Experience of FCPS Part 1 Medicine and Allied 31 December 2015


Here is the Experience of FCPS Part 1 Medicine and Allied 31 December 2015 by a passing candidate.

ALHAMDULLILAH cleared part 1 in 3rd attempt in medicine and allied. In aug attempt got 73%, in nov 74.5 and 3rd attempt finally got cleared..

I dn need to advise anybody b/c till yesterday l was having tremors from fear of failure and now suudenly i cant behave as champion of FCPS..
BUT few points if those could help any1.

– DONT YOU DARE TO MISS ASIM AND SHOAIB FULL BOOK OF YOUR SPECIALITY AND ANA,PHYSIO,PATHO,PHARMA FROM ALL 3 books. B/c all the toughest questions questions are usually from this book.. Repeat mode on & on & on.

– for medicine, CPSP has started taking more bcqs from head and neck now. so try to read salivary glands, pituitary, vessels & nerves and thymus, thyroid, trachea, esophagus and important organs like heart and lungs from RJ last. Just few topics not all otherwise u will remember nothing at all.

-CPSP is full time repeating past papers bt with slight twist is qustion stem or options. For example in our paper there was question in both papers regarding posterior 1/3rd of septum supplied by:- RCA was ans. In paper 2, same question was given but ther RCA and interventricular were options given and interventricular was best as this branch of RCA supplies it. so dont crame bcqs but try to figure them out a bit with slight more concentration. Similarly, was q given which i myself did wrong was passive absorption from kidney, i had craimed Cl- from past paper but in out paper along with Cl- urea was present which was 200% correct. each time CPSP slightly twist bcq so concentrate properly. similarly they ask absorption process of glucose from kidney, sometimes luminal absorption by co-transport and so etimes basolateral wch is facilitated diffusion.

The only purpose of this post was to just to inform you please dont loose concentration and be fooled by such nasty tricks of Cpsp.
Now our next khuwari phase starts so need ur sincere prayers.


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