FCPS Part 1 Surgery and Allied past paper 18 August 2015


1- Eating undercooked and raw meet can cause infestation by… dracunculous medinesnsis
echinococcus granulosis
liver fluke
tape worm [Ans]

2- Iodine which is not used in the thyroid hormone syntheseis is secreted from body via
urine [Ans]

3- Gustatory sweating is caused by
Diabetes Mellitus

4- Rupture of penile urethra, extravasation of urine into
ant abdominal wall
scrotum [Ans]
superficial perineal pouch
deep perineal pouch

5- Mass movement is affected in colon due to problem in
Auerbach plexus [Ans]
Submucosal plexus


6- In an adult Ileactomy and jejunectomy has been done. He has diarhoea and 15-20 bowel sounds per minute. The most likely cause of this decreased transit time in the intestine is due to
secreroy plus osmotic [Ans]
High concentration of bile salts in the colon

7- treatment of vWD ( a confusing scenario was given).
Cryoprecipitate [Ans]
Vit K
Aminocaproic acid

8- The head of femur in adult is supplied by
Anterior circumflex artery
Sciatic artery
Femoral artery
Medial and lateral circumflex artery [Ans]
posterior circumflex artery

9- Head of humerus is supplied by
Anterior circumflex [Ans]
posterior circumflex axillary

10- In acute pancreatitis, fluid will most like accumulate in
a) Righ paracolic gutters [Ans]
b) Subphrenic space
c) Retroperitoneal space
d) Left paracolic gutters

11- most prominent feature of water intoxication:
a) juglar vein distention
b) fast pulse
c) low pulse [Ans]
d) thirst

12- True about internal juglar vein
a) Present most posterior in the carotid sheath
b) Is present on the medial side of internal carotid artery in the carotid sheath
c) Originates on the posterior aspect of jugular foramen [Ans]

13- A young boy is sitting in a room at 26 centigrade, he is profusely sweating his pulse rate is 120 and BP is 150/110 mmHg. What is the most likely cause?
a- Stress [Ans]
b- exercise

14- Washed RBCs are indicated to
a- avoid ABO conflict
b- Avoid Rh conflict
c- avoid fever after transfusion
d- avoid hypersensitivity reactions [Ans]

15- A middle age female with recurrent chest infections, long history of diarrhoea. On stool examination cysts of Giardia lamblia were detected. Periferal smear reveals normal T cell but B cells are slightly decreased. Serum IgA 73, IgG 300 and IgM is 67. What is the most likely Dx?
a- Bruton’s agammaglobulinemia
b- Common variable immunodeficiency [Ans]
c- HIV infection
d- Cystic fibrosis

16- highest amount of TAGs in
a- Chylomicrons [Ans]
b- vldl
c- hdl
d- IDL
e- Chylomicron remnants

