FCPS Part 1 Gynae/Obs Questions (Paper A & B Mixed – Feb 12th, 2014)


1. Turner syndrome karyotype;
*a. 44 XO
b. 44 XXY
c. 44 XYY

2. Glucose tolerance (OGTT) test was done on a lady who is fasting. RBS 122,after 1hr 198 after 2hr 194. What’s your diagnosis;
a. Diabetes melitus
b. Abnormal glucose tolerance
c. Long Phase

3. Langerhan giant cells are found in;
*a. Tuberculosis
b. Sarcoidosis
c. Wegners granulomatosis
d. Syphlis

4. Pregnant lady with Bp 180/110, with headache, favourable treatment;
*a. Methyl dopa
b. Hydralazine

5. Factor that delays wound healing is;
a. Foreign body
b. Local Infection

6. Which one is not an epithelial tumor;
a. Adenocarcinoma
b. Squamous Cell Carcinoma
*c. Liposarcoma

7. Atonic bladder caused by;
a. Parasympathetic efferent cut down
b. Somatic efferent

8. Fibrous dysplasia more common in;
a. Temporal
*b. Maxillary
c. Sphenoid
d. Frontal

9. True about External Carotid;
a. Crossed by lingual artery and divides into facial and temporal terminal
b. Lateral to retromandibular vein

10. Microtubules found in;
*a. Centriole
b. Cell membrane
c. RER

11. Local anesthesia crosses the placenta by;
a. Simple Diffusion
b. Facilitaed diffusion
c. Active transport
d. Bulk flow
e. Pinocytosis

12. Ionisng radiation in bomb blast causes;
*a. Aplastic anemia
b. Iron deficiency anemia
c. Megaloblstc anemia

13. Gram -ve infection causes septic shock in which of the following tracts;
a. Biliray tract
b. Colon
c. Smal bowel
d. Urinary tract

14. Epidural block 3% chlorpromazine is more rapid than 2% lidocaine. Reason;
a. Lipid solubility
b. Ester vs amide
c. PKa
d. Concentration

15. Non carcinogen;
a. Methylsulfate
b. Radiation
c. Cyclophosphamide
d. Alcohol

16. Post op wound causes greenish pus discharge . Which organism is involved;
*a. Pseudomonas
b. Klebsiella
c. E. Coli

17. Abortion performed by dai, hematoma formed by;
a. Ovarian Artery
b. Ovarian venous plexus
*c. Uterine Artery
d. Broad ligament

18. Atonic bladder is caused by;
a. Parasympathetic cut down supply
b. Somatic efferent
c. visceral afferent

19. Characteristic of Grave’s disease;
a. TSH decrease
b. T4 decrease
c. T3 decrease
d. Increase in the above

20. Insulin is inhibited by;
a. Glucagon
b. Beta adrenergic blockers
c. Acetylcholine

21. Compression of S1 nerve root results in ;
*a. Loss of ankle jerk
b. Postive Babinski sign
c. Sensory loss on sole and medial aspect of foot

