June 2015

1.A female pt with bleeding from breast.no mass found on examination.no axillary lymph node palpable.wats the diagnosis A.Fat necrosis B.Intraductal papilloma C.ductal CA D.Fibrocystic disease

2.Regarding Adipose tissue A.insulin cause lipolysis B.inc in size by dividing adipocytes C.Growth hormone cause deoosition of fat dont remember other options

3.Insulin causes A.dec ketogenesis B.inc lipolysis C.inc glycogenolysis

4.pnemothorax A.lung collapse chest inward B.lung collapse chest owtward

5.Breast lymph drainage of inner lower quadrant except (a long scenario actually) A.Pectoral Nodes B.inferior phrenic nodes C.internal mammary nodes D.Apical Nodes

6.Pain Temp Crude touch fibres of face go to thalamus through trigeminal via A.Trigeminothalamic tract B.Trigeminothalamic lemniscus C.Dorsal D.Anterolateral tract

7.DOC for systemic fungal infection A.Amphotericin B B.Ketoconazole C.Iconazole D.Nystatin

8.Decrease surfactant cause A.increase pulmonary compliance B.decrease pulmonary compliance C.decrease surface tension


9.Regarding Spleen A. Vertically 12cm B. On da right free margin of lesser sac C. More echogenic than liver on ultrasound D.if ligamentous support become lax it becomes free called wandering spleen

10.Thorn prick…abscess formation..most likely organism A.Strept Pyogenes B.Staph aureus C.Pseudomonas aeruginosa 1.D? 2.B? 3.A 4.B 5.B 6.A? 7.A 8.B 9.D 10.B

11.15yr child came in peads clinic with history of sore throat & fever for 10 days. now he presented with chest pain not related to respiration. what is the most probable cause: a. lungs b. pleura c. myocardium d. pericardium e. costochondral joints

12.regarding middle colic artery which one is correct, A.supplies mailny left colic flexure, B.is a branch of SMA, C.supplies cecum only

13.sickle cell scenario.boy having hb 5.6 deeply jaundiced, ,plt 260000 ndtlc 10000 a aplastic crisis b painful crisis c sequestration crisis d hemolytic crisis

14.Pregnant lady appropriate A.inc ferritin B.inc TIBC C.inc iron

15.Pregnant lady normocytic normochromic anemia appropriate A.plasma volume expansion B.iron def anemia

16.Aids associated skin lesion A.Kaposi sarcoma B.BCC

17.Sertoli cells appropriate A.secrete testosterone B.secrete FSH C.secrete LH D. provide nourishment and glucose E.Forms Blood Testis barrier

18.Ca channels disease A.Myasthenia Gravis B.Lambert Eaton syndrome’ C.Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy D.Beckers myotrophy dont remember exactly

19. Proteinuria RBCs RBC casts wats damaged A.Proximal tubule B.Glomeruli C.Urinary Bladder

20.serum conc is 10/ml…urinary conc is 100/ml…urine flow rate is 2ml/min wats clearance? A.2ml/min B.20ml/min C.200ml/min D.0.2m/min 11.C 12.B 13.D? 14.B 15.A 16.A 17.D? 18.B? 19.B 20.B?

21.after total gastrectomy wat occurs A.iron def anemia B.Pernicious anemia

22.best host defence system in alveoli A.lymphatics B.alveolar macrophages C.nasal cilia

23.breast surgery done pt cant comb hair due to paralysis of serratus anterior.nerve involved A.suprascapular nerve B.long thoracic nerve

24.DVT most common A.prolonged bed rest B.After surgery C.inherited thrombophilia

25.14 yr old child with 8%creatinuria BP 180/110.. wat is damaged A.glomeruli B.JG cells C.Macula densa

26.after gynecological surgery which anaerobic beta lactamase producing organism causes infection A.Bacteroides B.Ecoli C.Strept pyogenes

27.RMP is mainly by A.k efflux B.na/k pump

28.blockage of alpha recepters A.vasoconstriction B.vasodilation


29.dec arterial PO2 A.CO poisoning B.anemic hypoxia C.hyoxic hypoxia 30.Elastic fibers most thick in A.Aorta B.renal C.brachial 21.B 22.B 23.B 24.A 25.B 26.B? 27.A 28.B 29.C 30.A

31.4th Heart sound due to A.Atrial contraction causes ventricular wall vibration B.aortic rebound C.verntricular filling

32.human is intermediate host in A.Schistosomiasis B.Haydatid cyst

33.which doesnt cross BBB A.levodopa B.Dopamine

34.2yr old female child pale n not thriving dec hb 4.2 anisocytosis poikilocytosis hepatospleenomegaly A.leishmaniasis B.thalasemia major C.fe def anemia D.sideroblastic

35.aneurysm of 3rd part of subclavian artery which triangle involved A.Anterior B.Posterior C.Muscular

36.week 2 A.epiblast B.epiblast and mesoderm C.Epiblast and hypoblast

37.Regarding Thymus A.Arch of aorta is anterior to it B.has single lobe C.extends from below thyroid to T4 vertebral level

38.Regarding NK cells A.kill virus infected cells without prior sensitization

39.thyroid CA operated. 3cm mass which has congo stain. wats best marker to monitor A.calcitonin B.AFP dont remember other options

40.knee cant b flexed and hip cant be extended which muscle damaged A.rectus femoris B.sartorius C.semitendinosus

31.A 32.B 33.B 34.B 35.B? 36.B 37.B? 38.A 39.A? 40.C

41.Regarding Popliteus A.medially rotates femur on tibia B.Assists in knee extension C.lies b/w lateral meniscus and lateral collateral ligament

42.Meckels diverticulum A.sometimes contain acid secreting mucosa B.located in proximal part of ileum

43.regarding cardiac cycle A.Aortic notch his due to aortic valve B.60% Filling in diastole, C.max filling in mid atrial contraction, dont remember other options

44.tubuloglomerular feedback supported by A.dec peritubular na conc B.inc peritubular blood flow C.inc tubular urine flow

