FCPS Past Papers Quick Review


Past papers quick review


JG cells affected

✅Dopamine BBB not crossed

✅Floor of 4th ventrical suprolateral scp

✅Protooncogen overexpresdion most common cause of neoplasm

✅Dorsal rami supply extensors of trunk

✅Cortisol extrahepatic catabolism

Hepatic anabolism of proteins

✅Lens never regenerate

✅Heart contractility depends upon calcium ions

✅BPS airated by tertiary brochus

✅Gram staining quick way to check gonococcus

✅Olfactory cells biopolar neurons

✅Adh via v1 causes sm consriction in arterioles Gq

✅Infraorbital artery branch of maxillary artery

✅Xx+pseudohermaphrodism androgenitql syndrome

✅Rt main bronchus lenghth 2.5

✅Platlets infusion contraindicated in spleenomegaly

✅In venous blood rbcs have more hco3

✅Shortening of chromosome > transcriptase

✅Normal resp cycle

2sec ins 3 sec exp

✅Pressure is dissipated at arteriolar arterioles

✅6th post mi day pericardial temponade common

✅Highest Mg stores in bones

✅Angiopathy neuropathy cause of ulcers in diabetics

✅Edema of kidney origin albuminuria and na retension

✅Tubercle of bacili cells comes from monocytes

✅Cristmas factor b> factor  ix

✅Primordial germ cells derived from endoderm

✅Kidney derived from intermediate mesoderm

✅ureteric bud derived from caudal end of mesonephric duct

✅fisherman with ecchymosis on lips caused by vit c def

✅Trisomy 21 robertsonion translocation

✅premalignant lesion of vulva is condyloma

✅chlamydia most common cause of PID

✅uv prolapsed complication > chronic discharge and metaplasia

✅sorbitol is an alcohal sugar

✅HLA compatability for BMT

✅in deep inspiration dead space does not change

✅graft versus host disease is an example of apoptosis

✅serotonin and epinephrine are mainly metabolized by MAO

✅proteinuria leads to russel bodies formation

✅dead space is not changed in deep inspiration

✅metaplasia is functional change in size

✅virulence of bacteria depends upon type of toxin

✅inc in stroma and dec in glands is atrophy

✅patent lumen of allantois>urachal fistula

✅nociceptive afferents terminate in post gray column

✅dorsal colum enter in dorsal gray horn

✅only protein diet > inc glucagon

✅gaba mediates anxiolytic effect

✅parasympathetic 75% by vagus

✅sphingomyelin does nit contain glycerol

✅volume of distribution:dose upon concentration

✅sjogren > sialogram test assessry

✅thioridazone has strongest antimiscarinic effect

✅inc resp in pregnancy> progesterone

✅bradykinin > polypeptide > vasodilation

✅cervical spine lateral horn is missing

✅peroxisomes long chain fattay acids oxidation

✅whole wheat source of  thiamine

✅1litre urine contains NACL =2-6 gm/litre

✅miscele carry products of TAG digestion to small intestine epithelium

✅surfactant forms macromolecular layer between water molecules

✅endogenous muscle relaxant is endorphin

✅restlessness is effect of atropine on cns

✅swallowing of bronchial secretions is parasympathetic action

✅slow pain substance p

✅fast pain glutamate

✅stimulatory neurotransmitter in cerebellum is glutamate

✅granular layer is the only stimulatory layer of cerebellum

✅clostridium does not produce endotoxin

✅HLA gene on chromosome 6

✅calcitonin congo stained

✅aortic notch is due to aortic valve

tubuloglomerular feedback supported by dec peritubular NA conc

✅submandibular surgery

Injures marginal branch of mandibular branch of facial nerve

✅renal artery >segmental >interlobar>arcuate

✅upper origin of external oblique forms digitation with serratous anterior

✅sarcoidosis>granuloma with asteroid bodies

✅mumps rna

✅IM dna

✅Endopeptidases are more imp than exopeptidases for protein digestion

✅deep sea divers > emboli in arteries

✅albino>dec melanin in choroid layer of retina

✅iga neohropathy mesangial deposits in gbm

✅igm and c3 deposits in FSGS

✅tracheostomy level 2-3rd tracheal ring

✅germinal follicles cortex of LN

✅IAPP endocrine type

✅systemic AL

✅secondary AA

✅heridity TTR

✅ant triangle c2,c3

✅Folia seen in cerebellum

✅acetylcholine not released at postganglionic nerves to vasoconstricting muscles

✅histones have arginine and lysine

✅nucleus is continuous with rough endoplasmic reticulumn

✅distributiok curve :mean and standard deviation


✅fetal cortisol major role in parturation

✅CPN related to biceps femoris laterall

✅standard deviation in normal distribution mean median mide coincide

✅neural tube forms cns

✅listeria only gram positive organism producing LpS


✅Earliest response inc catecholamine

✅Potent.   Shivering

✅Anterior hyoothalmus main controling center

✅Thermogenesis via sympathetic b1 to fats

And motorneurons

✅Dissipation mainly via parasympathetic

✅IL-1 increses prostaglandin in brain to inc set point

✅Cogwheel or lead pipe in parkinson

✅Clasp knife in upper motor neyron leision

✅exogenous steroids> dec IL-2 release

✅Sturge weber >choroid hemangioma

✅afibrogenemia ptpttbt

Normal playlets

✅no granuloma in anaerobes

✅muscles supply

40% sens 60% motor

✅basiphillia to cells is bt RER

✅diencephalon does not include superior colliculus

✅b-endorphins mist abundantly in hypothalamus

✅most common genetic pathology is by nucleotides


lichen simplex chronicus is a/w sq neoplasia

✅polyclonal huperplasia > IM

✅insula is deep to lateral sulcus

✅diazepam relaxes sk muscle by inhibitory interneurons

✅diphenoxylate DOC for travellers diarrhea

✅synapses absent in dorsal root ganglion

✅cerebral aqueduct forms cavity of midbrain

✅griseofulvin not used in candid

✅isotonic exercise TPR remains same

✅chromophobes smallest cells in ant pituitary

✅subclavian artery arches over 1st rib

✅transduction genome from bacteria to virus

✅tip of nose ophthalmic division

✅release of histamine is by morphine

✅microaneurysm of HIv don’t include hard exudates

✅adenoid cystic CA invades the periphral nerves sheath

✅forced respiration sternocleidomastoid and scalnes

✅spleenomegaly in hodgkins is stage 3

✅nuclear bag fibers carry dynamic response

✅pseudihypoparathyroidism is associated with hupocal dmi

✅birbeck granules are associated with histocytosis

✅conc urine is function of vasa recta

✅collagen amorphous abundant substance

✅adamstroke. High degree heart block stroke with FND

✅cruciate intracapsular

✅Lesion at l1 conus medularis

✅denticulate ligament extension of pia meter


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