FCPS Part 1 ophthalmology November 2013


Fcps Part 1 Opthalmology Nov 2013

  1. A doctor adimitted a preganant patient is obs ward who consumed alcohol durning this prganancy dr expecting baby which organ would b likely affectedA. brain
    B. eye
    C. heart
    D. intestine
    E. limbs

    2. Graft between geneticaly identical individual … identical twin

    A. are rejected slowy as a result of minor HLA antigens
    B. are subject to hyperacute rejection
    C. are not rejected even without imunosupression
    D. are not rejected if a kidney is grafted but skin grafted is rejected
    E. require imunosupressive drugs

    3. A 27 year old nursing mother is diagnosed to have herpes simplex genitalis which of following drugs ismost likely to b effective

    A. acyclovir
    B. amantadine
    C. fascarnet
    D. rifampin
    E. trifluridine

    4. A Young women with goiter cold intolernce, weight gain diagnosed as hashimotos thyrioditis confirmetry test is

    A. antibodies
    B. TSH
    C. T3, T4, TSH
    D. antimicrosomal & Antithyroglobulin antibodies

    5. REM sleep can be induced by

    A. barbiturates
    B. benzodizepine
    C. halothane
    D. morphine
    E. no known drug can do it
    6. in moitosis the chromosome line up in the equaorial plane during
    A. anaphase
    B. metaphase
    C. prometaphase
    D. prophase
    E. telophase

    7. Medial orbitotomey is done in a patient with tumor in orbit. now he is complaining of numbness of upper part of head upto vertex and medial part but medial part is intact . which of following nerve is damaged

    A. supraorbital nerve
    B. supratrochlear nerve
    C. superior orbital
    D. infrior orbital
    E. facial nerve

    8. Inner Nuclear layer most unlikely to cotain nuclie of which cells

    A. muller cell
    B. horizontal cell
    C. bipolar cell
    D. ganglion cell
    E. rods and cones layer

    9. Pakistani girl with right iris brown, and left blue. she is suffering from?
    A. hereditary condition
    B. disease in one eye
    C. no eye is diseased

    10. functional cortical area iif electrically stimulated conjugate movment of the eyes specialy towards the opposite side and controlls scanning movment of eye

    A. cortical eye field
    B. frontal eye field
    C. preforntal cortex
    D. primary visual area
    E.secondary visual area

    11. hypertension

    A. arteriovenous crossing ( av nipping)
    B. exudative retinal detachment

    12. which of following artries supply the primary visual area in the cerebrum

    A. ACA
    B. MCA
    C. MMA
    D. PCA
    E. SCA

    13. Most Imp factor keeping cornea transparent

    A. corneal endothelial pump
    B. junctions of epithelium
    C. tear film
    D. aqeous

    14. A 30 year old male who was treated for meningtits one month back has come with the complaint if morning headache… examination bilateral papilloedema… likey cause

    A. blockege of dural sinus
    B. hydrocephalus
    C. involvment cerebral vessels
    D. involvment of meninges
    E. subdural collections

    15. which of following muscle is of neuroectodermal origin

    A. superior rectus
    B. inferiror rectus
    C. superior oblique
    D. infrior oblique
    E. sphincter pupillea muscle

    16. eye closed … alpha waves…. when open eye

    A. changes waves when eyes open

    17. Most common and much imp vessele are present in

    A. Supradural space
    B. subdural space
    C. sub archnoid space
    D. sub pial space
    E. extradural space

    18. which drug is not antiglaucoma drug..


    19. local anesthetics……..

    A.block na chanels
    20. left homonumous hemianopia lesion

    A. optic nerve
    B. right optic tract
    C. chisma
    D. left optic tract

    21. spontaneous blinking is most infrequent in

    A. infant
    B. old age
    C. blind people

    22. optic nerve is mad up of

    A. Axons of ganglionic cells
    B. bipolar cells
    C. muller cells
    D. ganglionic cells

    23. Orbital septum is attached to

    A. Anterior lacrimal crest
    B. lacrimal fossa
    C. maxillary crest
    D. posterior lacrimal crest


    24. during Fetal life hyaloid canal contains

    A. vitreous
    B. hyaloid artery
    C. aqueous
    D. retinal artery

    25. exophthalmos in thyroid eye disease due to?
    A accumulation of fat
    B. blood
    C. glycosaminoglycans

    26. visual pathway not a part of it

    A. retina
    B. optic nerve
    C. optic tract
    D. medial geniculate body
    E. occipital cortex

    27. transparency of cornean depnds on
    A.lattice arrangment of fibril
    B.desment memb
    C.bowmn membrane