45.paracetamol A.has very weak antiinflammatory activity

46.a plumber has history of dyspnea and cough now PH 7.4 bicarb 19 PCO2 31 PO2 62. wats diagnosis A.compensated met acidosis B.compensated resp alkalosis C.mixed resp alkalosis and met alkalosis D.met acidosis E.uncompensated resp alkalosis

47.case of small cell CA n cushingoid features A.ACTH

48.pt has dec pupil size and droopy eyelid A.home adie pupil] B.occulomotor injury C.argyl robertson pupil D.horner syndrome

49.pt rt eye cant look laterally A.tumor in frontal lobe B.cavernous sinus infection C.lateral blow to eye

50.elderly patient with pneumonia admitted in ward…6 hrs later died A.inc vascular permeability B.dehydration C.shock

41.B? 42.A 43.A 44.A? 45.A 46.B? 47.A 48.D 49.B 50.A

51.urinary osmolality 1200 serum osmolality 310 diagnosis A.SIADH

52.urethra damage at urogenital diaphragm urine will leak into A.Retropubic space B.sup perineal pouch C.medial thigh D.ischiorectal fossa

\53.regarding Transitional epithelium A.pseudostratified B.Stratified columnar C. Stratified with outer cells bigger n rounder

54.during a histology practical test a medicalstudent observes under microscope a tubular structure having a small lumen lined by transitional epithelium supported by connective tissue lamina propria and three layers of smooth muscle with adventitia as outer most layer what anatomical structure is it? A.prostate B.Renal pelvis C.Urethra D.ureter E.urinary bladder

55.Submandibular gland surgery nerve damaged A.marginal branch of mandibular branch of facial nerve B.lingual nerve

56.70 age female with previous history of MI hb5 TLC 7000 Plt 120000 pt 13 aptt 35 wats best for her A.whole blood B.FFP C.platelets D.RBC concentrate

57.regarding Cerebellum A.receive preprioceptive info from spinal cord B.receive cortical info from cortex dont remember other options

58.infarct near post interventricular septum.artery involed A.LCA B.RCA C.Rt marginal branch D.LCX E.Rt interventricular

59.regarding dilute urine A.positive water clearance B.negative water clearance dont remember exactly

60.floor of 4th ventricle’s superolateral relation A.superior cerbellar peduncle B.middle cerebellar peduncle C.inferior cerbellar peduncle D.pyramidal tracts

51.A 52.A? 53.C 54.C 55.A 56.D 57.A 58.B 59.A 60.D?

61.regarding atrial fibrillation A.p waves prominent B.regular rhythm C.pulsus deficit

62.Most sensitive cardiac marker A.creatine kinase B.Troponin T C.Myoglobin D.LDH

63.uterine leiomyoma. endometrium around the mass has few glands and a lot of stroma…wat has happened to endometrium around fibroid A.metaplasia B.hyperplasia C.atrophy D.dysplasia

64.alpha sympathetic stimulation A.pupils constrict B.pupils dilate

65.parasympathetic stimulation A.pupils dilate B.pupils constrict C.inc heart rate D.dec GI motility

66.Bile duct relation with duodenum A.supraduodenal retroduodenal infraduodenal intraduodenal B.omental supraduodenal intraduodenal C.omental supraduodenal infraduodenal

67.Renal artery A.interlobar lobar segmental arcuate B.lobar interlobular segmental arcuate C.seegmental interlobar arcuate D.lobar segmental interlobar arcuate

68.Dorsum of noise supplied by A.ethmoidal branch of ophthalmic artery B.a branch of facial artery

69.Free radicals formed by radiation they will damage A.DNA B.cell membrane C.mitochondria

70.virus cause disease A.direct action B.altering protein synthesis C.membrane damage

61.C 62.B 63.C? 64.B 65.B 66.A 67.A 68.A? 69.B 70.B

71.pt having of hepatoma developed dependent edema and dilated abdominal veins wats the cause A.hepatic vein obstruction B.IVC obstruction C.portal vein obstruction

72.female pt with difficulty swallowing..wrinkles which appeared on her skin vanished…difficulty eating with hands…no joint pain..wats the diagnosis A.dermatomyositis B.CREST

73.Regarding Medial geniculate body A.receive visual afferents B.attatched with thalamus C.located on ventromedial aspect f thalamus

74.inc ejection fraction causes A.dec EDV B.Dec ESV

75.Macrocytic anemia A.Folic acid deficiency B.intrinsic factor deficiency C.hemolysis

76.SA node location A.superior aspect of sulcus terminalis B.lower part of crista terminalis

77.Regarding lignocaine A.cause prolonged seizures B.toxicity can be prevented by using 2% preparation C.can be prevented by hydrocortisone injection

78.Femoral artery pulse is felt A.apex of femoral triangle B.midpoint of inguinal ligament C.mid-inguinal point

79.tumor suppressor gene A.p53

80.Diabetic nephropathy 1st manifestation A.inc blood urea nitrogen levels B.inc creatinine C.inc urinary albumin

71.B 72.B 73.B? 74.B 75.A 76.A 77.A? 78.B? 79.A 80.C

81.Mesothelioma most common cause A.tobacco smoking B.asbestosis

82.Gastric lymphoma most common cause A.H-pylori B.atrophic gastritis

83.Host defence against neoplasm A.apoptosis B.good health C.no family history

84.most common cause of neoplasm A.overexpression of proto-oncogenes B.non-lethal injuryof genes

85.IVC is formed at A.L5 vertebra

86.female with exophthalmos inc HR sweating antibodies present A.Hashimoto B.Graves

87.Regarding Down syndrome A.inc incidence with inc maternal age

88.Dorsal rami supply A.Flexors of trunk B.extensors of trunk

89.female undergoing hysterectomy..there is a chance of damaging ureter while ligating which artery A.Internal ilac artery B.Uterine artery

90.pt underwent trauma now has spastic lower limbs exaggerated lower limb reflexes Babinski sign is positive biceps jerk is absent whr is the injury A.C5-C6 B.C2-C3 CL1-L2

