Experience of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry November 2016 by Dr Sana Habib


Experience which is shared by Dr Sana Habib

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Do all the units from BRS. Do the mcqs which are present in the end of every unit. When you are done with one unit, do the unit wise mcqs from rabia ali. Also try to read from usmle (unit wise). when you are done with all the units, do physio mcqs from asim shoaib dentistry+medicine+surgery. I did physio mcqs from all 3 asim shoaibs. Because physio makes major part of the paper 1. Should take 1 month complete.


Gross anatomy:
Do head and neck and thorax portion from Snell review. Keep atlas anatomy for better understanding. You can also watch anatomy videos on YouTube which will make it easy. Do the mcqs present in the end of each unit in snell review followed by unitwise mcqs of rabia ali. This should take 15 days.

Do all the chapters of neuro from Kaplan series. You can also get kaplan series video lectures from any bookstore. Watch those lectures before reading every chapter and you will understand everything clearly. After completing all the chapters, do neuroanatomy mcqs from rabia ali. This should take 7 days. Embryo: I did basic embryo from high yield. Also did head and neck portion from it. But other than that, I used to read all the embryo portions present in USMLE first aid. Followed by rabia ali mcqs. This should take 5 days. Histology: do it from NBDE (3 days) When you are done with all these, give a quick read to NBDE anatomy portion followed by Asim and shoaib anatomy mcqs.


I did basic patho from BRS. Do chapter 1 to 8 followed by rabia ali basic patho mcqs. I did systemic patho all from USMLE except reproductive portion. Followed by rabia ali systemic patho mcqs. In the end, do all the Mcqs from asim and shoaib dentistry+medicine+surgery.

soams+ mcqs from dentogist.


I did all from Kaplan series and usmle. Also watched kaplan video lectures. Followed by rabia ali and asim n shoaib mcqs. This should take 14 days.


NBDE+ rabia ali mcqs+ dentogist mcqs. Should take no more than 3 days.


NBDE+ Rabia ali mcqs+ dentogist mcqs. MICRO: Did selective from USMLE first aid and rabia ali mcqs.


McCabe+ VJ pratab mcqs+ dentogist mcqs.

Important mcqs books:

jahangir khan past papers + rabia ali + asim and shoaib dentistry (very imp) + VJ pratab for dental materials+ dentogist. You can skip asim and shoaib surgery and medicine. But I did physio and patho portions from these 2 books. Don’t skip asim and shoaib dentistry. Try to manage your time well and spare extra time for revision. Try to do the revision from USMLE and NBDE. Also try to read handy points given on Facebook groups. They are really helpful. If you have further queries, feel free to ask.


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