FCPS Part 128 aug Gyne/Obs Paper 2014


1)leftward shift of o2 hb dissocitn curve?
a)co poisoning
b)inc co2
c)dec ph

2)lenght of rt main bronchus

3)dead space is decr in?
b)old age

4)ant(costosternal surface) of heart is formed by?
a)rt atrium
b)rt ventricle
c)left atrium
d)left ventricle

5)CO is max during? a)labour b)after delivery c)first trimester d)2nd trim e)3rd tri 6)DIC occurs? a)during labour,after delivery n c-section b)during prolonged labour n after delivery 7)platelts infusion contra in? a ITP Spleenomegaly thrombocytopenia 8)gas diffusion through resp mem depends upon? thickness of res mem 9)in venous blood rbcs have? inc cl- conc inc HCO3 10)smoker necrosis in brain…………? liquefactiv nec 11)shortening of chromosome in mutation….enzym responsibl is? transcriptase telomerase 12)Regarding red infarcts? double blood supply 13)Normal cycle of respi? 1sec insp 2 sec expiratn 2sec ins 2sec expiratn 2sec ins 3sec expi 4sec ins 2 sec exp 14)Muscle spindle? gives info about lenght 15)if excessiv contractn/tension? golgi tendon orgn relaxation occurs 16)blood supply of rectum? Options not given but must remember (Sup rectal from inf mesenteric Middle rectal from internal iliac Inf rectal from internal pudendal) 1 or 2 question must come in paper 2 17)pressure is dissipated at? arterioles capillaries arteries arterioles capillaries venus 18)highest crossectional area is of? capillaries 19)After 6 day of MI shock occurs d/t? pericardial tamponade 20)Highest magnesium stores r present in? bone soft tissues 21)pulse pressure? 22)diabetic pt loss of sensation n vibrtn n has ulcer in foot mechnism behind? angiopathy and neuropathy 23)in anaphylactc shock incorrect is? inc vascular permeability endotoxin 24)substance which inhibit erection is? Options not given 25)virulence of bacteria depends upon? dose of toxin age type of toxin 26)shock imp component? tissue hypoxia tachcardia 27)turbulence of blood in anemia occur d/t? vaSodilation dec hb high volume dec viscocity 28)thirst stimulated by? inc osmolarity n dec vol 29)polyphagia in diabetes ocur d/t? satiety centre………… inc blood glucose 30)edema of kidney origin is d/t? albuminuria na retensn 31 subacute endocarditis? steptococi viridans 32)in pus? dead nutrophil dead bacteria 33)in abcess enzymes comes from……….? lymphocyts eosinophils serum 34)pt z weak lethargic mild spleenomegaly hb 5.6 MCV 56 MCHC dec MCH dec fe deficiency anemia thalaassemia major 35)MCV 156 MCH INC MCHC INC prob in intestine diagnsd by autoantibodies against parietal cells serum vit b12 36)tubercle of bacilli cells comes from monocytes 37)hyperpalstic bone marrow d/t drug reaction aplastic acut leukemia 38 universal recipient? AB -ve AB +ve O 39 christmas factor B ix factor 40) basophils have Heparin protease 41)at beginning of 5th week? limb bud appear( start of week 4) heart definitive formed stomach rotation( last of 4th week plus start of 5th) so most accurate ans is b 42)cavernous sinus contains ? VI IV 43)not a function oh hypothalamus? 44)precentral gyrus damaged contralatral leg paralysis 45)contraction of pupillary muscle ? symp parasym 46.CHO metabolsm vit b1 47 hormone of stress? cortisol epinephrin 48)hormone causing gluconeogenesis? glucagon gh insulin 49)hormon causing parturition? fetal cortisol 50)mother during pregnancy prolactin secreted but milk not secreted hormone responsible is? estrogen and progestn oxytcin 51)essential fatty acid? oleic acid linoleic acid steraric acid 52)primordial germ cells derivd from Endoderm 53 melonocytes derived from Neural crest cell 54 kidneys derived from? Intermediate mesoderm 55)dec in surfactant causes Dec in compliance work Intrapleural pressure 56 which of following is not delayed effect of radiation on brain? Brain ca Glioma Edema 57)ureteric bud derived from Caudal end of mesonephric duct 58)during obstructed labour Lower C Section done after 15 days urinary incontinence occurs comp which developed is? Vesicovaginal fistula Vesicoutero fistula 59)question didn’t remebd (Answer was bronchopulmonary segment) 60)alpha fetoprotein not raised in? Hepatitis 61)dose of local anaesthetic which causes vasoconstriction 0.5 mg/100 ml? Bupivicaine = 150mg Lignocain = 50mg …………….=5mg get it sorry 62)regarding rectum Straight structure 63)regargding breast atrophy oin young is caused by Estrogen n progesterone 64)fisherman –e echymosis on lips caused by Vit c def Vit b12 65)trisomy 21? Robertsonian translocation 66)male witj short limbs n normal trunk? Autosomal dominant 67)agressiv ca? Melanoma 68?regarding malignanct charcter? metastasis 69)a pregnant lady on the way died suddenly cause z? Amniotic embolism 70)regarding OCP S.E? DVT thromboembolism 71)post 1/3rd of septum of heart supplied by? Rt coronary arter 72)benign type of adenoma? Tubular 73)most dangerous type of hepatitis for pregnt lady in near future? Hep e (Most common in preg hep a ) 74)pt hving jaundice inv to b done z? ALT+biluri 75)most common cause of PID? Chlamydia 76)premalignant leision of vulva? Condyloma Pagets dis 77)breast lymphatic drai upper outer qud ant axillarynodes 78)prolactin regultd by? Dopamine 79graves diseae? 80)pelvic outlet formed by? Sacral promontory posteriorly Coccyx posterorly 81)regarding levator ani muscle? Supplied by pudendal nerve 82)UV prolapsed most common complication? Discharge Chronic cervicitis and metaplsia 83)initial investigation for cervical ca? Cervical smear Colposcopy 84regardingg menopause correct 1 is? Inc gonadotophins 85)regarding sorbitol? Alcohol sugar Reducing sugar 86regarding MHC HLA 87)HLA For bone marrow transplantation 88)regarding pseudostratified epithelium? 89)the action of drug that does on body is? Pharmacokinetic Pharmacodynamic 90)L dopa and carbidopa MOA in parkinsonism? Dec peripheral decarboxylation


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