FCPS Part 1 Medicine and Allied 4th to 6th February 2015



1. Cervical rib attached to transverse process will compress: A.C5 B. C8 C. T1 (Compresses both C8 and T1 though

2. Aortic aneurysm which structure not compressed: A. Esophagus B . Trachea C. Left primary bronchus D. Thoracic duct E. Phrenic nerve

3. Resting membrane potential achieved by: A. Diffusion of potassium outside the cell B. Na K pump C .is same for all types of cell (Achieved by K efflux, maintained by N K ATPase Pump)

4. Liver weight: A. 1.5 B. 2.5 C. 2.0 D. 1.0 kg (1.44-1.66 kg is Range) 5. What is median if values are 20 20 25 30 35 40 25 30: A. 27.5 (Arrange in Ascending order 20 20 25 25 30 30 35 40 than take middle two values 25+30/2=27.5)

6. Dead organisms in vaccine : A. Measles B. Mumps C. Tetanus D. Pertussis

(Pertusis/ Cholera/ Influenza /Inject Polio/Rabies all Killed or inactivated vaccines . Tetanus is Toxoid (toxin rendered non toxic by formaldehyde) and MMR is Live attenuated)

7. Esophagectomy done , stomach is mobilized to upper portion of thorax, To anastomosis with phayrnx Which artery is responsible for stomach supply ( not exact wording some thing like that ) (repeat question from 1 Jan 2015 PAPER) A. Left gastric B. Right gastric C. Left gastroepiploic D. Short gastric vessels E. Right gastroepiploic

8. Patient is pregnant and suddenly faints. She’ll be positioned in left lateral and not right lateral to avoid compression to which abdominal structure: A. IVC B. SVC C. Liver

9. Post op wound having greenish pus discharge organism involved: A. Staph Aureus B. Pseudomonas C. Streptoccocus Viridans D. Kliebsella

10. Prevalence is: A. All cases B. Old cases C. New cases (Prevalence:All current cases (old & new) existing at a given point of time in given population)

11. Common carcinogen of CA Cervix: A. HPV B. HSV C. Chronic irritation D. IUD

12. Apex of the heart: A. 8 cm from median plane B. 3RD intercostal space

13. After normal delivery in primigravida the alive n healthy new born is given feed: A. After 2 hours B. After half hour C. After 12 hours

14. Diagnostic tumor marker for ovarian CA: A. CEA B. CA 125 C. AFP

15. Which of the folowing prolong use of drug will cause persistent increase in Gastrin secretion: A. Antacids B. Antichollenergic C. B blockers D. H 2 antagonist E. PPI

16. A pt presented to his dentist due to inability to put his dentures, dentist referred back to physician saying there is no dental problem, where is the lesion: (STEM NOT PROPERLY RECALLED) A. Substantia nigra

17. Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: A. Chromosome 9 & 22 B. chromosome 11& 22 C. chromosome 14 & 22

18. Steroids drug action on cells: A. Act on Genes B. Adenyl cyclase C. CGmp D. Ip3

19. ADH is inhibited by: A. Alcohol B. Aldosterone C. Renin

20. A tumor with all germ layers: A. Teratoma B. Mixed mesodermal tumor C. Cysts

21. Following has high clearance value: A. Inulin B. PAH C. Glucose D. Na

22. Scanty bar bodies: A. Klienfelter B. Downs C. Turner

23. Which parasite is not transmitted thru orofecal route: A. Giardia B. Entemoeba C. Enterobius (Pinworm) D. Trichuris trichuria (Whipworm) E. Trichenella Spiralis

24. Organelle having microtubules in its structure: A. Golgi apparatus B . Mitochondia C. Centriole

25. S1 nerve root lesion: A. Loss of Ankle jerk B. Loss of sensation of sole and medial side of foot C. Trophic ulcer of dorsum of foot D. Babnisk positive E. Plantar flexion

26. Mucus not secreted by: A. Larynx B. Trachea C. Terminal bronchioles D. Nasopharynx

27. Which of the following increases lower eosophageal tone n speeds up gastric emptying time: A. Aluminium hydrooxide B. Metoclopramide

28. Stem about Diphtheria vaccine reaction: A:type 1 B:type 2 C:type 3 D:type 4

29. Femoral nerve drived from which section of spinal cord: A. L2 L3 B. L2 L3 L4 C. S1 S2

30. Prolong coma is caused by lesion of which nucleus: A. Nucleus cerelous B. Periaqueductal of gray of mid brain

Area or region involved in prolonged coma is periaqueductal.. Deep coma.. ceruleus

32. A man of 70 has recurrent UTI cause (No clue was mentioned regarding bedridden): A. Instrumentation its b B. Outflow Obstruction C. Diverticulum (As pt is old age so more chances of BPH which can lead to outflow obs leading to recurrent UTIS)

33. Normal FEV/FVC1 Ratio: A. 0.8 B. 0.95 C. 0.6

34. Compression effects on esophagus by which organ enlargement: A. Aorta B. Left Atrium C. Pulmonary artery D. Right atrium E. Left ventricle

35. Plasma Protein Binds With All Except: A. Oxygen B. CO2 C. Iron D. Bilirubin E. Thyroxin

36. Patient presented in emergency ,deeply comatosed,not responding to nalaxone: A. Heroin B. Morphine C. Methadon D. Phenobarbital E. Pethidine