81.B 82.A 83.A? 84.B 85.A 86.B 87.A 88.B 89.B 90.A

91.Prostate arterial supply A.Inferior vesical artery B.superior vesical artery C.internal ilac artery

92.localized edema cause A.allergy

93.Regarding Red cells A.larger than all WBCs B.Mean MCV is 85 fl C.contain remnants of mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum

94.myeloperoxidase is present in A.lymphocytes B.RBCs C.Neutrophils

95.Succinylcholine toxicity in individuals having deficiency of A.Acetyl cholinesterase B.pseudocholinesteae C.MAO

96.upper origin of external oblique forms digitation with which muscle A.Latissimus Dorsi B.Pectorals major C.Serratus anterior

97.Platelet rich plasma is stored at A. 0 deg B. 4 deg C. 22 deg D.40 deg

98.Lady had breast implant 2 yrs ago since then she is having firmness and shape distortion something . Now the implants are removed and implant fluid is leaking inside. Which cells will most likely be present A. Neutro B. Mast C.Eosinophil D.Giant cell E.Plasma cell

99.Remnant of gubernaculum in females A.spermatic cord B.Testis C.Round ligament of ovary D.prostate

100.vessel having 80% saturation in fetus A.umbilical vein B.aorta

91.A 92.A 93.B? 94.C 95.B 96.C 97.C? 98.D 99.C 100.A

101.Sciatic nerve is damaged now which nerve supplies sole of foot A.saphenous nerve B.sural nerve C.common peroneal nerve

102.trauma to upper limb pt cant feel sensation in little finger and paralysis of dorsal interossei which nerve is damaged A.Ulnar nerve B.anterior interosseus nerve C.median nerve

103.Fracture of surgical neck of humerus. nerve damaged A.median nerve B.axillary nerve C.upper brachial plexus

104.trauma to shoulder axillary nerve damaged pt cant abduct arm A.above head B.0 to 20 deg C.20-90 deg


105.which muscle is flexor of elbow joint and supplied by radial nerve A.brachioradialis B.brachialis C.Biceps brachii

106.which hormone causes extrahepatic protein catabolism and hepatic protein anabolism A.Thyroid hormone B.Epinephrine C.Cortisol D.growth hormone E.insulin

107.GFR is increased by A.afferent artiolar constriction B.dec plasma proteins

108.lumen of allantois doesn’t obliterate A. Urachal sinus B.urachal cyst C.umbilical vein D.urachal fistula

109.abdominal contents pushed through remains of processus vaginalis which occurs A.indirect inguinal hernia B.direct inguinal hernia C.hydrocoele

110.left adrenal vein is drained into A.IVC B.left renal vein C.Inf mesenteric vein

101.B ? 102.A ? 103.B 104.B 105.A 106.C 107.B 108.D 109. A 110.B

111.Tissue not regenerated A.kidney B.adrenal medulla C.lens D.skin

112.regarding tail of pancreas A.in linorenal ligament don’t remember the mcq exacty

113.no lymphoid nodules seen in A.thymus B.Lymph node C.spleen

114.CA urninary bladder caused by which parasite A.schistosoma hematobium B.clonorchis sinenis

115.pseudomembranous colitis caused by which A.clostridium perfringens B.clostridium dificile

116a.most common cause of gas gangrene lower limb A.clostridium birefrengens (this is the exact spelling as in paper) B.clostridium welchii C.clostridium septicum I asked the examiner he said it must be perfringens 116b.osteoblastoma most common site A.diaphysis B.Metaphysis C.epiphysia plate D.epiphysis E.Body of vertebra

117..difference between primary and secondary peristaltic wave A….Primary has oropharangeal phase B.primary wave relaxes lower esophageal sphincter C.secondary propels food forward don’t remember exact mcq

118.joint b/w pubic bones allowing slight movement during birth of baby A.Synchondrosis B.syndesmosis C.Symphysis

119.Heart contractility depend on A.ca++ ions

120.Regarding thyroid gland A.change in epithelium occurs with function

111.C 112.A 113.A 114.A 115.B 116a.B? 116b.A? 117.A? 118.C 119.A 120.A

121.fast adapting phasic receptors A.Pacinian B.meisners C.Baroreceptors

122.rapidly adapting receptors A.pacinian B.Baroreceptors C.free nerve endings 2 similar questions were asked one in both papers a and b

123.which of the following inhibits the muscle to stretch beyond limits A.golgi tendon organ B.muscle spindle

124.Dead space does not change in A.standing B.old age C.shallow breathing D.Deep inspiration E.Tracheostomy

125.chlorthiazides cause A.hyperuricemia B.hyperkalemia C.hypercalcemia

126.max triglycerides found in A.VLDL B.chylomicrons C.LDL D.HDL E.IDL

127.most common source of SYSTEMIC arterial emboli A.femoral vein thrombosis B.pulmonary vein thrombosis C.right atrial thrombus D.portal vein thrombus E.left ventricular mural thrombus

128. pyruvate is intermediade between A.glucose and acetyl coA B.acetoacetic acid and actyl coa C.Fat metabolism and acetyl coA D.carbohydrates and proteins

129.pt with back pain lytic lesions in vertebra and ribs on xray.. most appropriate investigation for diagnosis A.MRI B.Immune electrophoresis C.CT scan

130.patient with history of multiple myeloma now has hypercalcemia , polyuria and confusion urine osmolality is 310mosm/l wats the reason of polyuria A.ADH cant act on tubules B.dec ADH formation C.psychogenic polydipsia don’t remember the actual stems

121.A 122.A 123.B 124.D 125.C 126.B 127.E 128.A? 129.B 130.A?

131.pulmonary atery supply A.Bronchi B.Bronchioles C.Alveoli

132.Regarding bronchopulmonary segment A.airated by primary bronchus B.airated by secondary bronchus C.airated by tertiary bronchus D.not in touch with all other segments

133.55 yr old diabetic hypertensive hypothyroid DOC for HTN A.Propanolol B.Verapamil C.Captopril D.Nefidipine

136.A 45 yr old female presents with two years history of pruritis, months history of jaundice. On clinical examination she has bruises xanthomas and hepatosplenomegaly. The investigation which will confirm the diagnosis would be: A. ALT B. Alkaline phosphatase C. Anti-mitochondrial antibodies D. CT abdomen E. ultrasound abdomen.

