Fcps part 1, OPHTHALMOLOGY, paper 2, JUNE 2014


Fcps part 1, OPHTHALMOLOGY, paper 2, JUNE 2014

Fcps part 1, OPHTHALMOLOGY, paper 2, JUNE 2014 Abdul sami abbasi Ophthalmology past papers

1. Uper lid is not suplied by . Ans. infraorbital nerve

2. lacrimal gland is derived from Ans. Surface ectoderm

3. regarding embryology of ciliary muscle Ans. Derived from neural crest cells

4. Structure passing through optic canal is . Ans. mandibular nerve

5. the distance between optic disc nd macula is. Ans. 3mm

6. retinal pigment epithelium is derived from Ans. Neuroectoderm

7. levator palpabral superioris suplied by Ans . occulomotor nerve 8 two questions were from oculomotor nerve . questions not remember now 9. Histology of corneal epithelium Ans .stratified squamous non keratinized 10. One question was of horner syndrome , 11. one scnerio was like . a man presentints with large bones. heart.etc ( asim nd shoaib ) Ans .adenohypophysis 12. structure passing through hyloiad canal Ans.hyloid artry 13. which is not an aminoglycoside Ans. Erythromycin 14.question from Timolol 15. Question from pilocarpine 16. a patient complains of ptosis mostly at evening, etc Ans .myasthenia gravis 17.a patient presents with ptosis , he is diagnosed to have myasthenia gravis ,what is used for its diagnosis ( some what like that ) Ans. edrophonium 18. Which is alpha 1 selective sympathomimic Ans . Phenylphrine 19. Atropine unlikely Ans . depress parasympathetic system 20. Atropine less likely Ans. Activate respiratory centre 21.. A boy feels difficulty in reading book or near work, problem is in Ans. ciliary muscle contraction. 22. blood supply of fovea is from Ans. Choriocappilaries 23. local metabolotes of heart is answer of question, its from ( asim nd shoaib ) 24. protanopia from ( asim nd shoaib ) 25. which is not in hind brain. Ans. Hypothalamus 26. A patient of myasthenia comes to you ,what drug you shall initially prescribe to this Ans. neostigmine 27. a patient presents with difficulty in motor speech, lesion is at Ans. brocas area, 28.maximum reisistance to aqueous flow is through Ans. trabecular meshwork 29. Corneal transparency is mainted by Ans. corneal endothelium 30. salt nd water absorption occurs from. Ans. large intestine 31. collagen fibers in stroma are held together by Ans. GAG 32. Ratina is thickest at Ans.optic nerve above optic disk 33. a question related to vastibulcerebellum 34. inf olivary nucleus 35. white light is perceived by Ans . cones 36. which is steroid hormone Ans. Thyroid hormone 37. the neurotransmitter secreated by rods and cones . Ans.glutamate 38. most malignant tumour of eye Ans . glioma 39. in retinoblastoma what gene is seen……. Ans . rb gene 40. correct about ciliary body Ans. 2 epithelium 41. corneal reflex is carried by which nerve Ans. V1 of trigeminal 42. correct about bowmans membrane Ans. Present between epithelium and stroma 43. a scnerio on cystic hygroma 44.which is not trinucleotide repeat gene disorder Ans . alzheimers disease 45. a question on geniculocalcrine tract 46.about tears not true is Ans . 20% is aquous aquous… ( its 30% ) 47. a patient presents with history of hypertention ,what ocular sign may be present in the patient Ans. arteriovenous nipping 48. superior orbital fissure is present in Ans. Middle cranial fossa between lesser and greater wing of sphenoid 49. what is most unlikely for visual cortex Ans. area 19 for pursuit movement 50. corneal reflex infrequent in Ans . infancy 51. a patient presents in opd with conjunctivitis , he is also suffering from arthritis, he can be labeled as having Ans. reiters syndrome 52.lens is thinnest at Ans . post capsule 53. in snellins chart each component part of letter is separated by a distance of Ans. 1 min 54. A man after reading a book looks away , what effect will be at ciliary muscle ( Question exactly was not alike that , but concept means this ) Ans .relaxation 55. ANP mechanism of action . Ans. Cyclic gmp 56. The best method to diagnose a tumour is Ans.histopathology 57.a patient with TB is on isoniazid , what should be added in treatment ……. Ans . pyridoxine 58. which are animal protein Ans . vit c vit E . 59. a question from biostatics. ( stratified sampling ) 60. a tumour will be graded as fetal when( somewhat LIKE THAT ) Ans It is highly metastaic 61. hiv secreation not found in . Ans . tears 62. in HIV what does not occur Ans . hard Ecudate vasculitis . cotton wool 63. fast adapting touch receptors are Ans . pacinian 64. heating is controlled by Ans. Post hypothalamus 65. most coman old age carcinoma of upper lid Ans. Basal or squamous ? 66. HLA b27 . Ans . diabeties malitus 67.calcitonin is secreated from Ans . thyroid gland 68. diagnostic tumer test is Ans . biopsy ?? 69. chemotaxis defination 70. pre tectal area is located Ans. at level of superior colliculus 71. Choroid fissures faliure to close lead to cleft formation nd coloboma cleft ANS. Ciliary body 72. In albinism vessels are seen is Ans . iris 73. coma shaped floater is seen in Ans. Diabetic retinopathy 74. multi drugs in TB is used because of Ans. Emergence of resistance 75. retinal detachment mostly occurs at the level of Ans. RPE ( retinal pigment epithelium ) 76. homonymus heminopia occurs in Ans lesion of optic tract 77. Structures passing through cavernous sinus. Ans internal carotid artry and abducent nerve 78. pupilary dilation is the function of Ans. Alpha 1 receptors 79. The inappropriate is . Ans . rods have low sensitivity 80. About sclera incorrect is Ans. thinnest at fovea ? 81. scnerio on cenral retinal vein occlusion 82 . regarding visious ring Ans. Ring formed after trauma 83. A 35 yr old boxer came to you with normal vision supraduction is normal but in primary position of eye , Right eye tends to adduct . which nerve is damaged.? Ans.Super devision of oculomotor nerve


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