37. Cause of Mental retardation: A. Fragile X Syndrome (Downs wasnt in options)

38. In IV drugs abusers: A. Bacterial Endocarditis B. Libman Sacks endocarditis

C. Mitral valve carditis D. Rheumatic heart disease

39. Highest bioavailability of anti emetics: A. Metacloprmide B. odansetron

40. X.ray of elbow of 12 yr girl, which Secondary ossification center will appear last on x.ray: A. Trochlea B. Lateral Epicondyle C. Capitulum D. Medial Epicondyle (capitellum > radial head > medial epicondyle > trochlea > olecranon > lateral epicondyle) 1 , 3 , 5 , 7 , 9 , 11 (ODD Numbers so 11 is lateral epicondyle)

41. Baby born on 4th day most common cause of Meningitis: A. Gp A streptoccous B. E.Coli C. Nesseria Meningitis (Causes: Group B Srept , E.coli, Listeria)

42. A tall man with normal external genitalia married but had no kids he had normal ejaculation period but semen analysis showed azospermia cause may be: A Epidydymis B Sertoli cell C Scrotum D Tubules in male

43. Pregnant lady anaemic, Best lab investigation: A. CBC B. S. ferritin C. TIBC


45. Soft Keratin with no nucleus found in: A. Cortex of hair B. Matrix of nail C. Stratum corneum

46. A newly married female came with pain in rt illiac fossa her TlC 12000 she has fever n vomiting her lmp was 3 weeks back what is diagnosis: A. Acute Appendicitis B. Salpingitis C. Uterine cause D. Fallopian tubes

47. Open wound healing includes: A. Contraction of myofibroblast B. Fibroblast C. Macrophages D. Lymphocyyes

48. Patient aged 65 years, is diagnosed to have severe aplastic anemia. HLA compatible sibling is available. The best option of treatment is: a) Anti thymocyte globulin followed by cyclosporine b) A conventional bone marrow transplantation from the HLA identical sibling c) A non-myeloablative bone marrow transplantation from the HLA identical sibling d) Cyclosporine 49. Most common S/E of use of histamine 1 blocker: A. Blurred vision B. Blindness C. Sedation

50. Decrease Insulin will: A. Ketogenesis in Liver B. Increase activity of Lipoprotein Lipase 51. An obese man with h/o atherosclerosis underwent laparotomy due bleeding in abd n during surgery his small gut was purple n sup mesenteric vein was ok so what is dx A. Wet gangrene B. Dry gangrene C. Thrombosis D. Volvulous E. Red infarct

52. First heard sound: a) Atrial systole b) Isovlumic contraction c) Isovolumic relaxation d) Rapid ejection

53. A patient came with c/o hemianopia so a blockage was seen at: A. Optic nerve B. Upper part of optic chiasma

C. Lower part of optic chiasma D. Post medulla Oblangata

54. 30 yr male newly diagnosed wth HTN, on ECG lt ventricular hypertrophy, serum cholesterol 200, FBS 88 mg%, urinary sugar ++ RFTs were normal, K 2.5 , Na 140, what is cause of his HTN: A. Diabetic nephropathy B. Essential hypertension C. Pheochromocytoma D. Primary hyperaldosteronism

55. Man With Weakness And Dysphagia, Blood Profile With Target Cells: A. Iron Deficiency Anemia B. AOCD

56. Which of the following in maternal serum for rubella should b an indication for termination of pregnancy: A. Ig G B. Ig M C. IgE

57. Epithelium of Conjunctiva: A. Stratified Columnar Epithelium B. Simple Couboidal C. Simple Columnar 58. Antioxidant Vitamin: A. A B. E C. C (Vit E >>> Vit C)

59. Which of the following does not increase in stress for surgery: A. Insulin B. ADH C. Glucagon D. ACTH

60. Monitoring of HEP B virus can be done via: A. S. Bilirubin B. SGPT (or ALT) C. PT D. Serum Protein E. Serum Albumin (PT is to monitor Liver failure)

61. Diseased ovary pain radiating to medial thigh of body due to nearby presence of: A. Pudendal Nerve B. Obturator Nerve C. Pelvic Nerve D. Obturator Nerve

62. Biguanides side affects: A. Diarrhoea and flatulence B. Elevated ALT

63. Patient with Gastrectomy presents with Anemia after One and half year, what will you give: A. Vit B12 B. Vit C C. Iron D. Blood transfusion

64. Data is collected for some clinical trial based on presence or absence of Vomiting. What type of data it is: A. Nominal B. Ordinal C. Parametric

65. Aphasia (Non-fluent) after stroke or Trauma which area of Brain is involved: A. Brocas B. Wernickes (if fluent aphasia was in stem) C. Temporal region D. Pyrimidal gyrus

66. What cytoskeletal structure connects Extracellular matrix to Intracellular: A. Cadherins B. Integrins C. Intermediate Filaments D. Microtubules

67. Wich Antiemetic has high bioavailability: A. Metoclopramide B. Prochlorthiazide C. Ordansetron D. Droperidol

68. Cardiac defects in fetus of mother suffering from rubella infection will occur if: A. 3 rd month B. 4 th month C. 5 th to 10th week D. 7 th month.

