FCPS Part 1 Experience by Dr. Fawad Khan



My part 1 cleared, in third attempt, with lot of hard work and prayers.
First of all you should keep this in mind that there is no shortcut. You have to study each and everything, both study hard and study smart.
I did 
Head and Neck + Thorax and Heart from BRS Anatomy and NBDE part 1 and somethings from Big Snell with Netter Atlas.
Cranial Nerves from Snell Neuroanatomy and NBDE

Neuroanatomy from USMLE firs aid and NBDE (thats enough)
Embryology form a short book + USMLE first aid development section
Histology from slides and NBDE
For Upper limb, in USMLE first aid Musculoskeletal section some tables are given in the start, thats enough to answer the questions, and Abdomen from the git section first aid.

Just BRS physiology + each section from USMLE first aid, and also the pathology given in that section,, somthings of kidney i did from kaplan. 
General pathology from BRS.  Special Pathology i think usmle first aid is enough. If u can’t understand from there read that topic form BRS too, but learn the points given in first aid, becoause Questions come direct from there.
Immunology from first aid and NBDE (enough)
Microbilogy from first aid (thats enough, dont waste your time)
Blood and Anemias form first aid and 2 chapters from BRS.
BIOCHEMISTRY; just first aid (enough)
ORAL HISTOLOGY; I did form Orbans whole
ORAL PATHOLOGY; i did from Soames
DENTAL MATERIALS; Terse dental materials, + Dentogist + Vijay partab
PHARMACOLOGY; Brs pharmacology, + something from lippincot
okay, now the most important thing left. The MCQs,
CHANKIANZ,, its must, i did 3 times
ASIM SHOIB, again must,, i did jst med , 3 times
RABIA ALI,, i did jst once,,
MS MURAD, i did jst anatomy and dental section
PAST PAPERS form Jahangir’s Pool of MCQs,, they count 50% of the backup,, do them as much as u can, and try to solve them,, and write down the related things with that mcq,, coz they r the recalled Questions, in paper they do not come the same,, so most of the time u get confuse about the answers.
Beside all this, ask everyone to pray for you.
wish u alllll the best. 🙂
Dr Fawad Khan 


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