Experience of NBDE Part 2 Exam


Experience of NBDE Part 2 Exam .

Exam review- I had lot of operative (GIC, amalgam failure reason, extensive class 3 reason for cavisurface bevel, )
prostho (2 questions on incisal guide table, PVS imp material, balancing side interference, tooth in crossbite which cusp is supporting cusp and where do we find balancing interference, post palatal seal);
oral path(pics of papilloma, herpes, candidiasis)
Pharma was straight and not difficult
Some implant questions- min distance between two implants and contraindications
Ortho- not much I can remember
Pedo- same..memory loss
Endo- Diagnostic terminogies, best test with open apex
Oral surgery- Ludwig angina, cerebral palsy, dementia
By: Shweta Bansal Sachdeva


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