17- which structure imparts basophilia to the tissue a- peroxisome b- ribosome [Ans] c- mitochondria d- nucleus e- golgi apparatus 18- Clostridium are mostly (dont remember the options exactly) a- Gram negative rods b- Anaerobic c- spore forming [Ans] 19- Function of Gulteus medius and minimus is a- Extention of hip joint b- Flexion of hip joint c- Adduction and medial rotation of hip joint d- Abduction and medial rotation of the hip joint [Ans] 20- Thorn prick…abscess formation..most likely organism A.Strept Pyogenes B.Staph aureus [Ans] C.Pseudomonas aeruginosa 21- A 5 or 6 years child who develops muscular weakness. Anti voltage gated calcium chanel antibodies are present A.Myasthenia Gravis B.Lambert Eaton syndrome’ [Ans] C.Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy D.Beckers myotrophy 22- Resting membrane potential is most likely due to a- Equilibrium potential of K ions [Ans] b- Equilibrium potential of Na ions c- Equilibrium potential of Ca ions d- Equilibrium potential of Cl ions e- Equilibrium potential of HCO3 ions 23- human is intermediate host in A.Schistosomiasis B.Haydatid cyst [Ans] 24- A patient presents with enlarged mass in front of the neck. Biopsy of thyroid gland is performed which reveals no metastatic change. Which type of epithelium is found in thyroid? a- Simple squamous b- Simple striated squamous c- Simple cuboidal epithelium [Ans] 25- Regarding Popliteus A.medially rotates femur on tibia B.Assists in knee extension C.lies b/w lateral meniscus and lateral collateral ligament D. Cause flexion of knee joint [Ans] 26- patient with diplopia, when asked to look to the right side his left eyes turns towards the right but right eyes turns medially, which is damaged? a- optic nerve b- trochlear nerve c- abducens nerve [Ans] d- occulomotor nerve 27- Damage to penile urethra, urine extravasation into A.Retropubic space B.sup perineal pouch C.medial thigh D.ischiorectal fossa e- Scrotum [Ans] 28- Infarction of posterior 1/3 of interventricular septum.artery involed A.LCA B.RCA [Ans] C.Rt marginal branch D.LCX E.Rt interventricular 29- Free radicals formed by radiation they will damage A.DNA [Ans] B.cell membrane C.mitochondria 30- Viruses are carcinogens because they have a- proto-oncogens [Ans] b- oncogens c- chemicals which are carcinogenic 31- A male patient with normal urine osmolality. Most dilute urine reaches at a- PCT b- Descending loop of Henle c- Tip of loop of henle d- Medullary collecting tubules e- Macula densa [Ans] 32- A patient with anemia with MCV in normal range most likely cause a- A pregnant female not taking vitamin supplements b- Thallassemia c- Vit B-12 defi d- After blood loss >2 days [Ans] 33- Apoptosis initiates when … a- Bcl-2 activation b- Phagocytosis c- Activation of caspases 34- Right border of heart is formed by a- right atrium [Ans] b- SVC c- SVC+Rt Atrium d- Rt ventrical 35- GFR is increased by A.afferent artiolar constriction B.dec hydrostatic pressure C. Efferent arteriolar dilatation D. Afferent arteriolar dilatation [Ans] 36- which is a small blue cell tumour a- neuroblastoma b- wilms tumour c- ? 37- Most common tumour of the epiphysis is ? 38- Primary cartilaginous joints example is a- intervertebular joint b- symphysis pubis c- costochondral joints [Ans?] d- chondrosternal joints 39- which of the following prevents muscle tear under high pressure a- Golgi tendon organ [Ans] b- Spindle fibers 40- pulmonary atery supply A.Bronchi B.Bronchioles C.Alveoli [Ans] 41- A patient was admitted in the hospital. He was in supine position and something like vomiting + …. Happened. He aspirated the vomitus. Which segment is most likely a- Rt upper anterior b- Rt upper posterior c- Rt lower basal d- ? e- ? 42- sarcoidosis histological picture A.Ganuloma with asteroid bodies [Ans] B.non-caseating granuloma 43- cervical metaplasia most likely cause a- high multiparity [Ans] b- HPV infection c- IUCD 44- which ulcer is caused by infection by microaerophilic nonhemolytic streptococci and aerobic hemolytic staphylococci a- Martonelʼs ulcer b- Bazinʼs disease c- Meleneyʼs ulcer [Ans] 45- a young male has azoospermia. Which initial investigation will help in Dx a- testosterone level b- FSH level c- FSH and LH level [Ans] d- Sperm count e- Antibodies against sperms 46- Pellagra caused by def of A.Vit B1 B.Vit.B6 C.nicotinic acid [Ans] 47- A pt with sore throat, cervical lymphadenopathy and …….. canʼt recall at the moment (its was case of Infectious mononucleosis.) 