FCPS Part 1 Medicine and Allied 15 August 2015


FCPS 1 MEDICINE 15. Aug. 2015

I tried to recall all the mcqs but couldn’t make it. Only confirm answers are marked others are left with blanks.

1. Right gastoepiploic artery is a branch of (chandkians) A. Splenic artery B. Hepatic artery C. Gastroduodenal D. SMA E. Celiac trunk Correct. C

2. Blood group antigens are A. Glycoproteins B. Glycolipids C. Sphingomyelins D. Inosital choline Correct. A/B. I marked A

3. Oral glucose/ carbohydrate load increase which hormone A. Secretin B. Glucagon C. Gastrin D. Gastric inhibitory peptide E. Somatostatin

Correct. D GIP also known as glucose dependant insuliontropic peptide

4. A scenario was on cartilages around synovial joint. Rabia Ali mcqs for gen. Anatomy chapter 1 v.v.v imp.

5. Which of the following is a primary cartilaginous joint. (Rabia Ali) A. Manubrium sterni B. Symphysis C. Syndesomosis D. Costochondral Correct. D

6. Platelet aggregation by (chandkians) A. TXA2 B. PGI2 C. PGF2 Correct. A

7. Action of MAO Inhibitors is potentiated by A. Cheese B. Tundra fish C. Beta blockers D. Alpha agonist Correct. I marked A some people were saying tundra fish. Not confirm!

8. Utricle action (asim surg) A. Role in angular acceleratiom B. Role in linear acceleration C. Role in horizontal acceleration D. Role in vertical acceleration Correct. B. C,D also correct as utricle helps in streamline smooth acceleratiom wether vertical

or horizontal. But B is most appropiate as it cover the both options. Semicircular canals are for angular acceleration.

9. A mcq was on virulence factor of bacteria. Stems very long and confusing.

10. Sample taken for traponema pallidum infection detection A. Blood B. Urine C. Stool D. Oral E. Genital swabs Correct. E

11. Alzehimer’s association. Read alzehimer from First aid. There are mentioned two genes ApOE2,E4. Both these genes were in options.

12. Single layer of epithelial cells around A. Primary follicle B. Secondary follicle C. Tertialry follicle D. Primary spermatogonia Correct. I marked B. Some where in favor of A.

13. Tachycarida is adverse affect of A. Verapamil B. Isosorbide C. Propanaplol Correct. B

14. Scenario on heart mass. Answer was MYXOMA

15. Regarding ACE inhibitors (Chandkians mcq)

A. Can be given in high doses B. Increase k+ levels Correct. A

16. Tb granuloma microscopy (chandkians) A. Caseous necrosis B. Epithelial cells Correct. A

17. MHC 1 A. Cd4 + cells B. Cd8+ cells C. Th1 cells D. Nk cells Correct. B

18. Anti jo-1 antibody, rash, neuropathy, arthritis, muslce biopsy neutrophilic infiltration Difficult to recall stems. Answer was dermatomyositis

19. DOC for Tourette Syndrome A. Haloperidol B. Carbamazepine Other options —-

20. Only posterior column sensation lost in which disease A. Syringomyelia B. Syringonulia C. Tabes dorsalis D. Polio Correct. C

21. T4-T8 bilateral pain temp lost Correct. Central cavitation of spinal cord

22. Slow pain neurotransmitter A. Glucagon B. Glutamate C. Glycine D. Substance p Correct. D

23. Finger sensation by receptors A. A alpha B. A beta C. Delta fibers D. C type Correct. B

24. Scenario was on genes disorder in disease. Complete question not recalled Options were retinoblastoma, medulloblastoma, wilms tumor, nephroblastoma Answer was retinoblastoma

25. Thermal stress to a man. Not sweating, temp104F no mechansim to release heat was functioning A. Heat stress B. Heat stroke C. Heat exhaustion Correct. A