22. Uterus remains in position by;
a. Broad ligamen
b. Transverse cervical ligament
c. Urogenital diaphragm

23. Reaction after diphtheria vaccine; a. Anaphylaxis b. Type 1 c. Type2 *d. Type3 e. Type4 24. Baby after delivery; a. RBC increase in number *b. lung compliance increases c. Billirubin level increases in 7-14days after birth d. Weight increases in 1st week 25. A 50 yr old smokers works in a tyre factory, diagnosed as transtional cell CA, what is the cause of this disease; a. Aromatic amines *b. Smoking c. Nitrosomines 26. Regarding Breast the following is not true; a. coopers ligament attaches it firmly to the underlying chest wall b. extends from mid sternum to midclavicular line 27. Uterus prolapsed but anus in position which intact ligament is intact; a. Cardinal ligament b. Broad Ligament *c. Pelvic diaphragm d. Round ligament e. Outer anal sphincter 28. Percentage can be calculated as *a. By dividing the number by the total number of items and multiplying by 100 29. After the birth of a baby the perinatal mortality rate and Still birth can be calculated in; a. Death within 1 mon b. 1 yr *c. 1 week d. 1 day 30. 10% Formaldehyde is used for sending Biopsy specimen, Why? a. Sterilisation b. To prevent autolysis c. To stain cells *d. To denature proteins (Enzymes are protein, Denaturing enzymes (Protein) will prevent Autolysis) e. To prevent autolysis of cell 31. Anal canal extent; a. Between levator anni and Anus 32. Collagen; a. Formed by chondroblast *b. Present in all types of connective tissue 33. Stroke Volume increase by; a. Increase in HR at constant Cardiac Output b. No change c. By Increase in End Diastolic volume 34. Growth hormone secretion is increased ; a. Exercise b. Hperglycemia c. sleep 35. Severe transfusion reaction occurs when A+ blood is given to ; a. A- *b. ABc. O- 36. Hormonal therapy against malignant condition acts by; *a. Apoptosis b. Degeneration c. liquefactive necrosis 37. After 48 hours starvation, the source of energy for the body is; a. Muscle glycogen b. Muscle protein c. Liver glycogen d. Triglycerides 38. The following is true about acute Inflammation; *a. Local response to injury b. Systemic response to injury 39. Pressure in aorta least during; a. T wave b. Isovolumic relax c. Isovolumic contraction 40. A woman with chest pain and history of fever, that becomes worse on lying down; a. Myocarditis *b. Pericarditis c. Pleuritis 41. Regarding septic shock does not include; a. high dose steroids get benefit 42. Local anesthesia crosses placenta through; a. Active transport b. Bulk fl0w c. Facilitated diffusion d. Passive diffusion 43. Edema is caused by; a. ↓ hydrostatic pressure b. ↑ osmotic pressure *c. Lymphatic obstruction 44. Preganglionic fibers release ; *a. Acetylcholine b. Norepinephrine c. Dopamine 45. Clinically GFR is measured by; *a. Creatinine b. Inulin 46. During 2nd week which is appropriate test for typhoid fever ; *a. Widal+Blood culture b. Blood c. culture only d. Stool culture e. Bone marrow 47. Stilbestrol in first trimester of pregnancy; a. Vaginal cyst *b. Clear cell carcinoma of vagina 48. Glucose transport across a membrane is directly proportional to concentration graddient . Type of transport is ; a. Simple diffusion b. Facilitated Diffusion c. Active Diffusion d. Na co-transport 49. Barr bodies; a. Always inactive b. Heterochromatin c. Have X-chromosome *d. It can be seen under light microscope 50. Hormonal therapy causes regression of tumour by; a. Atropy b. Degeneration c. Apoptosis 51. In neonate the spinal cord terminates at the level of; a. L1 b. L2 *c. L3 d. L4 e. T12 52. Turner Syndrome a. 44XO 53. Klienfelter Syndrome a. 46XXY 54. Which antib0tc safe in pregnancy in 8th month a. Tetracyclin *b. Augmentin c. Coamoxiclave d. Nitrofurantoin e. Cotrimaxazole 55. Amniocentesis vs trans-cervical chorionic villous sampaling before 14 weeks a. 1% Decrease chance of miscarriage b. 10% increase risk of fetal talipes 56. Amniocentesis done in a pregnant lady at term pregnancy and the baby’s head at -2 station. The needle will pierce; a. Anterior fontenelle b. Posterior fontenelle c. Sagital suture 57. After 48 hr of starvation, wht will be broken down to provide energy; a. Carbohydrate *b. Fat 58. 