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All praise to Almighty Allah Who gave me success not just is FCPS but in all walks of life.. After paper, I was so tense couldn’t even tell someone read this or that, because I myself was not sure of clearing it… but now by grace of Allah as i have cleared so I feel like i am In a position to share my experience and time table with those appearing in June and all those appearing otherwise..


First the books which I would recommend that are a must..
Physiology:  Brs. ofcourse, but I found kaplan also very good.. I kept both books together and the points which I couldn’t grasp from brs were studied from kaplan.. and chapter of blood from baby guyton.. I did it from a guide I had used in my first year lolz.. and guyton

◆Pathology: Brs again + USMLE First Aid. One book by name of PATHOMA was given to me by my bro and it is really a very helpful book. For those appearing in November I would refer PATHOMA..though it has printing mistakes but its really helpful..
◆For immunology and bacteriology: again USMLE First Aid..
◆Gross Anatomy: long Snell plus clinical notes n mcqs of both long n short snell. I also did key points of BD chaurasia.(for those appearing in November as they have plenty of time I think they should first study anatomy from either students grays or bd chaurasia n then in final revision from snell cause anatomy is vv vv vv important) and regional anatomy from short snell ( thorax n abdomen)
◆Embryology: from High yield + usmle first aid
◆Histology: from laiq hussain ( just few topics like epithelium cartilage bones
◆ Neuroanatomy: from high yield + snell( many students study kaplam but unfortunately I didnt get time to see it once and give any review about it) ◆And General Anatomy from that small book of bd ( only first 5 chapters are important although I went through all once)
◆ Pharmacology: from Kaplan. and general and local anesthesia from all the books out there including katzung, brs, internet whatever source.. lolz
◆ Biochemistry: Faiq ahmed.. if you dont have time or arent interested in biochem much then usmle first aid.. but I always feared biochem as one of my friend once didn’t clear the exam cz she left biochem on choice n the paper unfortunately was full of biochem mcqs in her turn. and you cant take a chance in fcps.. so I personally suggest one quick read of faiq ahmed a must.
◆ Dental materials:  McCabe. if you are out of time then Terse, but otherwise no other book is comparable to McCabe and its a must
◆ Oral pathology: from Cawson. Peopel do it from soames and recommend it but I had lost my soames somewhere so I studied from here
◆ Dental anatomy: from Terse
◆ Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry should also be gone through once for oral pathology, x-rays and few other topics. In this attempt I did my oral pathology from this book as I was short of time, it helped me the same.

Few of the books which are a must to be kept and read are 1. First aid for the usmle 2. First aid for the nbde part one 3. Oxford handbook of clinical dentistry.

For MCQs:
1. Jahangir’s Pool of MCQs
2. Chandkians latest edition, I have sixth, a must
3. Asim n shoaib
4. Vijay pratap mcqs, clinical for dental materials and oral pathology
5. Dentogist
6. Dental decks
7. Mcqs of nbde
8. And all the mcqs of past papers from whichever source you can get..mbbs bds whatever.. rattafy them.

Time division: for those appearing in June I guess till 15th May you should quickly revise all the books by giving 1-2 days to each subject and anatomy 3 days, then after 15th you should start practising mcqs. All the mcqs shared on the page are very helpful and they must be solved on daily basis plus all the mqcs books mentioned above. Many students do rabia ali but I personally didn’t do it once. Its mcqs were shared on the page and I kept on memorozing them from there. The more you will practise mcqs the more easy it would be for you to understand the pattern of exam and solve mcqs.

In general past papers have usually the best hint of answer skipped, because they are based on memory, but if you have read and practice all, then when you will see the question in exam you will find it much easier to solve. I personally suggest that each n every choice of mcq should be related to the question k like ye answer q nahi hosakta iska, not just rattafy but try to find out the logic for each answer. it will help you like if not the same questions are repeated in exam but still you’d be in a better position to solve the mcq. Search on net books whatever source but do not just leave a question till you arent clear about it( thats how I study;-) ) Usually students ask k first aid imp hai k nahi.. it is a very important book.. a must read.. each n every topic.. though at first it looks cumbersome but once you understand its pattern you will find it quite interesting.. and it should be done twice before exam.

And in the end, Prayers are a must. Nothing can be done without Allah’ s help. Regular namaz n tilawat are a key to success in all walks of life. And one thing usually students (including me) when do not clear exam repeatedly get disheartened and blame all the world but themselves. lolz. Better is to try to find out what’s lacking in you.. your weak points.. any subject weakness.. memory problem (like I have) or panic.. last one month is the most imp time when your brain works at its fullest and all your focus and time should be on exam in this imp time not anything else . Many students who prepare fully in the last one month even succeeds if their basics are good and also memory. For a student like me,two months preparation is worth it. Though I cleared my exam in fourth attempt but my first two attempts were blind attempts when I didn’t even know frankly what is fcps nor was I interested In fcps.. I gave sincere two attempts.. in last attempt I made mistake of not solving mcqs to the level I should have. This time I gave a whole last month to MCQs and whichever topic I found I was weak in or I was repeatedly making mistakes in mqcs those topics were covered thoroughly by me..
Last but not the least, I must say this blog was also a very big reason of my success, because I found my right direction from here. what to read how to read mcqs discussions everything was just making me more n more confident and I found out my misktakes n blunders. Thanks to the administrators and all the group members who are posting mcqs daily and helping each other. I found this page to be on top and did not join any other page ( even left those I had already joined) cause It makes you double minded then.

My prayers and best wishes to all of those going to appear in upcoming exams.
Dr.em hash 🙂


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