137.sarcoidosis histological picture A.Ganuloma with asteroid bodies B.non-caseating granuloma

138.ADH formed in A.posterior pituitary B.supraoptic nucleus C.ventromedial nucleus

139.42 yr old female and dyspareunia and midcycle pain n bleeding her cervix was hypertrophic.. vagina and uterus normal which initial investigation should be done A.colposcopy with biopsy B.cervical smear C.endoscopy 140.metaplasia is caused by A.chronic irritation

131.C 132.C 133.C 136.C 137.A? 138.B 139.B

\140.A (plz dont mind numbering error ☺)

141.most common cause of PRIMARY HCC A.hep C B.alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency C.Aflatoxins

142.Two liters Normal saline infusion A.dec urinary sodium B.inc blood volume C.dec intracellular volume


143. patient bp 90/50.. why is isoflurane contraindicated A.dec cardiac contractility B.vasodilation of blood vessels

144.Regarding popliteus A.assist in knee extension B.cause medial rotaion of femur on tibia C.located in between lateral meniscus and lateral collateral ligament D.supplied by obturator nerve

145.Otic ganglion is located immediately below A.Foramen ovale B.Foramen rotundum C.Foramen lacerum

146.DIC initiated by A.thromboplastin B.Factor 13

147.Tachyphylaxis A.Rapid dec in drug action B.Gradual dec in drug action

148.Fastest speed of impulse in A.ventricular fibers B.AV node C.AV bundle D.purkinje fibers

149.a student asked a pt to clench his teeth then followed his masseter inferiorly on lower madibular marginal he felt a pulsation which artery was it A.Lingual B.Facial C.Maxillary D.External carotid

150.pt cant open mouth which muscle injured A.Masseter B.medial pteryogoid C.lateral pterygoid D.Buccinator E.Platysma

141.A? 142.B 143.B? 144.A 145.A 146.A 147.A 148.D 149.B 150.C

151.Abdominal migraine cause A.IMA B.SMA

152.Middle colic artery is a branch of A.SMA B.IMA C.Aorta

153.There are no blood agglutinins in which blood group A. ABB.AB+ C O+

154.Insulin increased by A.Glucagon B.Growth hormone

155.pt has Gonococcus infection what is quicked way to check it A.ZN stain B.Gram stain C.Culture

156.pt took cotrimxoazole developed black urine reason? A.G6PD B.Malaria

157.Whcih prolongs the life of corpus luteum A.testosterone B.endogenous FSH LH C.Endogenous HCG

158.Which artery has branches that are end arteries A.Coronary artery B.Central artery of Retina

159.pt has Christmas disease…factor 9 not available wats best substitute A.Cryoprecipitate B.FFP C.Whole blood

160.Metaplasia A.functional change in cells B.change in size and shape of cells

151.B 152.A 153.B 154.A 155.B 156.A 157.C 158.A? 159.B 160.B

161.pseudomonas causes shock A.endotoxin

162.which are bipolar neurons A.posterior root ganglion cells B.anterior horn cells C.posterior horn cells D.Olfactory cells

163.memory function of which lobe? A.parietal B.Temporal C.Frontal D.Occipital E.insula

164a.GH increased by A.excercise B.hyperglycemia 164b.Pellagra caused by def of A.Vit B1 B.Vit.B6 C.nicotinic acid

165.which is caused by DNA virus A.influenza B.infectious mononucleosis

166.cervical lymphadenopathy…reed stern berg cells seen A.hodgkin lymphoma

167.pt with normal internal genital organs with ambiguous genitalia karyotype 46 XX A.Adrenogenital syndrome B.Craniopharyngioma

168.Area 3,1,2 A.All somatic sensation

169.Basal ganglia excitatory pathway neurotransmitter released A.serotonin B.Dopamine

170.Pregnant lady with rheumatic heart disease …most dangerous complication for her A.MR B.AR

161.A 162.D 163.B 164a.A 164b.C 165.B 166.A 167.A 168.A 169.B 170.B

171.Which hormone causes smooth muscle constriction A. Aldosterone B.ADH

172.Ethics principle A. Autonomy Beneficence. Non-maleficence Equity

173.Regarding mean A.it is some of individual value divided by total number of values B.its a good measure of central tendency

174.Brocas Area A.Sup temporal lobe B.afluent aphasia

175.infraorbital artery is a branch of A.maxillary B.facial C.ophthalmic

176.painful swelling at site of amputation A.neuroma B.ganglioneuroma

177.Sulfur containing amino acid A.Arginine B.Cysteine

178.pt on oral anticoagulation which test for monitoring A.PT B.APTT

179.pyogenic meningitis A.dec glucose

180.Axillary sheath from A.pretracheal sheath B.prevertebral fascia C.carotid sheath

171.B 172.A 173.A 174.B 175.A 176.A 177.B 178.A 179.A 180.B

181.Anterior duodenal perforation whr does the fluid accumulate A.lesser sac B.left paracolic gutter C.rt subphrenic space D.left subphrenic space there was no option of right paracolic gutter

182.hormone responsible for oxidative phosphorylation and inc in body temperature A.Thyroid hormone B.Growth hormone C.Insulin

183.Pt had severe headache…CSF showed blood tinge A.sub-dural hemorrhage B.sub-arachnoid haemorrhage

184.young pt had diarrhea PT deranged platelets normal hb normal A.Vit k deficiency

185.Edema is caused by A.dec hydrostatic pressure B.inc osmotic pressure C.blocked lymphatics

186.lower esophagogastric junction and fundus removed wat will happen A. loss of receptive relaxation B.inc gastrin production C.inc acid production

187.Regarding Trachea A.from upper border of C6-T4 B.Recurrent laryngeal nerve in front dont remember other options 188.pt with rt sided weekness of facial muscles cant blow air wats the reason of weakness A.facial nerve palsy

