Experience of USMLE


Exam experience
My result: 245

NBME 12: 230 (51 days before exam)
NBME 16: 247 (15 days before exam)
NBME 15: 243 (3 days before exam)
NBME 17: 256 (3 days before exam)

First of all, thanks to all of you who hv posted questions nd answers nd explanations… u hv helped me a lot in my studies

Advice: DON’T read low yield topics. In the exam I committed 3 stupid mistakes of really simple questions that I knew d answer to, but somehow ended up marking them wrong. Nobody wants you to knw wat Jervel Nielson syndrome is. Concentrate on high yield topics. Particularly the biochemical basis of the diseases.
General pattern: out of 44, 25 ques were easy, 15 que were a bit typical and of 4 I had no idea wat they were telling or asking.
If u think u will increase ur score by delaying ur exam, u r kidding urself, unless ur grasp on high yield topics is poor. Most ques that I didn’t get right were from low yield topics, topics that I wud not hv read even if I had delayed d exam for a year.
And do NBME (15 16 17)… I had a few ques directly from there.
And solve whole of UWORLD. . Twice if possible.
I didn’t use UsmleRx or UWSA. I read FA once and Kaplan and Pathoma

All the best.


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