26. Stem cells producing leucocytes are stimulated by Answer was granulocute colony stimulating factor

27. Muscles of tongue are developed by A. 1st arch B. 2nd arch C. 3rd arch

D. 4th arch E. No arch development Correct. ?

28. Scenario on anemia which neurpatheis Answer. Vit B 12 def.

29. Scenario on anemia with recurrent oral ulcers Answer. Apthous stomatitis

30. Parasite with respiratory symptoms Answer. Ascaris

31. Parasite with iron def. anemia Answer. Ancyclostoma duodenale

32. 1st somite to develop in human fetus A. 1st occipital B. 1st thoracic C. 1st lumber D. 1st sacral E. Coccygeal Correct. ? I marked A

33. Heart shaped vertebrae Answer. Thoracic

34. Compaction? A. 1 division B. 2 divisions C. 3 divisions D. 4 divisions E. 5 divisions Correct. ? I marked E

35. Cellular vault helps in A. Endocytosis B. Phagocytosis C. Detoxification D. Apoptosis Correct. —

36. Regarding apoptosis, correct is A. Destroy mutant cells B. Prevent overcrowding of cells C. Membranes break D. Contents leak Correct. B

37. Bleeding disorder. Only sons affected hemophilia A Mode of transmission A. AD B. AR C. X linked Correct. Autosomal recessive

38. Which of the following decrease the blood pressure A. Bainbridge reflex B. Cushing reflex C. Occulocardiac reflex D. Hering bruer reflex Correct. C Bainbridge increase blood pressure. Hering bruer decrease breathing

39. Conducting system of heart. (Asim mcq surg book. Anatomy portion page 55)

40. Arteries of heart.

Clear your concepts about atria/auricular/septal/ventricular

41. Axillary vein is formed by A. Combination of basiliac and cephalic vein B. Combination of basilic and vena comitantes of brachail artery C. Combination of cephalic and vena comitantes of brachial artery Correct. B

42. Mother child bonding lost due to A. Ovarian failure B. Pituitary adenoma C. Menopause D. Fos B gene. Correct. D. This mcq is taken from ganong physiology. Do read all ganong mcqs. Very imp!

43. Scenario of prolactinoma

44. Growth hormones produce affect on bones and chondrocytes by Answer. Somatomedians

45. Left hemianopia Lesion site. Answer. Right optic tract lesion

46. Cell organelle which can replicate A. Mitochondira B. Centriole C. Golgi D. Endoplasmic reticulum Correct. A

47. Microscope how will you increase visiblity something like that..

Answer. Decrease wavelength increase power

48. Scenario on PEFR. difficult one!

49. Scenario on surfactants. Difficult options!

50. Scenario on corellation co efficient. Biostats

51. Scenario on relaiblity. Biostats. Typical definition was asked which is written in high yield biostats.

52. How both GFR and plasma flow rate were increased. A. Dilate afferent B. Constrict afferent C. Dilate efferent D. Constrict efferent Both a b Correct. A

53. How GFR decreased A. Dilation of afferent B. Constriction of efferet C. Dilation of efferent Correct. C

54. Regarding ADH Answer. Inhibited by low serum osmolarity

55. Osmosis A. Active process B. Passive process C. Solutes determine osmolarity Correct. B

56. Regarding osmolarity

A. Measured by delicate instrument in lab B. Helpful in renal failure Other options irrelevant. Correct. A?B?

57. Centrally acting antiemetics A. Metochlopromide B. Butyrophenones C. Dopamine antagonist Correct. B

58. Young lady, delivery, village, low plts, high tlc, deranged clotting profile Answer. DIC

59. Prostate large lobe structurally A. Periurerthral B. Median C. Posterior D. Peripheral Correct—

60. 70 years old man with recurrent uti, cause (asim) A. Bladder outflow obstruction B. Repeated cathetarization C. Prostatic CA Correct. A

61. Feature of a highly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma A. Hyperchromatism B. Keratin pearls C. Caseous material D. No relevance with parent cell

Correct. B?

