Experience of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry 7 March 2016 by Dr Sana Azmat


Here is the study Plan/Experience of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry 7 March 2016 by Dr Sana Azmat.

Source: yalantis.com
Ok its not so special.. Wohi books jo sab recommend karte hain…
Head n neck.. I did big snell, 5th edition
Embryo.. Langman
Histo… Nbde
Neuro… High yield plus usmle
Physio.. Brs
Patho.. Brs
Biochem.. Nbde plus usmle
Pharma.. Kaplan
Dental anatomy + tooth morpho.. Nbde
Dental material.. McCabe.. Revision from terse
Oral patho… Cawson
Oral histo.. Nbde
These are the books i followed for first read..
For 2nd read i only had 2 books with me.. Nbde and Usmle for subjects like patho, physio, pharma (general), biochem, neuro..
Started my prep in November.. But started studying seriously by the mid of Dec.. So i had like 3 months.. I did revision only once.. Coz of shortage of time…
Mcq books that i followed..
Rabia ali…must.. Should be on ur finger tips..
Dentogist.. For o.patho and d.m
Asim shoaib..
Chandkians.. Did only surgery and medicine portion..
Vijay pratab…should also be on ur finger tips.
So that’s all smile emoticon


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