45 yr female patient presented with hirsutism on the body and is shy to show her hands to the physician. What’s the cause; a. Adrenal tumor b. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia *c. Polycystic Ovaries d. Drug induced 59. Which tumor is derived from all the 3 germ layers; a. Adenoma *b. Teratoma c. Rhabdomyosarcoma d. Chancroid 60. A 20% patients received HRT, 40% did not. The best way to present such a data is; a. Pie chart 61. Least site of tumor metastasis a. Spleen b. Liver 62. The enzyme most sensitive to the damange of heart muscles after MI is; *a. Trop T b. LDH c. Myoglobolin 63. A scenerio of micocytic hypochromic anemia was there. Values of PCV, MCH and MCHC were given. (paper 1) 64. Regarding aminocentesis; a. Risk inc of talipes if performed before 14 weeks b. Perforation of placenta 65. Hamartoma is; a. Totally benign 66. A man died 5 days after MI and large blood clots was found in pericardial sac . He died due to ; *a. Pericardial tamponade b. Viral infection c. Kawasaki disease 67. The blood supply of right adrenal gland is; a. IVC b. Right renal artery c. Superior Vena cava 68. A patient taking oral contraceptive pills and antitubercular drugs and still got pregnant the drug responsible? *a. Rifampicin b. Isoniazid 69. A scenario about Odd’s ratio was given. We had to calculate the Odd’s ratio 70. Criteria for screening test in diagn0sis of cancer a. It should be 100 % sensitive and specific b. Early diagnosis cures early c. It should be acceptable to the general population 71. Which of folowing causes least respiratory depression; a. Fantanyl *b. Ketamine c. Midazolam d. Propofol e. Thiopentene 72. A 20yr old male has dyspnea on lying down. The structure most likely to cause this is; a. Enlarged isthmus of thyroid b. Puberty *c. Retrosternal goiter 73. The cause of RBC fragility; a. Some drugs cause RBC hemolysis *b. By enzyme deficiency 74. Microtubules are present in; a. Lysosomes *b. Centrioles 75. Bronchopulmonary segment; *a. Each has its own blood supply b. Different no on both sides 76. Most effective gluconeogenesis is from; *a. Protien b. Fats c. Triglycerides 77. Increase in interstitial fluid pressure in: a. Decrease in capillary permeability b. Decreased hydrostatic pressure c. Increase in colloid osmotic pressure d. Increase in capillary permeability 78. 30 yr female presented with secondary amenorhea, diagnosis of premature ovarian failure made. Ultrasonography being normal. Most likely cause: a. Ovarian tumor *b. Autoimune 79. 16 yr child with cola color urine since one day , Hb 6 , high grade fever , was given antimalarial 1 day back. The reason for his black color urine is; *a. G6PD b. Falciparum (blackwater fever) c. PNH 80. Glycolysis is; a. Reversible b. Hexose phosphate is converted to lactate anerobicaly and pyruvate aerobicaly 81. A person naked with 80% humidity in room. The mode of loss of heat from his body is by; a. Radiation and conduction 82. Which of the following causes increased interstitial pressure; *a. ↑ capillary permeability b. ↑ colloid osmotic pressure 83. Jaundice in a pregnant lady. Diagnosis made by a. ALT b. AST *c. GGT 84. motor supply of SCM a. Ascending pharyngeal nerve b. Occulomotor Nerve c. Motor branch of facial Nerve d. Accessory Nerve 85. The overdose decreased of which drug can be decreased by alkalanization of urine to increase its excretion; a. Morphine *b. Phenobarbitone 86. Fast pain fibers; a. A Delta 87. Fibrous dysplasia site? a. Temporal *b. Maxilla c. Sphenoid bone 88. Person lying supine. Chest pain increases due to; a. Pleura b. Myocardium c. Pericardium 89. 