Experience of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry May 2018 by Dr. Ridaa Qammar


Alhamdollilah. Cleared in first attempt.
I hope my experience shared as under would help someone.
I had 3.5 months to prepare with a job.

Books i chose were:
?Embryo: langman (general embryo+ head and neck chapter)

?Gross anatomy: snell head and neck portion. Thorax superficially from nbde

?Neuro anatomy: only kaplan

?Histo: nbde

?Physio: brs

?Oral anatomy, oral histo, tooth morpho and occlusion etc from nbde

?Oral pathology from solmes very superficially. Explanations in dentogist are enough otherwise.

?Dental materials: give a read to properties of materials i.e chapter 1, amalgam, cements, impression materials once from mccabe.

?Explanations in dentogist (dental materail portion) are important. Mcqs in dentistry are mostly repeats so ratafy the mcq books regardless of ur concepts.

?Biochem, micro, pathology, pharma all from USMLE FA
Did anxiolytics and ANS from lipincott superficially.
No need to waste time on brs pathology.

?USMLE is an important book. All systems should be gone through atleast twice. Tables and summaries are also very imp.

?Mcq books:
1-Asim and shoiab (dentistry only. No need to do med allied stuff.)

2-Rabia ali( v imp. Do each chapter after covering its theory. Keep errata at hand. It takes time but its worth it)

3-dentogist (oral anatomy, oral path, dental materials)

4-vijay pratab (oral morpho and DM)

5-jk ( very imp book.) pearls given at its end are very good for revision on last day.
Read theory and mcqs side by side.

Spare 3 hrs for mcqs per day. Do all mcq books atleast thrice.
Take 2.5 months out for theory, 15 days for revision and in the last 15 days focus completely on mcqs.
Sacrifice ur social activities for 3 months and dedicate all ur time to study with 6-8 hrs of sleep.
This group has been very helpful. Follow it but not blindly. Dedicate maximum 10-15 minutes everyday to review controversial mcqs discussed on the group. Try not to change the keys too much except in rabia ali that is full of mistakes.
Study with all ur capability and trust Allah to do the rest. Pray as much as you can cz in the end pass dua hi karati hai.


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