189. Regarding Vibrio cholera caused diarrhea A.inc chloride channels B.causes dec absorption of food which leads to osmotic diarrhea

190.first response for bleeding A.wound contraction

181.E 182.A 183.B 184.A 185.C 186.A? 187.B? 188.A 189.A 190.A

191.potent chemotactic factor A.C3a B.C5a

192.Disease transmitted by mosquito A.Filariasis

193.Left coronary artery divides into A.LCX and anterior interventricular artery

194.Pt breathing fast then slow then again fast A.chyne stoke breathing

191.B 192.A 193.A 194.A

August 2015

1)After removing fundus of stomach what will happen ? A. Decrease receptive relaxation B. Decrease production of gastrin

2)Regarding IVC most appropriate is? A. commences at the level of L5 B. has tributries similar to that of aorta

3)Primary esophageal peristalsis is different from secondary by? A.Presence of oropharyngeal phase B.Doesnt cause relaxation of LES

4)Presence of oropharyngeal phase? A.Doesnt cause relaxation of LES

5)Deficiency of surfactant causes? A. Decrease recoil of lungs B. Decrease complaince

6)True for cricoid cartilage? A. Vocal cords are attached to it B. Inferior constrictor attached to it

7)After abdominal n gynecological surgery? A.Bacteroids B.E-Coli

8)Which factor def causes thrombosis instead of bleeding? A.Factor V

9)Hypovolaemia with hypotension isoflurane should not be given why? A.Potent vasodilation

10)Otic ganglion location foramen was asked? A.Sup border of foramen ovale

11)Increase in interstial fluid cause? A.Inc capillary permeability

12)Right sided weakness with Babinski’s positive all UMN lesions no sensory loss where is the lesion? A.left internal capsule B.left broadman area 4 resection

13)Epitheluim of preterminal bronchiole? A.Pseudostratified columnar epithelium

14)Mesiothelioma exposure to? A.Asbestosis

15)Thyroid covers by? A.Pretracheal fascia

16)Radiation causes cancer after how much years? A.5-10 yrs B.More than 10 years

17)Premalignant lesions are? A.Metaplasia of endocervix B.Dysplasia C.Condyloma, skin

18)Weakness in abduction of fingers nerve involve is? A.Ulner B.Median

19)Sciatic nerve severed, dorsum of foot supplied by which nerve? A.saphenous nerve B.Sural nerve C.Comman paroneal nerve

20)Lidocaine overdose? A.Seizures

21)Loss of knee flexion and hip extension muscle involved is? A.Semitendinous

22)Muscle which causes flexion of elbow and supplied by radial nerve? A.Brachioradialis

23)Breast lower medial quadrant will not drain into? A.Inf phrenic nodes B.Pectoral nodes C.supraclavicular nodes

24)Volume of distribution question from pharmacology? ??

25)Probability of difference between the two medians questions? ?? \

26)Lack of communication and understanding between doctor and patient is due to? A.Doctor not properly listening.

27)Damage to axillary nerve damage will cause? A.Dec abduction 0-20 degree B.Dec abduction 20 -90 degree C.Dec abduction above head D.Dec flexion

28)Fracture of surgical neck of humerus causes? A.Axillary nerve damage.

29)Increase of blood viscosity causes? A.Inc radius of capacitance B.Inc radius of resistance arteriole C.Inc mean arterial pressure

30)Rupture to male urethra below urogenital diaphragm, urine will leak into? A.Superficial pouch B.Retropubic space C.Ischiorectal fossa D.Medial thigh

31)Cold sensations from which receptors? A.Same as hot receptors B.Different from hot receptors C.Take sensation at same center where hot receptors

32)which one is the DNA virus? A.Influenza B.Measles C.Mumps D.Yellow fever E.Infectious mononucleosis

33)Motor deficit question…? A.Ant part of post limb of IC

34) ANT DUODENAL perforation where will secretion go? A.Right paracolic gutter B.Left paracolic gutter C.Anterior subhepatic space D.Posterior subhepatic space

35)Blood supply of prostate Question?

36)Macrocytic anaemia cause? A.Intrinsic factor deficiency

37) Regarding trachea? A.Has 7 rings B.Posteriorly bounded by Trachealis

38)Chronic gastritis or gastric lymphoma ka cause? A.H Pylori B.Chronic ulcer

39)Intermenstural bleeding and post coital bleeding no other abnormality on per speculum examination. Cervix hyperplasia present. What initial test u will do? A.Colposcopy B.Pap smear

40)Pain, temperature and touch sensations lost from face where will be the lesion? Trigeminal lemniscus system TrigrminothAlamic tract Spinoreticular tract

41)Physiological dead space? A. Dec in excercise B. Inc in pulmonary diseases

42)GH secretion stimulated by? A.Hyperglycaemia B.Cortisol C.Excercise

43)Cell injury by which amino acid? A.Tyrosine B.Phenylalnaine

44)Known case of sickel cell anemia became deep jaundiced HB low which type of crisis it will cause? A.Aplastic crisis B.Sequestration crisis C.Hemolytic crisis

45)Defeciency of glucose 6 Phosphatase causes? A.Increase in glycogen storage in liver B.Increase in glycogen storage in liver C.Decrease in glycogen in skeletal Muscle D.Hypoglycemia…

46)Increase GFR causes inc absorbtion of salt and water from PCT. The most imp mechanism for this tubuloglomerular feedback is ? A. Inc peritubular colloid pressure B.? C.?

47)hormone causing inc arteriolar resistance? A.Angiotensin 2 B.Epineprine

48)Most imp action of angiotensin 2? A.release ADH B.release aldosterone C.Increase thirst

49)Right eye has difficulty in seeing at right side where will be the lesion? A.infection in cavournus sinus? B.?

50)During hysterctomy ureters can be damaged while ligating which artery ? A.Uterine artery B.Ovarian artery

51)Basilar Artery question ?