    28. orbital cellulitis may spread to cavernus sinus via

    A. superior ophthalmic vein.
    B.supra orbital vein

    29. Eye lateral and downward caused by

    A. lateral rectus
    B. superior rctus
    C. lateral rectus
    D. superior oblique

    30.A young farmer while working in field became unconscious & start frothing from mouth, which of the following will also b present

    A. bilateral pinpoint pupil
    B. dry skin
    C. flaccid paralysis
    D. bibinski sign

    31. Total power of eye is 59 diopters, Main role in maintenance of this power as perfomed by

    A. Anterior surface of cornea
    B. lens
    C. vitreous humor
    D. Retina
    E. Posterior surface of cornea

    32. down syndrome
    A. trisomy 13
    B. tiasomy 18
    C. trisomy 21
    D. trisomy 23

    33. Accesory meningal artery passes thru

    A. foramen ovale
    B. foramen spinosum

    34. comatose patient brought to er with fracture of base of middle cranial fossa bleeding 4m ear n dilated pupil which nerve damage

    35. lowest binding affnty with protein
    C. lignocaine
    D. procaine


    36. 40 yerz old male has infarction …..gradual vision loss….. which part is damged
    D.circle of willis
    E.vertebral artery

    37. Regarding hemartomas, followinf is correct?
    A. they are undifferentiated cells.
    B. Lisch nodules are an example of hemartoma in eye

    38. fundoscopy, macula lutea relation with optic papilla?
    A. lateral.
    B. inferomedial
    C. superiomedial
    D. medial

    39. medial part of orbit n lecrimal sac is suplied by
    A.supra orbital
    B.infra orbital
    D.infra troclear

    40. eye has probelm on abduction xray show mass comressing the nerve where is the mass

    A. cavernous sinus
    B. internal meatus

    41. y type cell of ganglion
    A.end on layer 1 n 2 of lateral g,body
    B.respond to stationry
    C.rspond colour vision

    42. trauma in skull, blood from ears and dilated pupil which nerve damage
    A. optic nerve
    B. occulomotor

    43.3rd nerve occulomotor nucleus is related to,
    A.supperior colliculus
    44. homonumous hemianopia lesion

    A. optic nerve
    B. optic tract

    45.which is true about h2 blockers cimetidine…
    A.it blocks both vagally and gastrin mediated secretion of acid

    46.corneal epithelium is….
    A.stratified squamous epithelium

    47.most toxic local anesthetic…

    48.in which of the following reflexes cortex is not involved..
    A.light reflex

    49.drug of choice in herpes simplex keratitis

    50.question was about sm study given the ans was cohort study
    A.cohort study

    51.Near point of eye is 12.5 cm…range of accomodation 5D most likely spherical error


    52. Most agressive tumor in behavior

    A. Basal cell Ca
    B. Squamous cell Ca
    C. Melonoma
    D. Sarcoma

53.germinal centres are in
A.cortex of lymph node
B.medulla of lymph nodse

54. which one is not optic vesicle origin……

A. anterior chamber cleavage syndrome

  1. which one is not mesoderm origin. ..A. sphincter papillae

    56.commenest cause of hyperuricemia
    B.loop diuretics

    57.hiv is related to

    58. which of the following causes degeneration of retina..

    B.retinal degeneration

    59.which of the following is true about decemets membrane
    A.it is the basement membrane of endothelium of cornea

    60.which is true about relations of cavernous sinus
    A.anterior is superior orbirtal fissure

    61.which of the following statement is false.quest somelike that
    a.meibomian glands open anteriorly to eye lashes

    62.metastasis of malignancy mostly thru
    A.choroid blood vessels
    B.central retinal vein

    63.a person with uveitius,conjunctivitis and i think urethritis
    A.behcets syndrome.

64.blunt trauma to eye…..nasal side of sclera or something else

A. behind recti muscle insertion

65.a young patient with ecchymosis,swelling of gums and hepatomegally,what is the diagnosis


66.a person came with yellow discolouration iof sclera,which iof the following investigation will be done


69.QUESTION about telescope
A.choromatic aberration

C.it increases outflow of aquos

71.zonules of lense origin
A.lens surface ectoderm

72.trigeminal ganglion
A.all meningeal layers

73.cavernous sinus is not related to
A.superior saggital sinus
B.occipital sinus
C.pterygoid plexus
D.sigmoid sinus


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