62. Patient came to your clinic. How will you begint the conversation Answer. Ask name, address, occuption

63. Verbal communication Answer. How will you present yourself

64. During inspiration, JVP drops what happens with it A. Increase heart rate B. Increase stroke volume C. Increase venous return D. Decrease ef Correct. C

65. C Wave in JVP show Answer. Right ventricular contraction.

66. Viruses cause cancer due to oncogenes

67. 45 years old lady scratch marks on abdomen typical scenario of primary biliary cirrhosis. What will you do to confirm the diagnosis Answer. AMA

68. Nerve supply of serratus anterior Answer. Long thoracic

69. Trachea damage which nerve at risk of damage A. Vagus B. Facial C. Recurrent laryngeal D. External karyngeal E. Phrenic Correct. C

70. Scenario on course of facial artery.

71. Phimosis, utis, fever, chills, organism involved A. Hsv B. Candida C. Staph. Aureus D. Asperigilus Correct. C

72. Right and left kidney differ due to Answer. Relations with hilum.

73. Regarding right bronchus. Long stems. Answer was it was large diameter and more in line.

74. Regarding left bronchus. Long stems again. Answer was has long main bromchus (length).

75. Which lobe of the lungs has only two segments. A. Left upper B. Left lower C. Right upper D. Right middle E. Right lower Correct. D

76. Contractility is cardic muslces Answer. Presence of gap junctions.

77. No synapse Answer. Dorsal root ganglion

78. 3rd ventricle is connected with 4th ventricle through Answer. Aqueduct of sylvius

79. Regarding relation of 3rd ventricle

Answer was. Posterior and inferior side subthalic nuclei was answer. Relations of ventricles very imp.

80. Bullet fired on leg and patient has damaged peroneal nerve which movement is lost. Answer in options was eversion lost.

81. Peroneal nerve damaged at site A. Head of fibula B. Neck of fibula C. Shaft of tibia D. Head of tibia Correct. B

82. Pupillary reflex lost, accomodation present. Where is the lesion A. Optic nerve B. Optic tract C. Papez circuit D. Pretectum Correct. D

83. After pregnancy, original size and shape of uterus (shrinkage) due to (ASIM GYNAE) A. Peroxisomes B. Lysosomes C. Centrioles D. SER Correct. B

84. Cimetidine given pre operativey because A. It is a ppi B. Irreversible antagonist of h+/k+ pump C. Reduce gastric acidity

Correct. C Cimetidine is a reversible antagonist.

85. Waves in stomach. Answer 3/min. (Brs-physio) Duodenum small intestime 10-11/min

86. Long latent period to develop CA A. Benzopyrine B. Smoking C. Asbestos D. Vinylchloride Correct—

87. Regarding diastolic hypertension A. Increase HR B. increase venous return C. Increase stroke volume D. In old people Correct. B

88. Trisomy 21 Answer. Downs syndrome

89. Mining, coal worker, crust stones what will be present A. Silicosis B. Anthracosis C. Aspergilosis Correct. A

90. Laceration 3.5cms longs. Which of the following will aid healing A. Infection B. Smoking

C. Ischemia D. Sutures Correct. D

91. Mcq on C5a

92. Mcq on C3b

93. Which of the following secretion has lowest Ph A. Pancreatic B. Intestinal C. Oral D. Gastric Correct. D

94. Middle aged lady with no history of cough, sputum, fever has incidental finiding of 2.5cm right lower lobe lesion. How will you differentiate between tumor and granuloma A. Uncontrolled growth B. Hyperchromasia C. Epithelioid cells Correct. A

95. Penumonia due to strep. Pneumonie body combat by the production of A. NADPH B. Prostaglandins C. IgE Correct. B NADH for peroxide producing organisms klebsiela, staph, influenza

96. Same above question was repeated in paper 2 also.

97. Tonsilectomy done. Patient in shock which happened Answer. Hypovolumia

98. Tonsilectomy done now patient is shivering, tachypneic and there were many other things in scenario. Which clinical sign you will check to know the status Answer was increase pulse rate.