1st heart sond is related to which phase of cardiac cycle; a. Isovolumatric contraction 90. S1 lesion a. Ankle jerk loss 91. Person naked in room, temperature 21 degree centigrade, humidity present, loss of heat by ; a. Insensible perspiration b. Sweating *c. Conduction and radiation 92. Type of necrosis in brain infarction ; a. Coagulation *b. Liquefaction 93. The medial quadrants of breast are supplied by; *a. Interthorascic nodes b. Posterior group c. Axillary group of nodes 94. The labia majora lymphatic supply; a. Vertical group of lymph nodes b. lateral group of lymph nodes c. Superior group of lymph nodes 95. Severely dehydrated fluid to be given a. 0.9% Nacl 96. During an open surgery of heart the doctor saw a vein bleed. The vein bleeding most probably may be; *a. Great cardiac vien b. Middle cardiac c. Smal cardiac vein 97. Drug action won’t be affected if bound to Alpha glycoprotein in *a. Neoplasm b. Trauma c. Hepatic disease d. Infection 98. Genital tubercle form; *a. Clioris b. Labia minora c. Labia majora 99. Fat necrosis occurs in ; *a. Acute pancreatitis b. Heart c. Liver 100. Faty acid oxidation is helped by a. Biotin b. Vitamin C c. Vitamin D d. Vitamin B-12 101. Tocoplasmosis is; a. Helminth *b. Parasite 102. Man runs loses 2 litre sweat , and replaces it with isotonic plain water of 2 litre, what will happen after the marathon; a. ICF/ECF osmolarity inreasd b. ICF volume increased 103. Most common complication of dibetes mellitus. *a. Dry gangrene b. Wet gangrene c. Raynaud’s phenomenon 104. Antibodies are formed from a. Plasma cells 105. The most potent opsonin; a. C3B 106. Tumor caused by EBV a. Nasophyrngeal Ca 107. Female of middle class has cervical lesion a. Cytomegalo virus b. Herpes simplex type 1 c. Human papiloma virus d. IUCD 108. Toxoplasma; a. Parasitic infection 109. What is not present in dermis; *a . Melanocytes b. reticulocyte 110. Dysarthria is the result of damage to; *a. Cerebellum b. Broca’s area 44 111. Which of following acts at central and peripheral chemorecrptors for respiration; a. Inc arterial pCO2 112. 3rd ventrical a. bounded laterally by 2/3 thalamus. 113. Fatal disease of patient; a. Shouldn’t be told to the patient ad not the family *b. Crisp clear information should be provided to the patient according to his needs c. Should be told to the relatives of the patient. 114. Corona radiata thickness. Cells responsible; a. Granulosa cells 115. Simple squamous epithelium wid clefts and smooth muscles; a. Uterine cervix b. Uterine body c. Fallopian tubes 116. Langerhan Cells are seen in; *a. TB b. Sarcoidosis 116. Female presented with shock with history of abortion by dai ,on laprotomy large haematoma of broad ligament formed by; a. Uterine artery b. Ovarian artery c. Ovarian venous plexus 117. The cause of death in gas gangrene is due to ; a. Bacteremia *b. Toxic shock c. Pneumonia 118. Uterus prolapse but anus is intact. Which structure not damaged; *a. Pelvic diaphragm b. Brogenital diahragm c. Sphincter urethre ani d. Levator ani peineal body 119. Not a carcinogen; *a. Alcohol b. Cyclophosphamide 120. About parasympathetic supply; a. Increased salivary secretion 121. Insulin is inhibitted by a. Glucagon b. Beta blockers 122. RBC osmotic fragility Test; a. Complete hemolysis in 0.35 NaCl solution b. Shrink in hypertonic solution c. Swell in hypotonic solution 123. Glycogen is not formed in the muscle due to a. Glucose 6 phosphatase is absent in the muscles 124 . Aldosterone release increased in a. Hyperkalemia b. Hypernatremia c. Hypercalcemia 124. Preganglionic sympathetic nerve fibers release ; a. ACH b. Norepinephrine c. Dopamine 125. Regarding the boundaries of inguinal canal; *a. Posterior wall is strengthened in its medial third by inguinal falx (conjoint tendon) b. The anterior wall is strenghthened in its lateral third by inguinal falx 126. Graves’ disease; a. TSH decrease b. T4 dec c. T3 dec d. Increase in the above mentioned 127. Alpha feto protein is not raised in; a. Oligohydramnios *b. Hepatitis c. Hepatocellular carcinoma d. Heratoma 128. Lesion of s2 s3 s4 nerve causes; *a. Rectal incontinence b. Painless delivery 129. Tubular organ with characteristic aggregates of lymphoid tissue *a. Appendix b. Jejunum c. Ileum 130. Glucose croses placenta by; a. Active transport b. Co-transprt c. Difussion gradient d. Facilitated 131. Aortic pressure lowest during which phase of cardiac cycle?? a.atrial systole b.isovolumic contraction c.isovolumic relaxation 132. 