Experience of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry September 2017 by Dr. Khalid Ghanghro


Today in this article we will share you the Experience of passing candidate Dr. Khalid Ghanghro.

Simple truth and Simple way to clear fcps part 1:

MCQs Books:

Rabia Ali 

Asim and shoaib:
All series including Gynae, but exclude Anesthesia.

Dentogist Basic:
Anatomy and all dentistry related subject

Vijay Partab:
Not much but if u have time than read only Dental materials from it

No Tanveer etc No Chandician wagera (wastage of time)

Jahangir’s Pool:
Latest addition (must)

Theory books:  

High yield:  Only grip ectoderm, endoderm, mesoderm derivatives, Cell division zygote up to adult.
Arch, Poch, cleft derivative is sufficient.

BRS physiology and Pathology:
Just have read in order to have idea about topic never depend on these 2 books they will hit your heart hardly.

100 and 10% grip should be of  USMLE First aid bus ye h ketna b difficult paper ae INSAllah u would clear aur nhn to dand mujh se le Lena

Anatomy theory should be done through NBDE First Aid.
You should not go for Snell, NBDE se clear line nikalti h Anatomy.

JayPee Dental Materials:
Bus ye sari 2 to 3 time revise krna h bus . Baki Khuda p chor do.

Last 5 Days:
Sirf jk jk jk q k kbhi past paper k copy past ajati h that will help u alot.

BCQs parhnae nhin sirf,  samjhna b hae.
You should  just get idea and concept .
Sufficient pharma new Qs USMLE k clear line atti h it s totally researched based try simple sufficient .

I followed this and cleared with grace of ALLAH. 


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