69. Dorsal Column Medial Leminsical carries: A. Proprioception B. Pain C. Temperature (Pain and Temp is by Anterolateral System)

70. Contralateral loss of pain and temp at T9 and ipsilateral loss of proprioception below T8, bilateral normal reflexes: A. Lesion of spinothalamic tract at T8

B. Complete spinal cord section C. Hemisection at T12 D. Hemisection at L1 or 2 71. Downs Syndrome: A. Increase incidence with increasing mother age B. Extra chromosome

72. Pulmonary vasoconstriction occurs due to: A. Raised PCO2 B. Reduced systemic PO2 C. Reduced pH

73. Most imp buffer in blood: A. HCO3 (most imp is HCO3 anywhere) B. Hb

74. Gastrin secretion is inhibited by: A. Epinephrine B. Protein food c. Stomach dilatation D. Somatostatin

75. Which vitamin act as cofactor in oxidation of fatty acids: A. Biotin B. Vit B1 C. Vit C

76. Oxytocin and vasopressin originated from: A. Neurohypophysis B. Adrenal medulla C. Hypothalamus

77. If FACTOR IX not available: A. FFP B. Cryo (Lacks Factor IX)

78. All of the following will cause lesion at genital tract except: A. Syphilis B. Gonorrhoea C. Chancroid D. Condyloma Accuminatum

79. Vagus decreases HR by which mechanism: A. Na (permeability) B. Na, K

c. ca

Not sure confirm urself…..

80. Maximum absorption of salt and water: A. Jejunum B. Ileum


81. Patient with beta blocker ECG show increase PR: A. Drug induced block1 B. MI

82. Drug causing peripheral neuro and pancreatits: A. Ziduvudine B. Interfron C. Diadenosine 83. Left Kidney is not related to:

A. Diaphragm B. Splenic flexure colon C. Spleen D.Pancreas

Stem not proper I think in ques here shuld be in anterior relation of left kidney

84. What age the head of fetus become exactly half the length at CRL: A. 3rd month B. 4th month C. 7 month

85. Prostatic carcinoma spread to skull bones through: A. Internal carotid artery B. External carotid artery C. Vertebral plexus

86. First heard sound: a) Atrial systole b) Isovlumic contraction c) Isovolumic relaxation d) Rapid ejection

87. Pregnant women 1st trimester develops Atrial fibrillation what would u give: A. IV Heparin B. IV Heparin Oral Aspirin C. Aspirin D. Anticoagulant

88. The tumor which is the ovarian counter part of seminoma of the testis is: A Chorio carcinoma B Dysgerminoma C Embryonal cell carcinoma

89. Patient came in with sore throat, fever and lymphadenopathy. His monspot test was positive. His blood shows atypical leukocytosis. What is the type of cell that is affected: A. T-cell B. B-cell C. Neutrophil .?????????? alll wrong ..stem me masla …. (In Infectious mononucleosis ATYPICAL T CELLS (T-CELLS) react against INFECTED B CELLS)

90. Pt was brought into the Emergency Department and his family wanted to accompany him. What is the most appropriate response: A. Physian should discourge the anger of pt n atendents againt department B. Only pt should be allowed in the ER C. Physcological support should be provided for patients and attendants in the Emergency Department.

91. A pregnant full term patient came into the ER with pre-eclampsia. Her Blood pressure was 190/110. She was admitted for emergency ceserean section. What is the best medicine to bring down the blood pressure: A. Hydralazine B. Sodium Nitroprusside C. Verapamil D. Propranolol

92. Patient was admitted in the ICU. HE had a central venous catheter for 10 days. HE started having fevers. Blood cultures were sent. It came back positive for Gram positive cocci in clusters. What medication will you start? A. Amoxicillin B. Imipenim C. Ampicillin-Getamycin D.Piperacillin-Gentamycin E. Vancomycin (Always mark Vancomycin if CVP line,Indwelling catheter or double lumen site Infection especially in hospitalized patient and that too in ICU or dialysis units. High prevalence of MRSA.)

93. Pt comes in to the emergency department with seizures. His BP is 90/60. His serum calcium level is 6, serum cortical level is 6 microg/dl , blood sugar level is 80 mg/dl. Serum Sodium level ?, Serum potassium level ?. What is the diagnosis? A. Addisonian Crisis B. Cushings diseaes C. Tetany

94. About Lignocaine what is true: A. Blocks generation of impulses from free nerve endings B. Prevents influx of Na ions across membrane

95. INR is for: A. Heparin B. Oral anticoagulation therapy:

96. A Person wid malignant melanoma. Risk factor: A. Xeroderma pigmentosum B. Prolonged sunlight

97. Diabetic patient with DKA died due to: A. Histoplasmosis B. Coccidiodomycosis C. Cryptococus D. Mucormycosis

98. Urethra is narrowest at: A. Pelvic brim B. Prostatic part C. Membranous D. External meatus

99. Married man had no children for few years and was diagnosd as sterile with azoospermia wat is investigatn of choice: A. Serum FSH and LH B. Serum Prolactin C. Serum testosterone

100. A man goes to a high altitude 02 delivery to tissues is maintained by: A. Hb conc is increased B. Po2 is normal C. Hypercapnia D. Pa02 is higher than normal

101. Regarding indication of furosemide: A. SIADH B. Acute pulmonary edema

102. A patient was brought to the hospital after a roadside accident. On examination he was pale with low blood pressure and fracture of left 10th rib. Which organ is most likely to be injured: A. Kidneys B. Liver C. Pancreas D. Spleen E. Stomach

103. Most common cause of premalignant change in mouth in adults: A. Chronic ulcer B. Lichen planus C. Submucous fibrosis

104. Female showing cervical dysplastic changes, etiology: A. Vaginal cream B. Grand multiparity C. HSV D. IUCD E. Chronic irritation

105. Tumor in children with blue cells and high levels of catecholamines: A. Nephroblastoma B. Neuroblastoma C. Wilms tumor

106. Ligament that prevents anterior dislocation of femur on tibia: A. Collateral B. Anterior cruciate C. Posterior cruciate 107. Cholangiocarcinoma caused by: A. Schistosoma Hematobium B. Schistosoma Mansoni C. Cholonorchis Sinensis

