FCPS Part 1 Surgery and Allied 1st January 2015


Paper of FCPS Part 1 Surgery and Allied 1st January 2015

1.A 31 year old young man has heaviness in his scrotum for six months. On examination a solid 5cm mass is palpated. On labs his alpha feto protein level was 81ng/ml while bHCG level was 15 IU/l. Same side orchiectomy was done and smooth glistening mass was seen. Which of following could be the cause

1. Leydig cell tumor 2. Embryonal carcinoma ans 3. Choriocarcinoma 4 Teratoma

2.Ligament between dens of axis and process of atlas Ant. Longitudinal Post. Longitudinal Transverse Laigament flavum

3.Most common position of appendix

1. Paracecal 2. Retrocecal ans 3. Pelvic appendix

4.Regarding elbow joint

1. Capsule deficient posteriorly 2. Covered all arpund by muscles 3. Hinge joint ans 4. Supination occurs here 5. Joimt between humerus, radius, ulna

5.Lymph drainage of lower medial quadrant of breast will NOT drain into

1. Pectoral nodes ans 2. Medial sternal nodes 3. Supraclavicular nodes 4. Inf phrenic modes 5. Apical nodes

6.Appendicular artery is branch of Post cecal Iliocolic ans

7.most suitable nsaid in lactation

, brufen ans

, ketorolac,


8.Which tumor involves extension to nerve sheath

1. Myxomas 2. Adenomas 3. Hemangiomas 4. Carcinoma expleomorphic adenoma

9.what is correct about thyroid gland 1)supplied by 3 paired arteries 2) surrounded by prevertebral fascia 3) isthmus attached to cricoid 4) veous drainage in bracheocephalic vein ans 5) forgot the last option

10.A needle when inserted 2cm below and lateral to pubic tubercle will be on

1. Obturator nerve ans 2. Ilioinguinal nerve

11.A 52 year old man underwent coronary artery bypass graft two weeks ago and now presents with purpuric patches on skin. On labs his PT and aPTT were normal. Following is true

1. Heparin induced thrombocytopenia 2. Drug induced thrombocytopenia ans

12.Regarding pneumotoxic center following is true

1. Increases inspiratory potential 2. Fires dynamic respiratory drive ans

13.About ankle joint

1. Supplied by superficial artery 2. Supplied by superficial paroneal nerve 3. Fibrocartilage on hialine surfaces 4. lateral malaeolar ligament on medial side

5 deltoid is in maleolar side ans

14.Which one combination is correct

1. Thiopental reduces heart rate 2. Profofol increases cerebral blood flow 3. Morphine reduces apnoeic threshold ans 4. Ketamine relaxes bronchial smooth muscles

15.Medial geniculate body

1. Receives oculomotor fibers 2. Optic tract fibers 3. Fibers ascend to thalamocortical areas ans 4. Solely to thalamis 5. Progect to frontal lobe

16.Loss of abduction and adduction of fingers and adduction of thumb with intact skin sensations involves

1. Recurrent branch of median 2. Deep branch of ulnar ans

17.Heterophile antibody is seen in

1. Infectious mononucleosis ans 2. Herpes simplex 3. Gonorrhea

18.Lesser omentum

1. Encloses hepatic artery and hepatic duct 2. Does not attach to liver 3. Attaches to second part of duodenum 4. Is a bilayer ans

19.Sensory supply of uterus passes through which ligament

1. Broad ligament ans 2. Round ligament 3. Cardinal ligament 4. Uterosacral ligament 5. Uterocervical ligament

20.Amoeba causes lesions in which part of gut

1. Terminal ileum and cecum ans 2. Ascending colon 3. Transverse colon

4. Descending colon and sigmoid 5. Sigmoid and rectum

21.Deep to post digastric and near palatoglossus a structure runs obliquely upwards

1. Facial artery 2. Lingual artery ans 3. Maxillary artery 4. Sup thyroid

22. Nucleus of general visceral efferents of tenth nerve to palate muscles is present in

1. Locus ceruleus 2. Tractus solitarius 3. Nucleus ambiguous ans 4. Nucleus raphe

23.Function exclusively linked with vit E

1. Carbohydrate metabolism 2. Endothelial protection 3. Skin integrity 4. Germinal epithelial protection ans

24.While a surgery on submandibular gland which has more chances of injury

1. Superior thyroid artery 2. Lingual nerve 3 Mandibular nerve 4. Facial nerve (marginal branch) ans

25.Which ligament supports odontoid process of axis on atlas

1. Posterior longitudinal ligament 2. Anterior longitudinal ligament 3. Tranverse ligament ans 4. Ligamentum nuchae

26.Cardiax myxomas are most common in

1. Left atrium ans 2. Right ventricle 3. Infundibulum of pulmonary artery

27.Otic ganglion is between mandibular nerve and tensor tympani. It’s superior border is formed by

