common sense and find someone who u think has good hold of fcps knowledge.

I still dont know how i got through,but i didnt giveup till the last moment!
No matter what the result is, believe in Allah’s plans…He is ,the best of planners.
May Allah help us all in our greatest difficuilties.

By:  Dr. Fatima Kamil


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