108. Trauma to left 10 rib causes damage to: A. Kidney B. Liver C. Spleen

109. Farmer wid migratory lesion on foot: A. Leishsmania B. Strongyloides stercoralis C. Cutaneous Larva migrans

110. Washed RBCs are used for prevention of: A. Hypersensitive Reaction B. Febrile reaction C. To avoid infection

111. Eating raw or undercooked meat can cause infection by: A. Hookworm B. Roundworm C. Tapeworm D. Echinococcus

112. Man comes 1st time to Pakistan develops fever than coma, on investigation retics10%..platelets wbcs ↓

A. Meningoencephalitis B. Dengue C. Falciparum

113. Correct about Aorta: A. Lies to right of Cisterna chyli B. Divides at L5 C. Give branches to parities at L1 D.Gives renal arteries at L2

114. Scrotum drains to: A. External Iliac Nodes B. Internal Iliac Nodes C.Superficial Inguinal Nodes D. Deep Inguinal Nodes

115. Medullary rays of kidney contain which part of kidney: A. Collecting ducts B. Vasa recta C. Glomeruli

116. Pancreatitis(acute) will cause fluid accumulation in: A.Lesser sac B. Greater sac C. Paraa colic gutters

117. Deep ring present in: A. External Oblique Aponeurosis B. Rectus Abdominis C.Fascia transversalis

118. Eversion is done by: A.Peroneus longus B. Tibialis anterior C. Tibialis posterior

119. True about Thoracic duct, drains into: A. Right brachiocephalic B. SVC C.At Confluence of left Subclavian and left Jugular

120. Gustatory sweating is caused by: A. Submandibular Excision B.Superficial Parotidectomy

C. Wisdom tooth extraction (Freys Syndrome produces flushing and sweating instead of salivation in response to taste of food after injury of Auriculotemporal Nerve which carries Parasympathetic secretomotor fibers to PAROTID gland and Sympathetic fibers to SWEAT gland. When the nerve is severed the fibers can regenerate along each pathway and innervate the wrong gland. It can occur after Parotid surgery and may be treated by cutting the tympanic plexus in middle ear- Ref BRS Anatomy)

121. Analgesic causing tachycardia in therapeutic dose: A.Pethidine B. Morphine C. Fentanyl

122. Following is a good analgesic but weak anaesthetic: A.NO B. Isoflurane C. Sevoflurane

123. About Posterior Triangle of Neck what is true: A. Apex is mid of clavicle B. Formed by ant border of sternocaleidomastoid and ant border of trapezius C. Contains subclavian , three trunks of brachial plexus 124. Herpez simplex virus transmitted by A.water B.blood C.droplet

125. Pt came in with abdominal pain, his amylase was high, he was diagnosed with Pancreatitis. What is his omentum going to show ? A. Caseous necrosis b. Fatty necrosis c. Liquefactive necrosis

126. During Parturition and Menstruation which layer involed: A. Basalis

127. Which carcinoma doesnt show distant metastasis: A. Basal cell Carcinoma

128. Orofecal transmission: A. HEV

129. When tension in muscle increases near to rupture which does the relaxation: A. Golgi tendon organs

130. Golgi tendon organs respond to: A. Tension

131. Pacemaker of Heart: A. SA Node

132. Parasympathetic stimulation: A. Decreases HR

133. Sacral hiatus is formed due to: A. Failure of fusion of laminae of 4th and 5th sacral vertebrae (Sacral Hiatus is used to administer Caudal (Epidural) anesthesias)

134. Effect of drug on a body: A. Pharmakokinetics B. Pharmodynamics

135. Which is not blood supply of scalp A. Maxillary artey B. Occipital artery C. Supra orbital artery D. Supra trochlear artery

136. Hydroxyindoacetic acid in urine: A. Pheochromocytoma B. Alkaptonuria C. Phenylketonuria D. Carcinoid syndrome

137. Pt came with testicular mass. It was diagnosed as a yolk sac tumor. What is the follow up marker for this patient? A. Alpha-Fetoprotein B. HCG D. CEA (Yolk sac tumor (endodermal sinus tumor) is the most common germ cell tumor in children. In those cases, the prognosis is good. In adults, the tumor is often mixed with other components so the prognosis may depend on what the other components are. i. Microscopically, yolk sac tumor shows scattered Schiller-Duval bod ies, which have a mesodermal core with a central capillary, all lined by flattened layers of both visceral and parietal cells resembling a glomerulus-like structure. The tumor marker is alpha-fetoprotein)

138. In the hospitals most common cause of wound infection: A. Klebsiella B. Pseudomonas

C. Staph aureus D. Streptococcus E. Ecoli (2nd most common)

139. Nerve loss in urogenital triangle which nerve involved: A. Pudendal Nerve B. Obturator Nerve

140. Neck of femur supplied by: A.Obturator and medial circumflex B. Medial and lateral circumflex C. Posterior and medial circumflex

141. A man having recurrent bacterial infections with streptococci also having diarrhea which on examination showed giardiasis, urther exam revealed normal T cells but ↓B cells levels of igM,igG and igA were given A. Diabetes B. Altered immunodeficiency C. Bruton’s agammaglobulinemia

142. True about Pituitary: A. Drains to dural sinuses B. Optic chiasma is in anterior relation C. Partly derived from Foregut

143. About Quadrate lobe, true is: A. Functionally part of right lobe B. Drains by left hepatic duct C. Lies between IVC and Ligamentum venosum