48- A patient had to undergo amputation of right leg. At the site of amputation ha present with a mass, biopsy shows haphazard pattern. a- Neuroma [Ans] b- schwanomma c- lymphoma 48- INR is used to monitor a- Heparin therapy b- Anti-platelet therapy c- Oral anticoagulation [Ans] 49- clavipectoral fascia covers a- clavicle bone b- pectoralis minor [Ans] c- serratus anterior d- serratus posterior 50- Cholecystectomy is done, where to put the drain? a-Subhepatic space [Ans?] b-Subphrenic space c-Rt paracolic gutter 51- Pt with Diabetic(ketoacidosis(pt(managed(bt(died.most(likely(infection(is a.mucur(((( [Ans](((((((((((b.candida(((((((((((((((((((((((c.E.coli 52: Dead(organisms(in(vaccine(: A.(Measles((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((B.(Mumps C.(Tetanus(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((d.pretussis [Ans] 53: Esophagectomy(done(,(stomach(is(mobilized(to(upper(portion(of(thorax(..(To( anastomosis(with(phayrnx,(Which(artery(is(responsible(for(stomach(supply(now a.left(gastric(((((((((((( [Ans]((((((((((((((b.Right(gastric c.Left(gastroepiploic((((((((((((((((((((((d.Short(gastric(vessels 54: Chronic(Myeloid(Leukemia a.chromosome(9&22((((([ANSWER]((((((((((((((b.(chromosome(11&(22 C.(chromosome(14(&(22 55: common(Post(op(infection(in(hospital((cause(by(which(organism(: a.(Staph(Aureus(((([ANSWER]((((((((((((((((((b.pseudomonas(((( c.(e.coli(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((d.(Kliebsella 56: claw(hand(produced(by(unopposed(action(of a.flexor(digitorum(longus(and(flexor(digitorum(profundus b.extensor(digitorum(longus(and(extensor((digitorum(indices c.extensor(digitorum((and(flexor(digitorum(profundus(([ANSWER] 57: if(iodine(is(nt(used(for(formation(of(thyroid(hormorne,then(iodine(excreted(which( site(of(the(body a.stool((((((((((((((((((((((((((b.urine((((((((((([ANSWER]((((((((((((((((((c.salivary(gland 58: .(Which(drug(cause(tachycardia(in(therapeutic(doses: a.morphine((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((b.(Fentanyl c.afentanyl((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((d.pethidine([ANSWER???]((((((((( 59:((((((((((female,(there(is(abnormal(metabolism(of(amino(acid.which(of(the(following( amino(acid(will(appear(in(urine a.alanine(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((b.tryosine(((((((((((((((c.tryptophan((((d.(Lysine [Ans?] 60: nerve(supply(of(extensor(digiti(minimi a.deep(radial(nerve((((([ANSWER]((((((((((((((((b.superfcial(radial(nerve 61: ruttor(cuff(is(formed(by a.supraspinatus,infraspinatus,teres(minor(and(subscapularis((( 62: optic(chiasma(lesion(causes a.bitemporal(hemianopia((((((((((([ANSWER]((((((((((((((((((((((((b.right(homonymous( hemianopia c.left(homonymous(hemainopia((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((d.ipsilateral(temporal(hemianopia 63: Biguanides(side(affects: b.(Elevated(ALT(((((((((((((((((((((((((b.diarrhea(and(flatulence((((((((((((((( 64: A(middle(aged(woman(presents(with(writing(movements(in(the(upper(limbs,( Pulmonary(vasoconstruction(occurs(due(to: A.(Raised(PCO2(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((b.reduced(systemic(po2((([ANSWER] C.(Reduced(pH 65: which(nucleus(effected a.putamen((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((b.caudate(([ANSWER](((((((((((((((((c.globus(pallidus 66: If(FACTOR(IX(not(available: a.(Cryoprecepitate(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((b.FFP(((([ANSWER] c.platelets((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((d.whole(blood 67: which%of%the%following%drain%into%superior%mesentric%lymph%node? a.Jejunum%%%%%[ANSWER]%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b.4th%part%of%duodenum c.Desending%colon%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%d.cecum 68: The%muscle%that%causes%eversion%of%foot. a.Tibialis%post%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b.peroneus%longus%[ANSWER]%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 69H Parotid%gland a.Lat%pterygoid%lies%anterior%to%pterygoid b.ext%carotid%and%the%fascial%nerve%passes%through%superficial%gland c.facial%nerve%supplies%it d.%is%separated%from%the%mandibular%gland%through%a%fascia 70H Broder,%s%classification%of%tumour%%………%don’t%remember%options ?????? 71H Carpal%Tunnel%Syndrome a.