Experience of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry March 2017 by Dr Taimoor Ali Khan


Study plan which i followed :


brs + first aid usmle ,

Anatomy :

snell review ,

Neuroanatomy :

first aid usmle ,

Embryo :

first aid usmle reproductive section ,

General histology:

nbde ,

General pathology :

inam danish ,

Special pathology :

only blood patho from first aid usmle ,


from first aid and


from first aid

Biochem :

nbde ,

Dental materials :

random pearls of jk ,

Oral histo :

nbde ,

Oral patho :

just mcqs from past papers .

Now mcqs book :

rabia ali , asim and shoaib dentistry , dentogist and vj pratab for dental materials only and the last but not the least jahangir khan past papers coz they are so important to pass the exam .

In the last month do each mcq book at least five to six times . In the last week i did whole rabia ali in two days asim 3 times , vj 1 time and jk book 4 times.

Tips :

1.) solve mcqs side by side along with theory coz in the end mcqs matter the most.

2.) do study first aid usmle coz it has good mnemonics so you can retain a lot of things.

3.) increase your speed of solving mcqs with time

4.) memorise jahangir khan book coz each and every mcq is important in that book

5.) write important points in front of confusing mcqs so its easy for you to retain it

6.) ask your parents to pray for your exam because prayers are the key to success along with hard work .

Good luck


  1. Thnkyu fr sharing can yu plz tell in how much time u prepare all these
    I cant do neuro frm kaplan its k if i dnt open kaplan .
    And yes dental material wat u suggest


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