144. A girl has midline neck swelling histology shows normal thyroid tissue, epithelium is: A. Cuboidal follicular B. Simple columnar ciliated C. Stratified Squamous

145. Barr body is found in the following phase of the cell cycle: A. Interphase B. Metaphase C. G1 phase D. Telophase

146. Old woman with swelling on external ear she also had gout wd -ve bifringent type crystals scenario was given: A. Calcium pyrophosphate

B. Monosodium urate C. Sturvate

147. After Cholecystectomy surgeon places drains into: A. Right Subhepatic Region B. Left Subhepatic region C. Paracolic gutter

148. Pt having H/o cough cloudy yellow colour effusion fluid containing 98 % neutrophil nd 2% lymphocyte the fluid was dull to percussion: A. Purulent exudate B. Abcess C. Fibrinoid inflammation

149. Isoniazid causes side effects which can be prevented by taking which vitamin: A. B12 B. Riboflavin C. Pyridoxine D. Folate

150. Gas gangrene. Cause of death? A. Septecemia B. Bacteremia C. Toxemia

151. Not a feature of malnutrition in adults? A. Thrombocytopenia

153. A tumor with all germ layers: A. Teratoma B. Mixed mesodermal tumor C. Cysts

154. Scenario of Down’s syndrome A. Trisomy 21 B. Trisomy 23 C. Trisomy 18 D. Trisomy 13

155. Ankylosing spondylitis is associated with A HLA DR 4 B HLA B27

156. Female with fever for 10 days and chest pain that aggravates on lying down. Pain is originated at: A. Myocardium

B. Pericardium C. Pleura

157. 6 years old patient presents with rhinitis, edema and urticaria on external surfaces: A. Type I hypersensitivity B. Type II hypersensitivity C. Type III hypersensitivity D. Type IV hypersensitivity

158. Immediate effects of severe hypotension? A. MI B. Cerebral hemorrhage C. Oligouria 159. Transfusion reaction will occur if we transfuse a person with A+ve blood group, the following group: A. A-ve B. AB-ve C. O-ve D. O+ve 160. Epidural space is widest at: A. T12 B. L2 (5mm) C. Just below foramen Magnum

161. Commonest cause of hepatocellular carcinoma in developing countries? A. Aflatoxin B. Hepatitis B C. Hepatitis C D. Both Hepatitis B & C

162. Connections that connect cells; with movement of ions across: A. Gap junctions B. Tight junctions

163. HLA B27 associated disease? A. Reiter’s Syndrome

164. Pregnant lady with bile duct obstruction. Diagnostic investigation? A. ALT B. AST C. GGT D. Alkaline phosphatase

165. About Trichomonas vaginalis what is correct: A. Can b a commensal in vagina B. Is sexually transmitted C. Is treated wid Quinolones

166. Anion gap: A. Diff between measured cation and measured anion

167. Occulomotor nerve supplies: A. All extraocular muscles B. Ciliary ganglion C. Parasympathetic to Cilliary muscles (Via Short Ciliary Nerves)

☆ciliary ganglion more appropriate ¤option C is also correct via ciliary ganglion occulomotor nerve supllies parasympathetic to cilary muscles via short ciliary nerves..

Acc to seniors its b …..

168. Infective endocarditis diagnostic investigation: A. Blood culture B. ASO titre

169. Essential fatty acid: A. Linoliec acid (Also Linolenic Acid)

170. Patient was brought to the ER unconscious. The doctor gave Naloxone but it was not working. What is the likely cause of toxicity? A. Methadone B. Phenobarbital C. Morphine

171. Patient lacerated the dorsal part of his wrist accidentally. He came in with difficulty to adduct the fingers and difficulty abducting the thumb. Which nerve was paralysed? A. Dorsal-medin nerve B. Ulnar Nerve C. Radial Nerve D. Median Nerve

180. Pain from lower inferior segment of Diaphrgam: A. Phrenic (supplies central tendon of diaphrgam) B. Subcostal Nerves

181. Cingulate gyrus blood supply: A. Anterior cerebral Artery B. Middle Cerebral Artery C. Basilar Artery D. Post Comm Artery

182. Dorsal Vein of penis drains into: A. Greater Saphenous Vein B. Internal pudendal Vein C. Femoral Vein

183. Internal carotid bleeding stopped by compressing: A. C6 B. C2 C. C7

184. A patient has nodule on vocal cord. The most likely mechanism? A. Hyperplasia B. Atrophy

☆likely mechanism-Hyperplasia ☆unlikely – Atrophy

185. Edema of acute infection. Feature A. Transudate B. Specific gravity of 1020 C. Proteins >3gm (EXUDATE)

186. Vein not draining to great cerebral vein? A. Basal B. Occipital C. Middle cerebral D. Posterior colossal

187. Extent to which a tissue gets disturbed by occlusion of its blood supply depends on : A. Velocity of blood in tissue B. Anatomical pattern of vascular supply

C. General state of blood D. Rate of development of thrombosis

188. A 15 years old girl with fixed dilated pupils. Lesion is at? A. Oculomotor nerve B. Trochlear nerve C. Facial nerve

189. Axon arise from conical shape part of neuron cell body called: A. Perikaryote B. Axon hillocks C. Dendrites hypertrophy

190. Peptic ulcer profusely bleeding from posterior wall of duodenum which artery involed: A. Gastroduodenal Artery B. Gastroepiploic Artery

192. Epithelium of kidney (glomerulus or something was specifically mentioned) a) endoderm only b) ectoderm only c) mesoderm only d) endoderm + mesoderm e) ectoderm + mesoderm