99. Regarding dysplasia A. Not all cells present on same surface B. Irregularly shaped cells C. Irreversible Correct. B

100. Malarial parasite enter in human body in which form A. Merozoite B. Shizont C. Sporozoite Correct. C

101. Secont time degue fever what complication cam develop Answer was hemorrhage

102. Which organsim can cause myocarditis Answer was cox Sackie

103. Which of the following increase heart rate A. Epinephrine B. Exercise C. Sleep D. Salbutamol Correct. B

104. After adrenlectomy patient increase in diet A. Sugar B. NaCL C. KCL

Correct. B

105. Aldosterone is inhibited by A. Increase serum osmolality B. Decrease serum osmolality C. Angiotensin D. Low blood volume Correct. A

106. Corneal opacities due to Answer. Chloroquine

107. Lesion of caudate nucleus, sunstantia nigra, putaman each and every structure of basal ganglia was mentioned which will he the effect A. Chorea B. Athetosis C. Memory lost D. Parkinson Correct. I marked A due to involvment of caudate. But it can be parkinson due to substantia nigra. So the reason is in parkinson caudate is NEVER involved.

108. HLA D4 strongest association. Answer. Rheumatoid arthritis

109. FSH is inhibited in males by A. Estrogen B. Testosterone C. LH D. Inhibin Correct. D

110. Regarding juxtamedullary nephrons.(chandkians) Answer was vasa recta

111. Secretion of renin is increased by ( asim/chandkains) Answer was increased by serum K+

112. Regarding ammonium ions generation increased in Answer. RTA1

113. Difficult mcq on ductus arteriosus. Read its remnants in adult body, its function, its conmections. Options were regarding its connections.

114. After amputation patient feels impulses on amputated limb ( chandkians) Answer. Neuroma

115. Regarding aqueous humor production A. Passive diffusion of plasma B. Active filtration C. Increased osmolality Correct. B

116. Atrial fibrillation (chandkians/asim) A. Irregular p-p interval B. Irregular r-r segemnt C. Absent p waves D. Qrs absent Correct. B

117. Which segement in ecg shows ventricular systole. A. PR segment B. ST segment C. QRS D. RT segment Correct. B

118. Which enzyme is raised in first hour following MI (chandkians/asim)

Answer. CK-mb

119. Which antituberuclar drug can aggravate gout(asim) Answer. Pyrazinamide

120. Recurrect respiratory infections with variable organisms. Which of the following is deficient. (Chandkians) A. IgA B. IgM C. IgG D. IgE E. IgD Correct. A

121. Which of the following is present in epidural space. (Chandkians) Answer. Venous plexus

122. Which of the following is a antifungal A. Rifampine B. Cimetidine C. Erythromycin D. Ketoconazole Correct. D

123. Mcq on myeloma panel of immunoglobulins. Also a repeat mcq of chandkians but percentages were changed. IgA, igM, igG

124. In a patient of atopic asthma what will be found. A. Neutrophilia B. Basophilia C. Eosinophilia Correct. C

125. Scenario on emphysema and copd in smoker due to deficiney of Answer. Alpha 1 antitrypsin

126. Absorption of food in ileum depends upon A. Presence of sodium B. Presence of sodium plus glucose C. Doesnot depend on solutes conc. D. No absorption took place in ileum Correct. B

127. Dirrhea corrected by fasting Answer. Osmotic diarrhea

128. Repeat small numerical based mcq of chandkins in which tidal volume was asked. Answer. 3500 ml/ min

129. Ulner nerve damaged A. Claw hand B. Ape like hand C. Wrist drop D. Hemianesthesia of arm Correct. A

130. Diabetic patient having ulcer on foot. Due to (Asim/chandkians) Answer. Angiopathy and neuropathy

131. Neurovascular bundles present in intercostal space A. In between external and internal intercostal B. Lower border of ribs C. Upper border of ribs D. In the middle of ribs Correct. B

132. Left testicular vein drains into

A. Renal vein


Correct. A



Little sharing of my experience regarding PART1

Exercise mcqs as much as you can. Read mcqs of ALL THREE ASIM & SHOAIBS whatsoever your speciality is.

Chandkians must be on your finger tips. You will never cut the sorry figure InshaAllah.


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