Experience of USMLE Step 1 Exam


By: Abdalla Abdiqani

I Passed Step 1 my target was 250 but didn’t get that..and I promised my self to share my experience if I get that….
I will tell you just my mistakes may be they will be helpfull for you …1.Never Rush….study as long as you can…

Mistake number2 ..dont use many sources..as idid
Pass program videos ,Falcon USmle Step1,,Doctor in training,some Becker videos.and Drnajeeb,Kaplan all lecture notes and videos..please stick only one of them they are just same companies but people are always lack of trust in one source and driving crazy to go on all those resource ..Big mistake.
Many Qs onlne and offline (will help you but do them onlne and timed mode)
Usmle Rx,Uworld(3month+1yr)score was not fixed…67% over all in my 3month subscribtion the other one I was having study partner..and didn’t finish it.
Robbin Pathology..1000qs,Kaplan qbank(7block exam length session)
Did one online NBME15 3month prior to my exam was 224
2 offline nmbe 12 and 7
I also wanna to thank one guys in Eimtar group(Step1) his name was AWad I really appreciated his lecture notes very helpfull I think he was from Qairo egyp.he got 254 I used his experience and I will tell you that ..guys everyone is sharing his experience and what source he have used..PLEASE stick on one that works best for you.dont be so crazy about everyone what he shared to you..just use one and go on….
Get study parner nooow..if you don’t have…but one who is really serous and doing great and cheers you up when you are down and not wasting your time..but benefiting each other…
Do several NBME’s pirior to your exam…and don’t go the exam if you are not happy to them they are just your real status of your exam…at least do 5 nmbe with feedback extention..and do them when you close to your exam…
Do qs with “Timed” mode and one problem of the exam is timing ..please be good with that otherwise it will sucks..
Do your last 3month plenty of Qs and FA memorization also focus on your weak areas…
And one secret ..guys as the exam is coming more mixed clinic and basic ..please have some experience with clinical knowledge ,,and that is true..Ethics,if you are not in America.some Geographical distribution of disease is getting more common.also ECG,(heart sounds,and x ryas.)

And that is all what I can tell ,Iam doing now with my step2Ck and my internship is near..i am going to do also PLAB exam.


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