Experience of NBDE Part 1 January 2016


Experience of NBDE Part 1 January 2016:

Hi, guys, it’s a pass finally. I am a kind of person who doesn’t wanna leave anything on chance. So, My suggestion would be to study first aid for sure, as many times you can until you can visualize answers in the book when you read a question.

I didn’t read first aid and these 24 days were a nightmare for me for I had to leave it on chance. I read, DD, DBM app, and A few days for RQ’s. I didn’t expect more than 50% but I guess it was hard for everyone that day so ‘percentile’ got me above 75 mark. I studied a lot, prayed a lot and more importantly I had many well wishers in my life I guess who were confident about me passing even when I doubted. Thanks a lot guys, it helps when we have each other’s back.

By: Sartaj Singh‎ 


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