1. Foramen lacerum 2. Foramen ovale ans 3. Foramen rotundum 4. Styloid process

28.Inion is

1. Part of pterion 2. Posteroinferior prominent part of occipital bone ans 3. Posterior to frontal bone 4. Internally to occipital bone

29.Closure of lips involve

1. Depressor anguli oris 2. Depressor labii inferioris 3. Depressor labi superioris 4. Orbicularis oris ans 5. Lateral pterygoid

30.A sprinter during running had injury to his ankle. He can stand on his toes but with severe pain.. There is a visible ecchymoses around ankle joint

1. Torn tendoculcaneus 2. Torn plantaris tendon ans

31.Thrombosis of right coronary atery after right marginal artery has branched off will result in infarction of

1. SA node 2. AV bundle 3. Apex of heart 4. Infundibulum of pulmonary artery 5. AV node ans

32.Age estimation at fifth to 12th week is done through

1. Biparietal diameter 2. Crown rump length ans

3. Crown heel length 4. Abdominal circumference

33.MELAS syndrome Loflar Inclusion Granuloma Cyst

red ragged borders

34.Highest number of alpha resceptors are present in

1. Trigone 2. Neck of bladder and proximal urethra ans 3. Penile urethra 4. Membranous urethra 5. External urethral opening

35.Loss of inversion

1. Paroneus longus 2. Paroneus brevis 3. Flexor digitorum 4. Tibialis posterior ans

36.A 31 year old young man has heaviness in his scrotum for six months. On examination a solid 5cm mass is palpated. On labs his alpha feto protein level was 81ng/ml while bHCG level was 15 IU/l. Same side orchiectomy was done and smooth glistening mass was seen. Which of following could be the cause

1. Leydig cell tumor 2. Embryonal carcinoma ans 3. Choriocarcinoma 4 Teratoma

37.A 30 year old woman in azad kashmir was injured mildly in an earthquake that killed many people apart from her distant uncle. She would most probably be in

1. Social crisis 2. Personal crisis 3. Situational crisis ans 4. Developmental crisis

38.Anterior epithelium of cornea is

1. Stratified squamous keratinized 2. Simple squamous 3. Simple columnar

4. Stratified squamous non keratinized ans 5. Simple cuboidal

39.Incubation period of which disease is longest

1. Measles 2. Rubella 3. Chicken pox 4. Infectious mononucleosis ans 5. Mumps

40.Clavipectoral fascia

A. Part of endothoracic fascia reflecting anteriorly B. Encloses pectoralis major C. Encloses pectoralis minor ans D. Extends superiorly and encloses scalenous anterior E. Option i forgot

41.18 year old girl has fever tenderness in right ileac fossa. On labs WBC 17000cells/mm3. Appendicectomy was preformed. Which of the following would be seen on histology

1. T lymphocytes in wall of appendix 2. Polymorphonuclear neutrophills ans 3. Glissening mass at apex of appendix

42.Which of following has highest chances of developing endometrial cancer

1. Simple hyperplasia 2. Complex hyperplasia without atypia 3. Complex hyperplasia with atypia ans 4. Squamous metaplasia 5. Chronic endometritis


1. Formed by ependymal cells 2. Formed 500ml/day ans 3. Formed only 30percent by chorioid plexus 4. Arachnoid villi are visible

44.A young boy with inc appetite weight gain and sleep problems. On examination he is having small genitals

1. Hypothyroidism 2. Pineal tumor 3. Craniopharyngioma

4. Narcolepsy 5. Cushing disease

45.Chronic Fungal infection with rhinosinusitis causing medial erosion and granulomas

1. Cryptococcosis 2. Mucormycosis 3. Rhinophycomycosis 4. Histoplasmosis 5. Blastomycosis

6,aspergillus (ans

Simpler bcqs about bladder cancer schistosoma Cholangioca clinorchis Pubic symohysis secondary cartilaginous joint Malignancy metastasis Exudate more than 3gm protein Itp labs Brachial plexus multiple twisted questions and same for heart blood supply VWF scenario

1.pretracheal fascia infection spread to…ant mediastinum 2.pituatry tumour cause… hemianopia of bilateral nasal half of visual field defect 3.cardiac infection e protein > 3.2 g/ DL…exudative pattern 4.protein diet required… ascorbic acid 5.n resp alkalosis renal compansation…decrease hco3 reabsorption

6.glucose transport…carrier mediated 7.50 yr old e lt hoarsense…mediastnal lymph node e Lt recurrent laryngeal involvmnt 8.daily production of csf… 500 mg/dl 9.group of young men bathing n beech next day develppe blebs on back shoulder region cause is…mast cell destruction 10.abt meningitis… 11.for nutritional status measurement …albumin 12.renal column…a)arcuate artey b)minor calcyes c)collecting tubule d) interlobar n interlobular art 13.pt e fluid loss now show metabolic acidosis e hypokalemia…a)stomach b) colon c)panrease d) duodenum 14.1st cervical process…odontoid process 15.retention of CO2…resp failure



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