Experience of getting Residency of FCPS in Karachi by Dr.Fariha Irfan

 All of my colleagues Asalam o Alikum. ‘Residency’ is the second name of patience, yes not only in seeking it but after getting it you have to be very patient in each n every single step.
After clearing FCPS part 1 all of us come to know the bitter reality that the toughest part of seeking residency is now have to be started. Some of us may have very clear vision before jumping into the pool of FCPS, that in which direction they have to go i.e which subject they have to choose n they just struggle for it badly n hardly n in the end by hook or crook achieve it but many of us like me are entirely depended on the faith to lead them to their destiny. As soon as i was done with my part 1, entry test of Dow came in 3 specialties of oral surgery, orthodontics and prosthodontics. 

I basically was interested in o.surgery (during my final yr it attracted me so much :-P) but in my house job i had experienced that it is so much hectic for the girls as standing in the O.T for long long hours and after hearing comments from seniors like ‘soch smjh kr ana’ nd ‘zindagi thorri hai usay asan bnao’ i decided to not complicate my life and quit this dream of becoming an oral surgeon until or unless my luck leads me towards it. So in b/w ortho and prostho i choose ortho on the advise of one of my close friend. I studied about 20 days in a very relaxing mood as Dow was my parent institute and i have asked seniors about the pattern of exam which but unfortunately i secured 2nd highest marks and they just took the one who scored the highest. I was some how disappointed but thanks to ALLAH that at the same time Hamdard University test for operative dentistry residency came. All the candidates were informed just one day earlier i hardly studied 2 chapters from Taura bin ejad and dentogist but by the grace of ALMIGHTY i did that and in d interview i was confident so they offered me.
Now coming to the important moral after this long story actually all i want u people to know is plz trust ALLAH and your destiny.
 In the end you will be satisfied by ALLAH’s decision, so never loose hope when i failed to get residency in Dow i was disappointed but then i came to know the person which achieved was more deserving than me as she was trying since the past year plus operative is better for me than orthodontics. Now i am happy with it ( ALLAH jo krta hai bhtreen hta hai)
Residencies in karachi for dental subjects.
AKU,Dow,KMDC, offer paid residencies. These are the institutes for which you must try first to get residency
Aga Kahn Univeristy:

Entry test came in august and registrations open in july. You must appear in the test as it adds up your experience. Specialties they offer are ortho and operative. Test include all dental subjects mainly clinical ones plus some English vocab and after you clear the test you have to appear in the interview which basically is the evaluation of your personality. Do you match to their requirement? How confident are you and thats it! (information i collected from my seniors who r now residents there)
Dow University of Health Sciences:

You just have to clear the test and acquire first position. Test came entirely from Dow Bcq pool (d one from which they give bcqs in their exams) so any of Dow graduate can easily do it as many bcqs even get repeated from semester paper (atleast i experienced it while giving ortho paper) so if u have friends of Dow contact them and unka b dimag khana parray ga [Basically for orthodontics: Profit, prosthodontics: Mckrakn + Zarb, oral surgery: Tucker, operative Dentistry: Summit, Taura bin ejad, Welbry. In books ki aik aik line parhnay pr u can secure highest marks]
Karachi Medical & Dental College:
Test includes specialty + general knowledge and the main thing is interview ( told by a senior who is currently resident there)
Fatima Jinnah Dental College:
They mainly take their own graduates+ its paid
Alvi dental hospital:
currently they started residency in ortho + its paid
Hamdard College of Medicine & Dentistry:
They started currently in operative (m doing here n
ALHUMDULILAH they are very co-operative plus my supervisor is a very humble n down to earth person ) its also paid (a good pay scale). It may start residency in prosthodontics in June or January. Test of operative included paedodontics, dental trauma, dental materials and oral pathology some bcqs from dentogist

Residency here is unpaid + without test only you need reference or availability of space + you have to take the materials, instruments by your own but the good thing u can switch from here if u get residency somewhere else in d first year.
Isra university:

:offers residency in operative. At my time i saw its add they were offering in their karachi Branch, i dont remember the name of place exactly and i dint appear in the test.
So i hope this info might help you and plz don’t loose hope. agr thorra waqt residency na milay to. Seats are limited and so many ones are competing just remember if u have passion and if its your destiny sooner or later you will achieve it.
Also before giving entry test of any institute, you must meet its residents, ask them about the test and take guidance from them (it is d key of clearing a test….

when u know k paper kaisa aay ga to usko aram se kr sakty ho)
•one more thing: Dentogist (current edition) ksi b exam k lyay is k dono parts must kr k jao! Itx treasure! Belive me….



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