52)Lambert eaten syndrome scenario? A.Antibodies at postsynaptic Ca channels B.Antibodies at presynaptic ach.

53)Regarding Inguinal Canal, the correct one is? A. Floor is formed by Fascia lata B. Roof is formed by Conjoint tendon C. Absent in infants D.Extend from the anterior superior iliac spine to pubic tubercle

54)Total bilirubin was 10 direct was round about 9 and indirect 1.0? A.Crigler Najjar B.Hepatitis C.Gilbert

55)middle thyroid vein drains into? A.Anterior jugular B.External jugular C.Internal jugular

56)Regarding IVC most appropriate is? A. commences at the level of L5 B. has tributries similar to that of aorta

57)Ptosis and miosis scenario cause is? A.Occulomotor nerve damage B.Horner syndrome

58)In Rheumativc fever which valvular lesion is present? A.Mitral stenosis B.Aortic Regurgitation

59)Most common skin cancer in HIV? A.Sq. Cell carcinoma B.Basal cell carcinoma C.Malignant lymphoma

60)Collagen tat gives strenght during wound healing? A.Type 1 B.Type 3

61)Sertoli cells most appropriate is? A.Produce fluid rich in glucose and protiens (nutrients). B.Maintain blood testis barriers.

62)Rapidly adapting receptors ? A.Pacinian B.Free nerve endings C.Meissners

63)What is crown lump lenght at 17 -20 weeks? ?

64)Abdominal angina cause by obstruction to? A.Inf mesenteric B.Sup mesenteric

65)Middle colic is the branch of ? A.Inf mesenteric B.Sup mesenteric

66)Chest pain and fever not related to respiration? A.Costochondral junction B.Pericarduim C.Myocarduim

67)Case control studybig same asim shoaib scenario.

68)Sarcoidosis findings? A.Granuloma with asteroid bodies

69)A 60 years old patient having hypertension, diabetes with hyperthyroidism, which drug will be safe for him? A.Ca blockers B.ACE C.B.Blockers

70)How much time digoxin required to reach at stable level? A.2 minutes B.9 minutes

70)Known case of IHD type 2 diabetic present with chest pain HB is 6 TLC was normal platelet was normal 120, PT 13 (control 11 ) APTT 23 ( control 21) . What should be transfused? A. RBC Concentrate B. Fresh frozen plasma C. Fresh whole blood D. Whole blood

71)Common bile duct parts? a. omental, retroduodenal, paraduodenal B. omental, retroduodenal, paraduodenal, intaduodenal c.retroduodenal, paraduodenal, intraduodenal

72)Bilateral exompthlmos, antithyroid antibody present, A.Graves b.Hashimotos

73)Organism causing cerebral malaria? A.P.falciparum B.P.Vivax C.P.Malarie

74)Location of femoral artery? A.Mid inguinal point B.Mid point of inguinal ligament.

75)Skeletal system develops from? A.Mesoderm only B.Mesoderm and neural crest cells

76)What preventery step is must in ICU? A.Washing hands again and again. B.Keeping re-usable equipment sterilized C.Wearing Gloves

77)Thalamus relations Question.

78)Pt breathing fast then slow then again fast A.chyne stoke breathing

18 August 2015

1- Eating undercooked and raw meet can cause infestation by… dracunculous medinesnsis echinococcus granulosis liver fluke schistosomiasis tape worm [Ans]

2- Iodine which is not used in the thyroid hormone syntheseis is secreted from body via Feces saliva urine [Ans] sweat

3- Gustatory sweating is caused by Parotidectomy Diabetes Mellitus Glossectomy

4- Rupture of penile urethra, extravasation of urine into ant abdominal wall scrotum [Ans] superficial perineal pouch deep perineal pouch

5- Mass movement is affected in colon due to problem in Auerbach plexus [Ans] Submucosal plexus

6- In an adult Ileactomy and jejunectomy has been done. He has diarhoea and 15-20 bowel sounds per minute. The most likely cause of this decreased transit time in the intestine is due to Secretory osmotic secreroy plus osmotic [Ans] High concentration of bile salts in the colon

7- treatment of vWD ( a confusing scenario was given). FFP Cryoprecipitate [Ans] Vit K Aminocaproic acid

8- The head of femur in adult is supplied by Anterior circumflex artery Sciatic artery Femoral artery Medial and lateral circumflex artery [Ans] posterior circumflex artery

9- Head of humerus is supplied by Anterior circumflex [Ans] posterior circumflex axillary

10- In acute pancreatitis, fluid will most like accumulate in a) Righ paracolic gutters [Ans] b) Subphrenic space c) Retroperitoneal space d) Left paracolic gutters

11- most prominent feature of water intoxication: a) juglar vein distention b) fast pulse c) low pulse [Ans] d) thirst

12- True about internal juglar vein a) Present most posterior in the carotid sheath b) Is present on the medial side of internal carotid artery in the carotid sheath c) Originates on the posterior aspect of jugular foramen [Ans]

13- A young boy is sitting in a room at 26 centigrade, he is profusely sweating his pulse rate is 120 and BP is 150/110 mmHg. What is the most likely cause? a- Stress [Ans] b- exercise

14- Washed RBCs are indicated to a- avoid ABO conflict b- Avoid Rh conflict c- avoid fever after transfusion d- avoid hypersensitivity reactions [Ans]

15- A middle age female with recurrent chest infections, long history of diarrhoea. On stool examination cysts of Giardia lamblia were detected. Periferal smear reveals normal T cell but B cells are slightly decreased. Serum IgA 73, IgG 300 and IgM is 67. What is the most likely Dx? a- Bruton’s agammaglobulinemia b- Common variable immunodeficiency [Ans] c- HIV infection d- Cystic fibrosis

16- highest amount of TAGs in a- Chylomicrons [Ans] b- vldl c- hdl d- IDL e- Chylomicron remnants

17- which structure imparts basophilia to the tissue a- peroxisome b- ribosome [Ans] c- mitochondria d- nucleus e- golgi apparatus

18- Clostridium are mostly (dont remember the options exactly) a- Gram negative rods b- Anaerobic c- spore forming [Ans]

