Experience of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry November 2017 by Dr. Momil Faisal


This is the experience of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry November 2017 by Dr. Momil Faisal. We are thankful to Dr. Momil Faisal for sharing her experience with you.

Well my pattern was simple i used to study for almost 10-12 hours with job and without missing any prayer 
Books i followed were:

  • BRS Physio
  • BRS patho
  • USMLE first Aid for Micro,Immuno,biochem,Blood and basically the whole Book chapter wise thoroughly
  • High yeild embryo
  • High yeild neuroanatomy
  • kaplan for pharmacology
  • big snells for anatomy

MCQs Books:

  • Rabia ali(for self practise)
  • jahangir khan(very very important)
  • Sk pearls(a MUST do book)
  • dentogist(for all dental subjects)
  • Vijay partap(Dental materials,Much much much much imp)
  • Asim and shoaib dentistry(try to do whole book otherwise dentistry portion)


Now i studied for almost 3 months with job
first of all group par bcqs discuss houn tou dekhen zaroor lekin key wohi follow karen jo hain as in the proper made Erratas ! secondly theory itni pakki karen k no matter what happens aap khud judge karsaken k kis bcq ka kiya answer hoga DONOT RELY ON KEYS EXACTLY because key galat bhi hoti hain

Start with physio BRS ek chapter karen detail mai samjh kar concept bana kar usk baad sk pearls se woh chapter k imp points parhen us chapter k mcqs ki practise karen from all the mcq books mentioned isi tarah ek target rakhen k 15 days mai physio karni hai
then start with Pathology BRS same pattern and include Usmle first aid in it as well!this way you will have three books for theory brs+first aid+sk pearls and then again mcqs practise 15 days more than enough
Then do anatomy give it good 20-25 days concepts bana kar parhen koshish karen saath saath notes banayen study from big snells saath saath points mark karen aur likhlen jo imp lagen eye ear nose orbit fossas cranial nerves basically head neck par concentrate karen yeh sab bohat detail se karen aur mcq books ki practise karen

Biochemistry full detail from first Aid
Immunology full from first Aid

Make important notes from these portions as well 5 5 days bhi bohat hain dono subjects k liye

Neuro anatomy bohat aati hai woh aap high yeild k first 18 chaps plus First Aid thoroughly karen samjh kar aur saath mcqs practise karen saath saath uske bhi 6-7 days bohat hain

Pharma first aid se karen aur kaplan se saare systems ki pharma bohat achi aur detailed hai first Aid main

GIT,ANS,CVS,CNS,anticancer drugs aur Gout drugs yeh sab finger tip pr karlen. embryo bhi first Aid aur high yeild se karen

Now most imp thing is that k give maximum time to theory to nake and clear your concepts and minimum time to Mcq books because mcqs hardly 15-20 repeat honge baki sab new aur conceptual mcqs hote hain ! notes banayen saath saath jo point imp lage woh likhlen

Last k 15 days main aap Mcqs karen practise,apne notes revise karen aur most imp Sk pearls golden files us main koi 500 points hain they’re very inportant !
jo books aap ne nahi chorni woh dentogist vijay partap jahangir khan pearls at the end of book(A must Do) aur asim shoaib

Pray five times a day Recite Quran Pak daily do zikr daily pray tahajjud mahine mai kam az kam do baar hajat k nafil ada karen aur dil jaan se mehnat karen Duaen karen duaen len ! In shaa Allah you’ll pass ? i hope it helps
p.s mujhe bhi duaon mai yaad rakhen  And for all those wondering k job k saath itne hours kesey so the answer is i compromised my sleep for it i used to sleep hardly 3-4 hours sirf exam se ek din pehle i slept early to take atleast 6-7 hours of sleep paper 1 aur 2 k beech break main eat a bar of chocolate and two panadol extra it’ll make you alert and much concentrated 


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