10% Formaldehyde is used for sending Biopsy specimens, Why? a. Sterilisation b. To prevent autolysis c. To help he specimen absorb stain *d. To denature proteins e. To cause lysis of cell 133. After rapid loss of 2 liter of fluid person drinks plain water it will lead to; a. Increase in interstitial fluid only b. Increase in intracellular fluid volume c. ECF volume increase 134. A femal presented with history of car accident. She has extravasation of urine. The interna liliac artery was ligated to stop bleeding. Which organ is ruptured? a. Ureter b. Urinary bladder 135. Female at gestational age 34 having symphsio-fundal height of 28 weeks. The cause may be; *a. Anencephaly b. Esopagial atresia c. Renal agenesis d. Tracheo-esophageal fistula 135. Stratum Functionalis includes a. Stratum spongiosum plus startum compactum 136. Regarding surfactant inappropriate one; a. ratio > 4 at 32 week 137. Urinary bladder parasympathetic supply; a. Pelvic nerves 138. Most common carcinogen; *a. Virus b. Chemicals 139. Which tumor is malignant; a. Glioma b. Meningioma 140. Heavy smoker has a small nodule on vocal cord, Most Unlikely *a. Atrophy b. Hypertrophy c. Hyperplasia d. Metaplasia 141. Compression of S1 nerve root results in: *a. Loss of ankle jerk b. Positive Babinski sign c. Sensory loss on sole d. medial aspect of foot 142. The cells forming the corona radiata are; a. Theca interna b. Theca externa *c. Granulosa cells d. A and b 143. Juandice in pregnany confirmed by; a. Alkaline phosphate b. ALT * c. GGT 144. Lateral wall of third ventricle is formed by ; a. Medial 2/3 of thalamus b. Lateral 1/3 of thalamus c. Medial 1/3 of thalamus d. Lateral 2/3 of thalamus 145. The diagnostic lab test for the infection by streptococuss beta haemolyticus is; a. ASO titre *b. Blood culture c. ESR d. Leukocytes culture e. Urine for bile pigment 145. Fast, sharp pain from mechanical origin is mediated by which fibers; a. A-alpha *b. A delta c. C fiber d. High myelinated 146. Fatty acid oxidation helped by; *a. Biotin b. Vitamin C c. Vitamin D d. Vitamin B12 147. Remanant of vitelline duct; a. Urachus b. Mikel’s diverticulum 148. Most common site of ectopic pregnancy? a. Fallopian Tube 149. Condition with increased ESR; a. Polycythemia b. Pregnancy c. Anemia d. Infection 150. Young lady with MCV 76m MCH 25 the type of anemia; a. Microcytic Hypochromic 151. Genital tubrcle form; *a. Clitoris b. Labia minora c. Labia majora 152. In the resting stage the binding sites of actin mysin fibers are covered by; a. Actin b. Myosin *c. Tropomyosin 153. Mesonephric duct functionally persists as; *a. Ductus deference b. Epididymus 154. Most common cause of premature ovarian failure; *a. Autoimmune b. Adrenal carcinoma c. Drug induced d. Old age 155. A pregnant lady with the baby’s head at -2 , occipito-anterior position ,where does the needle insert; a. Anterior fontanelle b. Posterior fontanelle c. Sagital suture d. Fronal suture 156. Which cranial nerves are parasympathetic; *a. III, VII, IX, X b. V, VIII, II, XII 157. Most common complication of dibetes mellitis; *a. Dry gangrene b. Wet gangrene 158. Medial quadrant of breast drains into; a. Internal thorascic group of lymph nodes 159. Pleural pain reffered to the shoulder by; a. c1, c2, c3 b. c2, c3, c4 *c. c3, c4, c5 159. Epidural block 3% 2 chlorpromazine is more rapid than 2% lidocaine?? a. Lipid solubility b. Ester vs amide c. PKa d. Concentration 160. Tocoplasmosis is; a. Helminth *b. Parasite 161. Local anesthetic pass placenta by; a. Active Transport b. Bulk effect c. Simple diffusion d. Faccilited diffusion 162. Gram -ve infection cause septic shock in which of the foll0wing tracts; a. Biliray tract b. Colon c. Smal bowel d. Urinary tract 163. Paramedian approach in spinal anesthesia must pierce on of ligaments; a. Anterior spinous ligament b. Posterior logitudnal ligament c. ligamentum falvum d. interspinous ligament e. Supra spinous ligament 164. During 2nd week which is appropriate test for Typhoid fever; *a. Widal+Blood culture b. Blood c. culture only d. Stool culture only e. Bone marrow 165. In neonates spinal cord ends at? a. L1 b. L2 *c. L3 d. L4 e. T12 166. Sebacous glands are absent in; a. Corner of lips *b. Palms and soles c. Glans of penis 167. Histopathology showing pleomorphism, rete ridges, loss of polarity and increasd nuclear to cytoplasmic ratio; a. Squamous cell CA *b. verrucous CA 168. Right Adrenal gland drains into; *a. IVC b. Right renal vein 169. Secondary cartiligineous joint; a. Pubic symphysis 