Experience of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry November 2017 by Dr. Abdul Qudoos Memon


Assalamualaikum sir how’re you? I am abdul qudoos memon and I cleared part 1 now in nov. I want to share my experience.

Assalamualaikum friends! 1st of all I’m extremely grateful for such an over whelming response on my post. I want to share my experience.

I took almost 4 months to complete my prep, as I’m an in-service person so it was really difficult to manage.

Books i used

Head and neck, upper limb and heart from Snell review.
Physio from brs.
Patho from brs.
Biochem from faiq.
Embryo from high yield.
Pharma, histo, micro from 1st aid.

I was having problem in understanding the mechanisms so i had to watch dr najeeb’s lectures on neurophysio and general physio.

Dentistry subjects

So oral bio from terse.
Oral patho from cawson.
Dental materials from jaypee.

MCQs Books

In last the most important books the BCQ BOOKS!
i did rabia ali relevant topic after i completed each topic from text, including upper limb, thorax and lower limb from anatomy section and blood from special patho. Then completed asim and shoaib dentistry medicine and surgery to Cover irrelevant topics that are being given in exam.

Vijay pratab for dental materials.

And in the end the most important book which summarize each book nicely is Dr Jahangir Khan’s book of bcqs which is really imp and you cannot pass without doing it.

This I did in 3 months period of time, studying for 7-8 hours daily for 2 months. 8-10 hours in 3rd month and in the last month for almost 10-12 hours.

Repeated the BCQ for like 2 times revising imp topics from 1st aid usmle.

Just stay focused, maintain the consistency and concentrate on your goal, pray 5 times a day and make lot of duas after every namaz. Take duas from parents and ask yours friends to pray for you. In sha Allah you’ll succeed


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