Experience of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry 18 November 2015


This experience is shared by our passing candidate (Lacrimatory Nucleus)

I gave almost 4 and half months …..and I was also doing job in evening time . I gave my all morning time to studies only.
Books I followed
Anatomy :
Head and neck : Snell ,Bd
Embryo : high yeild (studied whole langman in previous attempt ….high yeild enough )
Histo : NBDE

General anatomy : gulam Ahmed
Neuro :snell (as I have studied from there in bds first year so was comfortable )
Physio : BRS plus first aid
Patho : Robins plus BRS
Micro : few topics first aid others from NBDE (short of time for it so did most of its mcqs for concept )
Pharma : lippincot (ANS), kaplan (general pharma ) mini katzan (cns portion majorly ) first aid …notes of anesthesia
Biochem : Nbde and first aid(short of time for it ) faiq
Oral bio : ten cates ,nbde
Oral patho : mcws dentogist ,selected topics from contemporary
Dental materials: vijay mcqs all and studied topic of mcq from book ….
Tooth morpho : NBDE
Important topics which were not in books from net ,fcps page and first aid .
Mcq books : Asim and shoib
Rabia Ali complete
Chandkian(did last time ) pharma this time only
Sequence I followed : Anatomy ……physio …..patho …..pharma ……dental subjects …..revisions as much as I can do ……and then Anatomy again ……mcqs every day what I have studied
Most imp : it was my second attempt and pressure was double ….in fact thousands times more …. to reduce anxiety I used to recite Quran 1 raku before going to study every day …..helped me alot . Praying five times a day ……Alhumdulilalh . After first attempt there was big gap ……some health issues and I was learning tajweed ul Quran MashAllah.
My mistakes in previous attempt : choose big books , didn’t know about past papers (Dr Jahangir book wasn’t available because he was also giving exam with us :-)) , didn’t revise in the end and wasn’t praying for passing .
Please study smartly .
Although paper was tough and only few mcqs were repeated ………and almost 15 mcqs were from asim and shoib…….but if you had studied well & did hard work Allah tala zaroor nawaztay hain. I would say LUCK matters most in this exam and you can change LUCK only by prayers .
Thank you Dr Baktawar for encouraging me giving me booster doses smile emoticon…Dr Maryam malik for helping me at the nick of time …Dr Rabia shafique for short quick effective crash course…and & Dr jahangir khan for replying on every tag smile emoticon Ma sha Allah .
GOOD LUCK all of you …..you all can do it. smile emoticon Best wishes .
Lacrimatory Nucleus


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