169. Cardiac surgeon during open heart surgery found bleeding vessel accompanying LAD in anterior interventricular groove . Most likely involved vein is ; A.Great cardiac vein 170. Amniocentesis vs transcervical chorionic villous sympalling befre 14 weeks; a. 1% Decrease chance of miscarriage b. 10% increase risk of fetal talipes c. Misscarriage rate is 1/2000 d. Rupture of placenta 171. Preganglionic sympathetic nerve fibers release ; *a. ACH b. Norepinephrine c. Dopamine 172. Langerhans giant cells found in; *a. Tuberculosis b. Sarcoidosis c. Wegners granulomatosis d. Syphlis 173. Antibodies are formed from; a. Plasma cells 174. The following combination of hormones regulate lactation; a. oxytocin, prolactin, ACTH b. Oxytocin, prolactin and cortisol 175. Langerhans giant cells found in; *a. Tuberculosis b. Sarcoidosis c. Wegners granulomatosis d. Syphlis 176. Which one of them is responsible when a muscle is stretched it leads to the relaxation of muscle; *a. Golgi tendons b. Muscle spindles 177. Lateral attachment of urogenital diaphragm; a. Sarum n coccyx b. Obturator internus membrane *c. Ischial tuberosity and pubic rami 178. Type of reaction which occurs after diphtheria vaccine; a. Anaphylaxis b. Type 1 c. Type 2 *d. Type 3 e. Type 4 179. Right kidney is not related to; a. Descnding colon 180. Fastest control of BP control is by; *a. Baroreceptors b. CNS ischemic response c. Chemoreceptiors 181. Local anesthetic mechanism of action; a. Decreasing action potential by Blocking Na+ channels 182. AFI index <2 possibily due to; *a. Renal agenesis b. Gastriesophageal fistula 183. Vulval premalgnant lesion is; a. Vulvar nevi b. Condyloma c. Paget’s disease 185. Premalignant lesion on vulva a. Paget’s disease 186. A woman with chest pain,worse on lying down .she gives History of fever for 10 days ? What’s the Diagnosis; a. Myocarditis *b.Pericarditis c.Pleuritis 187. The secret regarding the disease of a patient; a. Should inform the patient and not the family b. Shouldn’t inform the patient and the family c. Should inform the relatives and not the family d. Should be breached if the patient authorizes e. Insurance Claim 188. Patient taking OCP and ATD still got pregnant. The drug responsible; *a. Rifampicin b. Isoniazid 189. Slide showing simple columnar epithelium with indistinct smooth muscles and clefts; a. Uterus b. Cervix c. Uterine tube d. Ovaries 190. Condition with increased ESR; a. polycythemia b. Infection 191. Dysarthria is due to a lesion in; a.Brocas area *b.Cerebellum c.Thalamus d.Sensory motor cortex e.Hypothalamus 192. 3 % one drugg n other 2 % ANESTHTIC CORSES placenta dua to; a. In concentration b. lipid solubilty c. Active transport d. Facillliated 193. A patient who is from a middle class family and has 3 children. She has cervical dysplasia. The reason may be; *a. HPV b. IUCD 194. After 48 hours starvation,energy source; a. Muscle glycogen b. Muscle protein c. Liver glycogen d. Triglycerides 195. The cause of death in gas gangrene is due to ; a. Bacteremia *b. Toxic shock c. Pneumonia 196. A female presented with shock with history of abortion by dai ,on laprotomy large haematoma of broad ligament. The structure responsible is; a. Uterine artery b. Ovarian artery c. Ovarian venous plexus 197. A femal presented with history of car accident, has extravasation of urine interna liliac artery ligated tostop bleeding which organ ruptured? a. Ureter b. Urinary bladder 198. Parasympathetics reduce heart rate by; a. AV node delay b. Potasium efflux through SA Node. 198. ACTH effectively controls ? a. Aldosterone b. Adrenal androgens c. Adrenal estrogen d. Hydrocortisone 199. Oxygen dissociation curve is shifted to the left when; a. Temperature increases b. Acidosis *c. Alkalosis 200. Regarding the extent of Uterine tube a. It extends from lateral end of uterus to medial end of ovary 201. Compact bone is characterized by; a. Concentric lamelle b. Lacunae containing osteocytes 201. The cause of death in gas gangrene is due to ; a. Bacteremia *b. Toxic shock c. Pneumonia 202. Sphyincter urethrae is the content of; a. Superficial perineal pouch *b. Deep perineal pouch c. Anal canal



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