193. 8 mnth Baby boy with repeated rhinitis 2episodes of pneumonia in less then 2 mnth.low plasma B cells n decreased immunoglobulins: A. SCID B. IgA deficency C. IgG deficiency

194. Which is not a ‘basic tissue of body’? A. Nerves B. Muscles C. Blood D. Epithiliuem E. Connective tissue

195. A 30 year old man had a road traffic accident and sustained fracture of femur. Two days later he developed sudden breathlessness. The most probable cause can be: A. Pneumonia B. Congestive heart failure C. Bronchial asthma D. Fat Embolism

196. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: a) Wasting of thenar muscles b) Anesthesia of thenar muscles c) Injury to ulnar nerve d) Injury to radial nerve

197. Which of the following statements about carcinogenesis is false? a) Asbestos exposure increases the incidence of lung cancer b) Papilloma viruses produce tumours in animals but not in humans c) Exposure to aniline dyes predisposes to cancer of the urinary bladder d) Hepatitis B virus has been implicated in hepatocellular carcinoma

198. Regarding Parotid gland: A. Lat pterygoid lies anterior to pterygoid B. Ext carotid passes through superficial gland C. Facial nerve supplies it

199. Max potassium absorption occurs in: A. PCT B. DCT C. Descending loop D. Prox straight tubule

200. Epidural anestheisa given to the patient.Nerve spared: A)t10 B) L1,L2 C)s1,s2 D)s3,s4

1st stage of labour t10 to L1 Secnd stage of lbr s2s3s4 S3,4 here bestt USUALLY SECOND STAGE OF LABOUR HAS SOMATIC PAIN CARRIED by S2,3 ,4 THESE ARE d Ones THAT R SPARED BY Wrong SITE OF epidural

201. Lung capacity increased in inspiration by 2/3 by: A. Bucket handle action of rib B. Pump handle action of ribs C. Elastic recoil of lungs n chest wall D. Diaphragm

202. Pitutary Gland Causng Bitmemporal Hemianopia .Where is the lesion? A)middle of Optic Chiasma

B)upper of Optic Chiasma C)Med To Optic Nerv D)Right Optic Tract

203. Cancer is Least Related To: A)Age B)Heredity d is ans C)Sunlight D)Virus E)Traumatic injury

204. What Age The Head Of Fetus Become Exactly Half The Length At CRL: A. 3rd Month B. 4th Month C. 7month

205. Not Included In Blood Coagulation Profile: A. BT B. PT C. Platelets D. APTT E. Anti thrombogin 3

205. Starling Law of the heart: A)Doesnot operate in the failing Heart B)Doesnot operate during Exercise C)Explains increase in Cardiac Output that occurs when venous return is increased. D)Sympathetic nerve supplying Heart are stimulated E)Explains increase in Heart rate produced by Inspiration

206. Scenario Of Fissure. Pain Due To Which Nerve: A. Inferior Rectal B. Pudendal C. Perineal 207. About Ureter which statement is unlikely: A)Terminal part is supplied by uterine Artery B)Crosses Ischial Spine C)Behind mesocolon D)Pierced parietal peritoneum before entering bladder (Most probably its D on exclusion criteria, although A is unlikely also but senior said that RJLAST says Uterine Artery also)

208. Pendular knee jerk is the result of? A. UMN lesion B. LMN lesion C. Hypothyroidsm D. Parkinson E. Hyptonia

209. Medial side of arm is supplied by? A. Medial cord B. Lateral cord C. Musculocutaneous nerve D. Median nerve

210. Bare area of liver is limited by? A. Right and left traigular ligament B. Falciform ligament C. Ligament teres D. Ligament venosum E. Coronary ligament

211. During a surgery a surgeon nicks hepatoduodenal ligament. Which structure is likely to be damaged? A. Portal vein B. Bile duct C. IVC D. Hepatic Duct

212. Capsule of left kidney prevents the spread of infection to? A. Other kidney B. Lesser sac C. Upper part of greater sac D. Lower part of greater sac E. Deep pelvis

213. Which structure develops from 3rd n 4th pharyngeal arches A. Hyoid B. Cricoid C. Mandible D. Thyroid hyoid is ans

A is better among all

thyroid 4-6

hyoid from 2 and 3, cricoid 4

214. Which one is secreted after sweating: A. Increase ADH B. inc Na C. dec water

215. A man with 70 cardiac output 60mmhg po2 8mg/dl hb o2 bind to: A. 1.21ml/l B. 10ml/l C. 15l/lt

216. Baby born edematous aftr 2 days shows signs of renal failure on examination rounded mass in pelvic area on autopsy cystic mass is seen. Diagosis? A.failure of mesonephros development B. failure of metanephros development C. failure of union of mesonephros n ureteric bud D. renal a genesis

217. B lymphocytes are associated with: A. CD 4 B. CD 8 C. CD 19 & 20 D. CD 10

218. All anti psychotics are alike in: A)anti emetic effect B)anti pyschtic C)potency in mili grams D)price

220. Which of the following ulcer is caused by synergistic infection by microaerophilic non hemolytic streptococci and aerobic hemolytic staphlococci: A.Bazon ulcer B.Marjolin ulcer C.Meleney’s ulcer D.Venous ulcer EArterial ulcer

221. Which of the fallowing structures doesnot receive innervations from branches of pudendal: A)Ischiocavernosus muscles B)Labium Minora C)Skin of Penis or Clitoris D)Posterior Fornix of Vagina E)Urethral Sphincter