19- Function of Gulteus medius and minimus is a- Extention of hip joint b- Flexion of hip joint c- Adduction and medial rotation of hip joint d- Abduction and medial rotation of the hip joint [Ans]

20- Thorn prick…abscess formation..most likely organism A.Strept Pyogenes B.Staph aureus [Ans] C.Pseudomonas aeruginosa

21- A 5 or 6 years child who develops muscular weakness. Anti voltage gated calcium chanel antibodies are present A.Myasthenia Gravis B.Lambert Eaton syndrome’ [Ans] C.Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy D.Beckers myotrophy

22- Resting membrane potential is most likely due to a- Equilibrium potential of K ions [Ans] b- Equilibrium potential of Na ions c- Equilibrium potential of Ca ions d- Equilibrium potential of Cl ions e- Equilibrium potential of HCO3 ions

23- human is intermediate host in A.Schistosomiasis B.Haydatid cyst [Ans]


24- A patient presents with enlarged mass in front of the neck. Biopsy of thyroid gland is performed which reveals no metastatic change. Which type of epithelium is found in thyroid? a- Simple squamous b- Simple striated squamous c- Simple cuboidal epithelium [Ans]

25- Regarding Popliteus A.medially rotates femur on tibia B.Assists in knee extension C.lies b/w lateral meniscus and lateral collateral ligament D. Cause flexion of knee joint [Ans]

26- patient with diplopia, when asked to look to the right side his left eyes turns towards the right but right eyes turns medially, which is damaged? a- optic nerve b- trochlear nerve c- abducens nerve [Ans] d- occulomotor nerve

27- Damage to penile urethra, urine extravasation into A.Retropubic space B.sup perineal pouch C.medial thigh D.ischiorectal fossa e- Scrotum [Ans]

28- Infarction of posterior 1/3 of interventricular septum.artery involed A.LCA B.RCA [Ans] C.Rt marginal branch D.LCX E.Rt interventricular

29- Free radicals formed by radiation they will damage A.DNA [Ans] B.cell membrane C.mitochondria

30- Viruses are carcinogens because they have a- proto-oncogens [Ans] b- oncogens c- chemicals which are carcinogenic

31- A male patient with normal urine osmolality. Most dilute urine reaches at a- PCT b- Descending loop of Henle c- Tip of loop of henle d- Medullary collecting tubules e- Macula densa [Ans]

32- A patient with anemia with MCV in normal range most likely cause a- A pregnant female not taking vitamin supplements b- Thallassemia c- Vit B-12 defi d- After blood loss >2 days [Ans]

33- Apoptosis initiates when … a- Bcl-2 activation b- Phagocytosis c- Activation of caspases

34- Right border of heart is formed by a- right atrium [Ans] b- SVC c- SVC+Rt Atrium d- Rt ventrical

35- GFR is increased by A.afferent artiolar constriction B.dec hydrostatic pressure C. Efferent arteriolar dilatation D. Afferent arteriolar dilatation [Ans]

36- which is a small blue cell tumour a- neuroblastoma b- wilms tumour c- ?

37- Most common tumour of the epiphysis is? A.Giant cell tumour B.Osteoblastoma

38- Primary cartilaginous joints example is a- intervertebular joint b- symphysis pubis c- costochondral joints [Ans?] d- chondrosternal joints

39- which of the following prevents muscle tear under high pressure a- Golgi tendon organ [Ans] b- Spindle fibers

40- pulmonary atery supply A.Bronchi B.Bronchioles C.Alveoli [Ans]

41- A patient was admitted in the hospital. He was in supine position and something like vomiting + …. Happened. He aspirated the vomitus. Which segment is most likely a- Rt upper anterior b- Rt upper posterior c- Rt lower basal d- ? e- ?

42- sarcoidosis histological picture A.Ganuloma with asteroid bodies [Ans] B.non-caseating granuloma

43- cervical metaplasia most likely cause a- high multiparity [Ans] b- HPV infection c- IUCD

44- which ulcer is caused by infection by microaerophilic nonhemolytic streptococci and aerobic hemolytic staphylococci a- Martonel>s ulcer b- Bazin>s disease c- Meleney>s ulcer [Ans]

45- a young male has azoospermia. Which initial investigation will help in Dx a- testosterone level b- FSH level c- FSH and LH level [Ans] d- Sperm count e- Antibodies against sperms

46- Pellagra caused by def of A.Vit B1 B.Vit.B6 C.nicotinic acid [Ans]

47- A pt with sore throat, cervical lymphadenopathy and …….. can@t recall at the moment (its was case of Infectious mononucleosis.)

48- A patient had to undergo amputation of right leg. At the site of amputation ha present with a mass, biopsy shows haphazard pattern. a- Neuroma [Ans] b- schwanomma c- lymphoma

48- INR is used to monitor a- Heparin therapy b- Anti-platelet therapy c- Oral anticoagulation [Ans]

49- clavipectoral fascia covers a- clavicle bone b- pectoralis minor [Ans] c- serratus anterior d- serratus posterior

50- Cholecystectomy is done, where to put the drain? a-Subhepatic space [Ans?] b-Subphrenic space c-Rt paracolic gutter

51- Pt with Diabetic ketoacidosis pt managed Bt died. Most likely infection is a.mucur [Ans] b.candida c.E.coli

52—Dead organisms in vaccine: A.Measles B.Mumps C.Tetanus d.pretussis[Ans]

53-Esophagectomy done stomach is mobilized to upper portion of thorax ..To anastomosis with phayrnx, Which artery is responsible for stomach supply now a.left gastric [Ans] b.Right gastric c.Left gastroepiploic d.Short gastric vessels

54-Chronic Myeloid Leukemia a.chromosome 9&22[ANSWER] b.chromosome11&22 C.chromosome14&22

55-common Postop infection in hospital cause by which organism: a.Staph Aureus[ANSWER] b.pseudomonas c.e.coli d.Kliebsella

56-clawhand produced by unopposed action of a.flexor digitorum longus and flexor digitorum profundus b.extensor digitorum longus and extensor digitorum Indices c.extensor digitorum and flexor digitorum profundus[ANSWER]

57-if iodine is nt used for formation of thyroid hormorne,then iodine excreted which site of the body a.stool b.urine[ANSWER] c.salivary gland

58- Which drug cause tachycardia in therapeutic doses: a.morphine b. Fentanyl c.afentanyl d.pethidine [ANSWER???]

