Experience of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry by Dr Asad Riaz


This is my success story about fcps -1.
After finishing house job everybody wants to pay his/her attention to Look for new job like MO,WMO,Demonstrators ,And Dental surgeons jobs. I finished my House job and joined Demontrationship in pvt medical college, after an month i came to realize that their pay is just 30 thousands and have to work for whole day from 8 A.M to 4P.M ,After duty timing i used to get immensly tired and Dont get energy to read books in evening and overnight.

So this cycle runs for month and nothing prepared for fcps exam and forgetting even to think about apearing in exam.Nothing gained.One day i saw an advertiment on newspaper about dental surgeons job in bahawalnagar.I belong to sialkot and without thinking for long that bahawalnagar is too far away from my dist which is total journy of 7-8 hours from my home i applied for Dental surgeon job. After 10 day i called for interview and got selected on adhoc in RHC in a purely typical village and Given joining without thinking that its too away.Initially many people and my collegues said its an dead zone for you, dont go thier,how will you survive there, some people say its an wild forest desert you will find snakes, poisonous insects there and yes its true i do find all these thing there, but the only thing attract me is good study place and study for whole day ,no disturbance no distraction and fully focused study environment.Actually while living in deadzone of rhc the only thing which motivate me is jahangir khan’s group of fcps_dentistry on facebook ,Al the time when i get bored i used to study all ways and preparations tips given in articals on his group.one should must read all these helpfull tips and motivate him/her self this will makes your moral high.
Initially i gathered all books and started study from jahangir khan’ pool of mcqs ,why i consulted so initialy because to getting the basic idea and farmat of paper pattern by cpsp i have to study it very initialy.Then after an one read i staightly go to anatomy.
for anatomy i studied from NBDE ist aid ,i studied gross anatomy,histology,embryology and neuroanatomy thoroughly from this book, then i touch thorax abdoman,and upper and lower limbs with superficaily and reading side points given on nbde,but heart anatomy is most important i read it thoroghly from this book.
For Physiology i studied from brs , 1st 10 chapters are most important.
For Biochem i studied from usmle 1st aid from chapter 2 (biochem-physical principles)..
in biochem vitamins are very important read them thoroghly explained very good in usmle 1st aid, and in biochem enzymes and coenzymes/substrates and its roles individually and its deficiencies are very important, one must read them for paper point view.
For pharmacology i studied usmle ist aid and kaplan lectue notes.. specially opiods,anticonvulsants,anaesthetics and many antibiotics..if you are not getting concepts of them then watch videos of kaplan pharmacology given on youtube make you very easy
For pathology special and general i studied usmale 1st aid..Study thoroghly microbiology from this book. micro given in this book is enough.
For oral pathology,tooth morphology,tooth calcification,tooth occlusion, tooth eruption must read nbde 1st aid last 4 chapters .. these are enough,read charts carefully given in these chapters.
For Dental material do one read from mccab.

For MCQs books Read Rabia ali side by side by reading every topic and every chapter of every basic science books like anatomy,physio,biochem, pathology and pharmacology side by side.
At the end revise it atleast 5-6 times ,Furnish its every mcq with handy points given in the end of every topic.
Asim and Shoaib Dentistry ,Asim and shoaib Surgery and asim & shoaib medicin MCQs read and revise them atleast 3 times before axamz.
J.K jahangir khan’s pool of MCQs read its every mcqs very carefully because every time examiner puts tricks for candidats by changing statments,options and even answers.so deeply study and read all mcqs and not jump fastly by leaving every MCQs significance.
D.M mcqs from Vijay partab clinical sciences
IF you have time then read chandkians and S.K pearls.. if you have time then read them must.. if not then leave them and other books are enough which i mentioned.
Most Important thing to note here is do not 100% rely only on MCQs but also Donot 100% rely on theory. you must read both 50%/50% . i mean 50% rely on theory and 50% MCQs side by side. This gives you an immensful benefit. Dont leave any thing blindly. on my observations Most of failures comes because of this segment.people go blindly after reading MCQs only and got failed… so please concentrat on my this point.!
Please please quit Facebook and whatsapp groups in study days..
In last month should give 15 hours to study in which maximum time should be given to practicing MCQs, by dividing 100 mcqs in 1 houre and in 15 hours practice atleast 1500 mcqs.it makes your mindset strong enough to fight for every MCQ in examz.

Atlast but not least Please do pray five times a day.. this is the only way to remind yourself what are your goals and this also gives you an inner satisfaction and peace.


  1. I agree with all the advice given here, plus that Salah and duaas should always be on our lifestyle whether we succceed or not, we have an aakhirah and we have to work hard as much for jannah as we probably do for our worldly successes! We should be focussed and sincere in our hearts and not just be money oriented wen we become successful dentists


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