Experience of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry May 2018 by Dr. Yusra


Alhamdulilah I cleared my part 1 in 1st attempt ,i give almost 4 months to my studies.my study plan was :-
Anatomy :
From Snells ,my previous notes of 1st year (as they were easy to recall) ,nbde and usmle
Oral anatomy from tencates and wheelers
I used to copy important points uploaded on groups, print it out and memorize it (that was a great source of help)

Physiology :i read brs and usmle physio section twice/thrice and then make my own simplified notes
Tip: first study physio from brs make concepts then usmle

Biochemistry :
Usmle ,sk pearls and rabia ali

(Don’t keep your bcq books for end!! start solving all of your bcq books chapter /subjects wise so that you can pick out the mistakes yourself)

Mcabe and dr shaheena Nusrat dm notes ,jk and vj pratab (memorize vj pratab dm portion may attempt me there were 4 bcqs from it)

Microbiology :
Usmle (best hai) sk pearls (v imp)

Usmle ,200 points on pathology uploaded by someone on this group (that was a great source of help) BRS pathology (time ho to parhna I read it once and make my notes)

Genetics and immunology from usmle and Sk pearls

Oral pathology :soames ,jk ,rabia ali

Lipncott ,usmle (systemic and basic both)

I summarize usmle into points in a register so everytime I just had to read my register and whole usmle is revised as it is very difficult to revise usmle in the end

Other then that in terms of past papers jk was a great help.
And I must recommend sk pearls for all those who are preparing for part 1 as sk summarize all the important points and bcqs given in many books
I did dr tanweer notes too

Bcq books:

Asim and shoaib all 3 series
Vj pratab
Sk pearls
Rabia ali
Stay motivated and believe in yourself !!
If anyone need help I will b glad to help him/her anyway 
Remember me in your prayers!!



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