59-female, there is abnormal metabolism of amino acid.which of the following amino acid Will appear in urine a.alanine b.tryosine c.tryptophan d. Lysine [Ans?]

60- nerve supply of extensor digiti minimi a.deep radial nerve [ANSWER] b.superfcial radial nerve

61- Rotator cuff is formed by a.supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and subscapularis

62- optic chiasma lesion causes a.bitemporal hemianopia[ANSWER] b.right homonymous hemianopia c.left homonymous hemainopia d.ipsilateral temporal hemianopia

63- Biguanides side affects: b.Elevated ALT b.diarrhea and flatulence

64- A middle aged woman presents with writing movements in the upper limbs, Pulmonary vasoconstriction occurs due to: A.Raised PCO2 b.reduced systemic po2 [ANSWER] C. Reduced pH

65-which nucleus effected a.putamen b.caudate [ANSWER] c.globus pallidus

66-If FACTOR IX not available: a. Cryoprecepitate b.FFP [ANSWER] c.platelets d.whole blood

67-which of the following drain into superior mesenteric lymph node? a.Jejunum[ANSWER] b.4thpart of duodenum c.Desending colon d.cecum

68- The muscle that causes eversion of foot. a.Tibialis post b.peroneus longus [ANSWER]

69- Parotid gland a.Lat pterygoid lies anterior to pterygoid b.ext carotid and the fascial nerve passes through superficial gland c.facial nerve supplies it d.is separated from the mandibular gland through a fascia

70- Broder,s classification of tumour ……… don’t remember options ??????

71-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome A.Anesthesia of thenar muscles b.wasting of thenar muscle [ANSWER] c.Injury to ulnar nerve d.Injury to radial nerve

72-Basic drugs mostly bind with a- Albumin b- Alpha glycoprotein c- Hb

73- features of Achromegally were given and asked about the cell of pituitary which are affected a- chromophobes b- acidophills

74-A pt with history of bleeding gums n wounds prolonged bleeding time and PT 28SEC (control 12sec) wats the diagnosis? a.heamophelia b.christmis c.won wiliband disease d.factor 7 deficiency [ANSWER]

75-Drug which is strong analgesic but not a good anesthetic a.desflurane b.isofurane c.nitrous oxide [ANSWER]

76- A drug causing ↑GFR will do it by following mechanism a.↓ing bLOOD flow b. increasing hydrostatic pressure c. afferent arteriole vasoconstriction d. By increasing Kf

77- A young male comes to Pakistan for the first time, after 2days he has fever, altered state of consciousness and goes into Coma. Hb is low, PLTs low and neutrophils(dnt remember). Most like diagnosis a- Dengue b- Malaria falciparum

78- axon arise from conical shape part of neuron cell body called. a.perikaryot b.axon hillocks [ANSWER] c.Dandrites

79- peptic ulcer profusely bleeding from posterior wall of duodenum…which artery involed? a.gastroduodenal [ANSWER] b.gastroepiploic

80- Epithelium of nephrons is developed from A.endoderm only b. ectoderm only c. mesoderm only [ANSWER???] d. endoderm+mesoderm e. ectoderm + mesoderm

81-Deep inguinal ring is present in a.transversis abdominis muscle b.transversalis fascia [ANSWER] c.internal oblique muscle

82- parathyroid glands are developed from a.1st pharyngeal pouch, b.2nd pouch c.3rd pharyngeal pouch d.4th pouch [ANSWER]

83- In IV drugs abusers there is increased risk of: A.Libman Sacks endocarditis b.bacterial endocarditis [ANSWER] c. Mitral valve carditis d. Rheumatic fever or heart disease

84- true abt vertebral column A.cervical nerves originate above corresponding vertebra B.vertebral artery arches ant part of post arch of axis there were other options with the orientation of facets tc can’t recall. Option A is not the answer as C8 is a cervical nerve and does not originate above the corresponding vertebrae. (Somebody correct me if I am wrong…) Can’t recall the Option which looked to suit the best!

85- papillary carcinoma of thyroid in children may occur due to a.radiation[ANSWER] b.chemotherapy c.viruses d.Mulitnodular Goitre

86-Seminoma is a tumour in male, its equivalent when occurs in ovary then its called a.yolk sac tumor b.embrynal tumor c.dysgerminoma [ANSWER] d. Hydatiform mole

87- Which of the following is mostly premalignant in the oral cavity? a. Chronic irritation b. smoking c. lichen planus [ANSWER] 88- A female pt was having generalized pain, and has been taking NSAIDs for a long time. Now developed swelling n big toe, wht will b present in fluid aspirate? a.mono sodium urate crystals [ANSWER] b. Calcium pyruvate

89- Integrins are present on: a. Platelets b. Bacteria c. Viruses d. Leukocytes e. Endothelial cells

90- A patient suffering from steatorrhea for last 18 months. He is most likely to suffer from the deficiency of which nutrient? a. Folic acid b. Vit B12 c. Iron d. VitaminD e. Ascorbic acid

91- Ductus deferens terminates into: a. bulbar urethra b. seminal vesicle c. ejaculatory duct [ANSWER]

92- lidocaine mechanism of action a.blocks na channels [ANSWER] b. block k channels

93- there was a question regarding CORPUS CALLOSUM lies between something like that…

94- About small intestine true is a.valvae connivents most numerous in ileum b.mesentry start from the rite of L2 c.valvae connivents 5mm wide d.small intestine 6–‐8 meters long [ANSWER]

95- Salivery enzyme kill bacteria by a. iron binding lactoferin [ANSWER] b. inhibiting protein synthesis c. rupture of membranes



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