%Anesthesia%of%thenar%muscles%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b.wasting%of%thenar%muscle%%[ANSWER] c.Injury%to%ulnar%nerve%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%d.Injury%to%radial%nerve 72H Basic%drugs%mostly%bind%with aH Albumin bH Alpha%glycoprotein cH Hb 73H features%of%Achromegally%were%given%and%asked%about%the%cell%of%pituitary% which%are%affected aH chromophobes bH acidophills% 74H A%pt%with%histry of%bleeding%gums%n%wounds%prolongd%bleeding%time%and%PT% 28SEC%(%control%12sec)%wats%the%diagnosis? a.heamophelia%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b.christmis% c.won%wiliband%disease%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%d.factore%7%deficiency%%%%[ANSWER] 75H Drug%which%is%strong%analgesic%but%not%a%good%anesthetic a.desflurane%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b.isofurane%%%%%%%%%%%%%%c.nitrous%oxide%%%%[ANSWER] 76H A%drug%causing%↑GFR%will%do%it%by%following%mechanism a.%↓ing%bLOOD%flow b.%increasing%hydrostatic%pressure c.%afferent%arteriole%vasoconstriction d.%By%increasing%Kf% 77H A%young%male%comes%to%Pakistan%for%the%first%time,%after%2%days%he%has%fever,% altered%state%of%consciousness%and%goes%into%Coma.%Hb%is%low,%PLTs%low%and% neutrophils%(dnt%remember).%Most%like%diagnosis aH Dengue bH Malaria%falciparum 78H axone%arise%from%conical%shape%part%of%neuron%cell%body%called. a.perikaryot%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b.axon%hillocks%%%[ANSWER]%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% c.Dandrites 79H peptic%ulcer%profusely%bleeding%from%posterior%wall%o%duodenum…which% artery%involed? a.gastroduodenal%%% [ANSWER]%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b.gastroepiploic 80H Epithelium%of%nephrons%is%developed%from% a.%endoderm%only%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b.%ectoderm%only c.%mesoderm%only%%%%[ANSWER???]%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%d.%endoderm%+%mesoderm e.%ectoderm%+%mesoderm 81H deep%inguinal%ring%is%present%in a.transversis%abdominis%muscle%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b.transversalis%fascia%%%[ANSWER] c.internal%oblique%muscle 82H parathyroid%glands%are%developed%from a.1st%pharyngeal%pouch,%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b.2nd%pouch%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% c.3rd%pharyngeal%pouch%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%d.4th%pouch%%%%[ANSWER] Explanation:%Thymus%and%Parathyroid%are%derivatives%of%3rd pouch.%Parathyroid% are%derived%from%the%4th pouch.%If%both%of%these were%given%in%one%option%then% that%would%be%the%best%option.% 83H In%IV%drugs%abusers%there%is%increased%risk%of: a.%Libman%Sacks%endocarditis%%%%%%%%%%b.bacterial%endocarditis%%%%%%%%[ANSWER] c.%Mitral%valve%carditis%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%d.%Rheumatic%fever%or%heart%disease 84H true%abt%vertebral%column A.cervical%nerves%originate%above%crresponding%vertebra%% B.vertebral%artery%arches%ant%part%of%post%arch%of%axis there%were%other%options%with%the%orientation%of%facets%etc%can’t%recall.%Option%A%is% not%the%answer%as%C8%is%a%cervical%nerve%and%does%not%originate%above%the% corresponding%vertebrae.%(Somebody%correct%me%if%I%am%wrong…%)%Can’t%recall%the% option%which%looked%to%suit%the%best!% 85H papillary%carcinoma%of%thyroid%in%children%may%occur%due%to a.radiation%[ANSWER]%% b.%chemotherapy c.%viruses d.%Mulitnodular%Goitre 86H Seminoma%is%a%tumour%in%male,%its%equivalent%when%occurs%in%overy%then%its% called a.yolk%sac%tumor%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b.embrynal%tumor%%%%%%%%c.dysgerminoma%[ANSWER]%% d.%Hydatiform%mole 87H Which%of%the%following%is%mostly%premalignant%in%the%oral%cavity?% a. Chronic%irritation b. smoking c. lichen%planus%[ANSWER] 88H A%female%pt%was%having%generalized%pain,%and%has%been%taking%NSAIDs%for%a% long%time.%Now%developed%swelling%n%big%toe,%wht%will%b%present%in%fluid%aspirate? a.mono%sodium%urate%crystals%%%[ANSWER] b.%Calcium%pyruvate 89H Integrins%are%present%on: a. Platelets b. Bacteria c. Viruses d. Leukocytes e. Endothelial%cells 90H A%patient%suffering%from%steatorrhea%for%last%18%months.%He%is%most%likely%to% suffer%from%the%deficiency%of%which%nutrient? a. Folic%acid b. Vit%B12 c. Iron d. Vitamin%D e. Ascorbic%acid 91H Ductus%deferens%terminates%into: a. bulbar%urethra b. seminal%vesicle c. ejaculatory%duct%[ANSWER] 92H lidocaine%mechanism%of%action a.blocks%na%channels%%%%[ANSWER]%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b.%%block%k%channels 93H there%was%a%question%regarding%CORPUS%CALLOSUM%lies%between%something% like%that…% 94H about%small%intestine%true%is a.valvae%connivents%most%numerous%in%ileum b.mesentry%start%from%the%rite%of%L2 c.valvae%connivents%5mm%wide d.small%intestine%6H8%meters%long%%[ANSWER] 95H%%Salivery enzyme kill bacteria by a. iron binding lactoferin [ANSWER] b. inhibiting protein synthesis c. rupture of membranes


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