222. Sructure attached to Lumbar Verebra: A)Anterior Longitudinal ligament B)Extensors of thigh C)Obturator Muscle

223. Right horizontal semicicular canal stimulated: A. Head tilt to left B. Head tilt right

224. Athetosis is due to defect in: A. Caudate B. Putamen C. Globus pallidus D. Subthalamic nucleus

225. Opsonization occurs: A. Help of c3b

226. Abt parotid gland: A. Lies lateral to lateral pterygoid B. Stylomandibular ligament separates parotid frm submandibular C. External carotid lies in its substance superficial to facial nerve

227. Propulsive movement of intestine effected due to lesion of: A. Aurbach B. Myntric pleuxes

228. Main class associated wid antigen presenting cells: A. MHC1 B. MHC2

229. About small intestine true is: A.valvae connivents most numerous in ileum B.mesentry start from the rite of L2 C.valvae connivents 5mm wide D.small intestine 6-8 meters long

230. Lysosome has secretion against bacterial iron because they contain: A. Hydrolases B. Oxidases

231. Blood supply of heart is regulated by: A. Local metabolites

232. Post synaptic sympathatic mainly secretes: A. Nor epinephrine B. Acetylecholine C. Adrenalline

233. True abt vertebral column: A. Cervical nerves originate above corresponding vertebra B. Vertebral artery arches ant part of post arch of axis (Xcept C8 cervical nerve which is below C7 vertebrae , and all Spinal nerves also originate below the coressponding vertebrae) 234. Confidence interval: A. Mean n its standard error of mean B. Mode n its standard deviation C. Median n its range

235. Positive Predictve valve is affected by: A)Remission of cases B)Incidence C)Prevalence of disese

236. In PPD induration u will find: A. B cells B. macrophages

C. Eiosinophils D. T cells

237. Which of the following drugs is contraindicated in a patient with raised intracranial pressure: a) Thiopentone b) Propofol c) Midazolarn d) Ketamine

238. If circumflex branch of left coronary artery is blocked which area will b effected: A. Anterior surface of left ventricle B. Posterior surface of left ventricle C. Interventricular septum

239. Draining to Sup Mesenteric nodes: A. Splenic flexure B. 4th part of duodenum C. Jejunum (As you can see in below picture that Duodenum also drains into Superior Mesenteric Node but Jejunum is solely into SMN so we choose here)

240. Diabetic pt came to ER insulin given what change will happen in blood: A.inc K in blood B.increased ketogenesis C.increased pH

241. Potassium will be lost mostly frm which segment following dietary irregularities: A.straight proximal tubule B.convoluted proximal tubule C.distal tubule D.thin descending limb of loop of henle E.thick ascending limb of loop of henle

242. Main diagnostic feature of DIC: A.raised aptt B.raised pt C.presence of D dimmers

243. A man wd his gut removed some weeks ago now showing ↑gastric motility wid diarrhea, cause: A.due to secretin released frm normal gut B. Osmotic+secretory diarrhea

244. CO poisoning,methemoglobulinemia,anemia dont result in hyperpnoea….this is because A.carotid bodies are stimulated B.aotic bodies are stimulated

C.Po2 remains normal (Anemia- Pa02, Sa02 – Normal MethHB and CO Poisoning – Pa02 – N, Sa02 DECREASED- Ref Goljan)

245. Ductus deferens end in: A.testis B.prostate C.seminal vesicle D.ejaculatory duct

246. Sjogren associated with? A. RA B. SLE

247. Ovarian pain related to: A. Femoral nerve B. Obturator C. Pudendal

248. Most common cause of premalignant change in mouth in adults is: A. Chronic ulcer B.lichen planus C. Submucous fibrosis

249. Subdural hematoma due to: a) rupture of cerebral vein b) rupture of meningeal vessel Epidural–> Middle Meningeal Artery–>Lens shaped-BiCONVEX hematoma Subarachnoid–> Cerebral arteries and Vein (Berry Aneurysm in Circle of Villis) Subdural–> Superficial Bridging cerebral Veins–> Cresecent shaped hematoma Subpial–> Small vessels of Pia and Brain tissue

250. Enzyme in saliva that prevents iron utilalisation by bacteria: A. Lactoferrin B. IgA protease C. Lysozyme

251. Fio2 max dose which does not cause fetolental adrenoplasia: A. 0.5 B. 1 C. 2.5 D. 0.6 (Safe limit is 0.6 or less than that)

252. Gardener right side chest pain 3.5 cacific on rt lower lobe: A. Aspergilosis B. Hydatid cyst C. Abcesss D.CMV

253. Recurrent renal stone associated with which amino acid abnormality: A. Tryptophan B. Lysine C. Glutamate D. Alanine

254. Nerve supply of Lattisimus dorsi: Thoracodrosal Nerve 255. Nerve supply of Rhomboids: Dorsal scapular nerve

256. Nerve supply of Sartorius: Femoral Nerve

257. Unlocking of knee: Poplitues 258. Vitamin produced by intestinal bacteria: Vitamin K

259. End product of purine metabolism: Uric acid 260. Arrangement of renal segments:

Renal-> Interlobar->Arcuate->Interlobular->Afferent Arteriole

Renal— segmental—-interlobar—arcuate— interlobular— afferent arteriole— continue..

261. Cervical CA metastasize to: Internal and External LN

262. Prader Willi Syndrome: Hyperphagia and Hypergonadism 6TH FEB ONLINE (SURGERY):

263. A patient comes to you in your clinic with lab findings of RBS 198 G/dl and FBS 122 G/dl; what is your diagnosis? A) normal glucose B) Diabetes Mellitus C) Impaired glucose Fasting >110 <126 ———— IGT ————- For DM —- RBS must be > 200 with Classical Symptoms ——– and FBS must be > 126

264. Which of the following have direct relationship? A) coronary blood flow and venous return B) pulmonary blood flow and venous return C) coronary blood flow and pulmonary blood flow

D) cerebral blood flow and venous return (Factor That control Cardiac Output also control Pulmonary Circulation-Guyton)

265. In hypoxic vasoconstriction; which of the following is decreased?

A) arterial pO2 B) arterial pCO2

266. What causes pulmonary vasoconstriction? A) increased arterial pO2 B) increased arterial pCO2 C) decreased arterial pO2 D) decreased arterial pCO2

267. In athletes, which of the following is increased even in resting state? A) heart rate B) cardiac output

268. Muscle of quiet inspiration: A) diaphragm B) external intercostals C) internal intercostals

269. If a foreign body is inhaled; which of the following lung lobes it will go to: A) Left superior lobe B) Rt inferior lobe C) Left inferior lobe

270. Intracellular ANIONS: A) K B) Na C) Proteins

271. Type of junction present in smooth muscles? A) tight junction B) gap junction

272. Type of junction present in cardiac muscle? A) tight junction B) gap junction

273. A man moving in an elevator; which of these is working: A) semicircular canals B) semicircular ducts C) utricle

D) saccule E) neck proprioception

saccule=detection of linear accelaration when the head is upryt [whn the heads moves vertically…bst example elevatr].

.Utricle=detects linear accelartion in horixontal plane

274. Which of the following has normal anion gap? A) DKA B) Diarrhea C) CRF

275. Which of the following is diagnostic of tuberculous granuloma? should be sacule A) giant cells B) epitheliod cells C) multinucleated cells D) fibroblasts

276. A lady with 26 wks gestation has uterine height of 24 wks. On ultrasound there is no fetus and snowstorm appearance. Which of the following probably associated with it? A) choriocarcinoma B) karyotype 46 XX (CPSP DEMO) C) 47 XX D) 69 XXX E) 45 XO 277.

A soldier comes with heavy bleeding. The ideal fluid replacement would be? A) whole blood B) packed RBCs C) FFP D) cryoprecipitate

278. Which of the following is diagnostic of tuberculous granuloma? A) giant cells B) epitheliod cells C) multinucleated cells D) fibroblasts

279. Which of the following causes hypocalcemia: A) 25 hydroxycholecalciferol B) 1, 25 di hydroxycholecalciferol C) PTH D) Calbindin

280. Genotype of a true hermaphrodite is? A) XX B) XY C) XXY D) XX/XY E) XO

281. Calcitonin is secreted by which tumor: A. Pancreatic B. Thyroid C. Parathyroid

282. Angiotensin 2 is responsible for: A) systemic vasoconstriction of venules B) release of aldosterone C) vasoconstriction of affernt glomerularr an adult in sitting position,

283. Most common skin malignancy in pt with HIV: A. Kaposi sarcoma B. Basal cell carcinoma C. Squamous cell carcinoma

284. Left gastroepiploic artery is branch of: A) Right hepatic B) Splenic artery C) Gastrodudenal D) common hepatic

285. Organelle that binds carbohydrates with protein enclose them in vesicles n release (don’t remember the exact stem ): A) RER B) SER C) GOLGI D) MITOCHONDRIA

286. Child with recurrent infection, which of the following physiological antibody is missing on peripheral smear: A) igA B) igM C) igG D) igD

287. Plasma membrane thickness is: A) 0.4

B) 7-11 (7.5 – 10nm is Range- Guyton)

288. Lady with ventricular rate of 40/m most likely A) atrial fibrillation B) mobitz type 1 C) mobitz type 2 D) complete heart block E) first degree heart block

289. Iron binds to: A) transferrin B) ferritin C) albumin

290. Highest carbohydrates is in A) rice (23gm CHO) B) maize C) wheat (71gm CHO) D) soghrum

291. Resonance of the lungs can b auscultated from back of the chest till: a. 6th rib b. 8th rib c. 10th rib d. 11th rib e. 12th rib (Demarcation Line is 3rd-9th Intercostal Space)

292. Flexion of knee and extension of hip is the action of: A) rectus femoris B) semitendinosus C) sartorius (Also Biceps femoris, Semitendinous, Semimembranous – Posterior Comp Thigh muscles–> Tibial Nerve)

293. Which of the following bones has no muscular attachments? A) cuboid B) navicular C) lateral cuneiform D) talus

294. Lymph drainage from outer nipple is to which group of lymph nodes: A) anterior axillary

B) central C) internal mammary D) apical

295. Dorsal scapular nerve supplies which of the following muscle: A) levator scapulae B) rectus capitis C) trapezius (Dorsal scapular Nerve also supplies Rhomboids)

296. Which of the following is a pivot joint: A) atlanto occipital joint B) atlanto axial joint C) distal radioulnar joint

297. Small muscles of hand are supplied by: A) C6 B) T1

298. Motor supply of pharynx is by: A) nucleus solitarious B) nucleus ambiguous (Nucleus Solitarius: Sensory Ambigous: Motor)

299. Sacroiliac joint: A)less mobility B)plain variety of synovial joint C)covered by psoas &iliacus D)is supplied by post division of external iliac artery E)Is innervated by ventral rami of S1+S2 and lateral branches of dorsal rami of S1+S2

300. Left gastroepiploic artery is branch of: A) Right hepatic B) Splenic artery C) Gastrodudenal D) common hepatic

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